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AoH - Draco - Home Visit by Aisuryuu AoH - Draco - Home Visit by Aisuryuu

Well, I added his rapier, changed his bag, and added his scarf |3
I guess those pants and boots will have to do...
I also wasn't too sure about what the blinky scarf looks like exactly... or how long it really is XD;

Extra about his hair:


Ah... experimenting still. Trying to decide on the design for his outfit when he flies back home.
He's sorta gotta disguise himself a little. The villagers near his castle don't know he's a demi-dragon and they don't really like dragons, Ice Dragons especially.

It's not much of a disguise though. All he's really doing is wearing a cape to hide the slits in his clothes where his wings and tail can come out. And he'd keep his ears in human form when he's close to the village.

His eyes are a different colour because he's got contacts in when he's not wearing the sunglasses. He... still can't shift his eyes so they're still light sensitive and he hasn't trained them enough yet to handle normal light.
[There is sort of a reason they're a light blue rather than his natural dark blue... but I don't feel up to trying to explain it XD;]

He's got the blind fold wrapped around his hair, so he can wear that instead of the sunglasses if he wants.

I had initially also wanted to include a sword here somewhere... but I haven't figured out where it can be.

I'm not very happy with his pants and boots, those might change.

He's also got a bag/pouch at his waist in the back, but b/c of the colour you can't really see it XD;
Was thinking of changing that into a messenger bag... still undecided.

Tools: Wacom Bamboo tablet, SAI

Draco Vesylia (c) myself
snow-mishibari Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you can't be cool without the shades, nope nope XD
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL they're for function not fashion XD;
snow-mishibari Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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