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HSV - Beach time!
He breathed in the sea salt out and exhaled with a smile. The scene was an unspoiled wonderland of joyous auras. Laughter permeated the air as Kou took in the sight. He could dig the beach. But there was a reason he was here. In all honesty the reason mad him squeal on the inside like a schoolgirl.
Kou didn't care that he was acting like an overgrown child. He was being asked to contact spirits. He was being asked to find the kraken. This was the best mission ever. Then again, there were people missing, so maybe not the best mission ever, but you know, definitely one of the better ones.
Of course he didn't show it, his idiotic grinning was enough to make people question his sanity, still he couldn't deny his excitement to chat with some of the departed locals in the area. He hummed to himself a cheerful tune as he shoved his hands in his pockets and began to wonder. He felt good here in a place that was mostly full of joy, his blue eyes gazed over to a girl who seemed to not be noticed
:iconaisteachsam:AisteachSam 8 1
HSV - DOX12 Day 2: Break Time
“I can’t believe you’re not f-freezing…” muttered Mina as she did her usual routine of dragging Moriko from her to dos so the chick could relax. Being a workaholic it was mostly between Mina, Gankona and Wakana to drag the Hayashi from her duties, occasionally having to use actual force. There are many nail marks in Moriko’s bedroom floor as proof of that.
Moriko only looked at her friend. Well there were advantages to having a father who was insistent that the winters down here were nothing compared to his home country and discouraged his wife from completely swaddling their children so they can build a tolerance to the cold. The white haired woman was perfectly fine in a light coat, pants, boots, gloves and a scarf even as the snow painted the ground in its purity. “No not particularly.”
Meanwhile Mina was covered in head to toe in the warmest clothes she could find, yet the slightest draft managed to make her shiver. She pouted at her
:iconaisteachsam:AisteachSam 6 10
Mature content
HSV - DOX12 Day 1: Lets wrap this up :iconaisteachsam:AisteachSam 8 14
The Princess and Sam by AisteachSam The Princess and Sam :iconaisteachsam:AisteachSam 6 0
Mature content
HSV - Apron :iconaisteachsam:AisteachSam 8 3
HSV - I'm small and cute again??
"Moriko?" a disgruntled sigh was heard, then Moriko felt she was being nudged. "Come on Moriko, you don't want to be late for your first day."
She didn't like mornings. Moriko just made an annoyed groaned and shoved her head further into the pillows. "Five minutes...."
"That was five minutes ago."
"Liar..." she grumbled not even processing who the voice belonged to.
"Girl just get up," the voice sighed.
Again she'd just grumble, but that's when her brain started realizing things about the voice. First, it was male, and a familiar male at that, one that use to always wake her up.
Moriko slowly rose her head, and turned to the speaker.
There stood stood her Onii-chan, but he wasn't his age, he was... nine to be exact. Why was Onii-chan nine? Confusion dawned on Moriko's face as she looked around, her bed was piled with stuffed animals, her room was pinks and purples which is what she decorated with when she was 5... No this wasn't right at all, she redecorated the room when she wa
:iconaisteachsam:AisteachSam 7 14
Moriko Prompt boost 2015 by AisteachSam Moriko Prompt boost 2015 :iconaisteachsam:AisteachSam 2 0
HSV - Space is good sometimes
Gankona leaned against the couch cushion, closing his eyes in deep meditation as he used the padding to prop his elbows. Taiga and Roujin were out training, which left him the opportunity to digest his bitchy mood in peace; it had been a slow week since his irritable mood had been escalating to this point, which in return made him come off as more sharp-tongued and shrewd than usual. Normally, he would get snarky from time to time and occasionally would spew out a few insults, but only if he thought the other person could handle it. However, today was not a normal day- nor had the whole week been normal, for that matter. For the most part, he had been distancing himself from people other than his clansmen... Which, for people who hadn't known him longer, might have come off as somewhat concerning. For those who had known him for a great while, knew that his sudden change of mood was only occasional and would pass given enough time.
Moriko was one of those concerned people as she walked
:iconaisteachsam:AisteachSam 8 14
HSV: Stay Out...
Well… At least there was a good thing about people being afraid of ghosts. Moriko felt she had a purpose again when she was given a mission she’d be useful for… but at the same time she still didn’t quite like people screaming and running at the sight of her. Oh well, she was assigned to portal the outskirts of the village, so she would give all she had to successfully carry out her task. She knew it was not exactly a good idea to scare the merchants… but she had no real alternative. If any merchants caused any fuss about coming to the village because of a ghost, they could simply fib, say there was no ghost, and guide the merchants there themselves to prove the path was safe once more.
She had tried reasoning with the first few people, but before she could even explain who she was, they had run off screaming, just like some of her friends had… It still kinda stung a bit seeing how Masaru looked at her when she turned into her ghost costume… bu
:iconaisteachsam:AisteachSam 7 5
HSV - Kou's reasons for Priesthood
See now, this was the part of the exam Kou was a bit nervous about. The actual test.
Usually the test was the first thing in the exams, testing their knowledge before testing their skills, but this time they flopped it. If Kou was the paranoid type, he’d think it was just because he was in these exams, but he’s not, so such a thought didn’t grace his mind.
Instead he stared at the blank side of the test paper and wondered if this was it for him. If all this effort would be thwarted by a simple written test. Kou was a doer, not an…. explainer?
What kind of questions would be on the other side of this parchment? What kind of technical answers would he need to explain fully so the examiners would realize he knew what he was talking about?
He twiddled his thumbs slightly as he waited for the signal to start the test from the proctor. His nervousness was subtle, yet obvious to those that knew him. The way his ocean blue eyes glanced around, from the time, to the door
:iconaisteachsam:AisteachSam 7 13
HSV - Well... Mission complete?
The weather was warm as the heat from the sun radiated off Kou's slightly tanned skin. His typical hum could be heard by anyone in close proximity of him as he hurried off to the Forbidden Forest for the second round of the Chunin Exams.
Yes miraculously enough he did seem to somehow pass the first exam. His battle with Koneko was close, but all that mattered to the two was that they gave it their all and that they made a new friend. Who won didn't matter, so Kou gracefully bowed in defeat when Koneko had bested him. She was a nice girl, and a very talented kunoichi, he felt not the slightest bit of shame being outdone by such a worthy opponent. The chick has some moxie.
That is of course implying he can feel shame, to which all of those who knew the Byakko... it was highly doubted he had even a feign acknowledgment of what that word even was, let alone felt it.
For now, the man was happy he was in the next round. Of course he hadn’t the slightest clue of what to expect as he ent
:iconaisteachsam:AisteachSam 8 6
HSV - It begins
This was it, the time was finally here.
It was time, for he, Kou Byakko, to step into the ring and prove his worth. He was finally in the Chunin Exams. After a few years of knowing he should be in them, but not wanting to put in the effort to enter, he was finally here, with the motivation to finally become a priest. He had fought through his mental block when it came to his training... and he was ready. He embraced the hassle of all that training to be here. Ready for the responsibilities and burdens the title of Chunin will come with. He looked into the sunlight, inhaling deep, feeling the clean crisp air fill his lungs. He felt confident, he felt he could do this.
Now please for the love of the gods, don't screw it up Kou.
He gave his usual grin as he looked up as the spectators and then looked around the field that would be his stage. It was where he had to show what he could do. At least that was what he assumed, they really were shaking things up this exam. Usually the fights...
:iconaisteachsam:AisteachSam 10 9
Moriko Timeskip Ref Age: 20 by AisteachSam Moriko Timeskip Ref Age: 20 :iconaisteachsam:AisteachSam 34 33
Mature content
HSV - Housewife time :iconaisteachsam:AisteachSam 9 9
Kou element by AisteachSam Kou element :iconaisteachsam:AisteachSam 3 6
HSV - Game time!
It was always great to have some guy time with Yamada, he’d been feeling a bit… I believe neglected would be the word to use, since everyone was in a rush to train for the chunin exams and no one had time to hang with him.
Being the friend that Kou was, upon hearing Yamada’s thoughts he decided he’d take some time out of his schedule to his fellow red-heads bud and make the guy feel like he mattered to his friends.
Kou was not exactly a plan maker, he usually just took the lead and just let things just happen but oh well. Yamada was a pretty laid back guy, surely he’d have some idea of what he wanted to do.
Before seeing Yamada however Kou did need to get some training in. He had to work on his wind jutsu since he was getting better at it, but not quite at the level he felt he’d need for the exams. He needed to find someone else with the wind element to see if they can teach him any jutsu.
Soon enough Kou was finished and was running home to grab a s
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Yes I actually did not die. I just... had shit hit the fan.

Long story short I got fired from my full time job, got diagnosed with depression but have not been prescribed anti-depressants and I'm pretty sure I don't want them as I really don't like pharmaceutical drugs.

Money is a real struggle right now and every week it's a fight to keep my bank account from going under. I got an overnight shift that completely stresses me out between the demand of the job and the hours that i completely miscalculated on. Sleep isn't easy these days. I rarely have the money to buy food so I'm heavily leaning on my family for support. I'm trying to get a new better paying full- time job thats Monday-Friday like I used to have. Hopefully next month.

I donno what I'm going to do here, I mean I just have not written a thing and it kills me inside, i'm debating leaving groups and just leaving this account here to rust but at the same time there are so many good memories here I might feel better if I start socializing more and paying attention to my ocs again.

I mean I've had some people reach out to me and remind me how much they loved my characters and my work. Honestly it made me feel alot better and I thank everyone that had reached out to me during the past year.

Just wanted to reach out and say 


I miss you guys

I'm sorry to those I haven't replied to here on dA, I have not reached out to anyone in over a year as I felt like my depression would be a burden on my friends who look to me to be upbeat and silly.

Thank you for your kindness and patience while I try to figure out what I want on this account'


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