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AoH - Aftermath by Aisuryuu AoH - Aftermath by Aisuryuu

Related to an earlier RP.
Mostly just wanted to draw the blood and changes to his outfit after dealing with the injury.
Not that you can really tell a diff XD; but he removed the detachable sleeves, sash, and tore off the bottom of his tunic to make bandages.

Was thinking he could've just used the bandages on his legs... but I think making his own was faster maybe? rather than trying to stem the blood flow with his sash and messing with his leg bandages and trying to unwrap them.

I DUNNO. This was suppose to just be a quick sketch. but I hated it. So bad. Still do. But I spent so much time on it OTL
The sketchy lines with just the blood weren't working for me. I've been trying to colour my work too. So I decided to add flats.
Of course colour cant fix a bad sketch/line work. So it didn't look any better XD;
I didn't like the flats version. so I decided to try add gradient as I've been on a kick of doing that with photoshop lately XD;
but... I seem to have f'd up my settings on photoshop =\ everything felt all wonky o_o;
took a while playing with things to get it to look this way. not what I wanted but I was sick of playing with it XD;

*sigh* his expression isn't quite what I wanted, but I re-drew it from something totally different and nothing like what I originally wanted XD; so this will have to do.
Luckily his hair covers up a lot of his face...?
And I don't think you can tell hes got the rest of his hair in a pony tail XD;

Mostly this image was a lot of experimentation |D;

Tools: Wacom Bamtoo tablet, SAI

Draco Vesylia (c) myself
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July 26, 2011
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