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Aisu's Spring Duct Tape Craft Update by Aisuryuu Aisu's Spring Duct Tape Craft Update by Aisuryuu

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Here are some of my newer Duct Tape crafts for the moment!

I'm still working on more. I did also make a clutch for my mom's bday on the 8th but I forgot to take photo's before I gave it to her XD;

These are also only the ones I have completed. I did also have some woven coasters I made but... I totally forgot about them until now so that's the only reason they aren't included. I do plan on making more woven coasters though.

The accordion wallets have a bit of variety to them other than the obvious size/shape differences you can see. Some of them have coin pouches inside, others are strictly expandable open pockets (which fit cards into perfectly). A couple of them, the tye dye and penguin ones, have extra V pockets included outside of the expandable section.

I also tried making some accordion wallets from scrap pieces of duct tape. I have never made scrap things before so I was not sure what to try it with first. I was already making accordion wallets so I just did a couple of those. I ended up making them larger than the non scrap ones, but the dragon ones are also pretty large. I made the dragon ones first, then wanted to make some smaller ones and shifted measurements to make them smaller but still capable of holding credit cards or business cards.
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