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Senses Fail

By aisu-isme
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This is a commission for ~TeamLars of Vinyl Scratch.

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Commissions info: [link]

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The commissioner asked to have Vinyl in a straitjacket with her mouth stitched to match their fanfiction; but I took it a bit further to fit in with my Creepy Pony series... She has gone crazy listening to a song on repeat and the only sense that matters to her now is hearing; hence having her hooves (touch), mouth (taste), nose (smell), and eyes (sight) all impaired.

Vinyl Scratch, MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro, etc
this image was made by me for ~TeamLars
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© 2012 - 2020 aisu-isme
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Could I possibly get a link to the fanfiction in question? Or a place where I can find it, cus it looks like it would be an interesting read. Love all your work! Major thumbs up!
crazyaxedude's avatar
its amazing
NavySeuzz's avatar
NavySeuzzStudent General Artist
This picture and the fanfic made me go find the song and totally love it.
I've bought it, I spent all night listening to it and now, I'm here at a mall and I could swear I hear this freaking song playing over the PA system right now.
YTPDude's avatar
YTPDudeHobbyist Writer
Thanks for the fanfic idea. By the way, there will be a twist ending.
YTPDude's avatar
YTPDudeHobbyist Writer
Here y'go.

Cuestionador's avatar
CuestionadorHobbyist Traditional Artist
WUND3RBAR's avatar
Can i have the link to the fanfic?
Goldwing93's avatar
Goldwing93Hobbyist General Artist
good concept, inspires me ... the truth that your drawings are great for inspiration for gorefictions and grimdark art

WolvenAttack's avatar
WolvenAttackStudent Traditional Artist
That is my kind of my little pony
leadglasses's avatar
OH MY GOD. Her iPods cracked. Don't you hate that? Also just discovered your art and I must say it's some very beautiful macabre.
Sonicmn13's avatar
Sonicmn13Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's Probably listening to Can't Be Saved by Senses Fail
YTPDude's avatar
YTPDudeHobbyist Writer
Goddammit, beat me to it.
DemonicDubstep's avatar
DemonicDubstepHobbyist Traditional Artist
She has a fanfic?
Derpyhugsyou123's avatar
Derpyhugsyou123Student Digital Artist
wait WHY is DJPON3 in a straitjacket?
LotsOfPonies's avatar
LotsOfPoniesStudent General Artist
Read the description
GalladeXD's avatar
This has to be my favorite out of all the Creepy Ponies.
Senthai's avatar
That's what them wubs do to you.
SabakuuKitsune's avatar
SabakuuKitsuneHobbyist Artist
Yet another amazing creepy pony pic of Vinyl. :heart::love::hug:
catz537's avatar
catz537Hobbyist Digital Artist
o.o poor scratch..
Streneck's avatar
how does she breaths?
Poncle's avatar
She might not be able to smell, but her nose is slightly open.
Ilssii-Koschei's avatar
Oh, very nice...I like this one a lot.
SecondDante's avatar
SecondDanteHobbyist Artist
By the angel this is brilliant!
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