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2D love - 707 x Reader (MysMes) ~chapter 2
“You’re beautiful; you know that, right?” he smiles sweetly, making my cheeks turn red.
I can feel him hugging me from behind, gently caressing my back while kissing my cheek. I stiffen under his touch, not knowing how to react to his sudden display of affection.
“S-Saeyoung... I love yo-…”
I suddenly hear a loud noise and the man disappears, along with his tender touch. It was just a dream.
Ugh, why can’t I have slept more? It felt so good, so real.
I groan and quickly snatch my phone, is it a notification? I unlock the device and notice something strange: the Mystic Messenger app isn’t there anymore. Thinking that my phone might have deleted it or something, I hurriedly search for it in Google Play.
What... the hell? It isn’t there anymore. Not even a trace of it.
Scared that the game might have been deleted by Cheritz, I contact one of my friends who’s well aware of what Mystic Messenger is.
“Hello? What is it, (Y/N)?
:iconattackonbeatrice:AttackOnBeatrice 14 7
2D love - 707 x Reader (MysMes) ~chapter 1
He’s not real.
Is the need to be loved causing me to become so desperate? Why do I need somebody to love me so bad… is it because I can’t love myself?
I sigh as I lock my phone, sadly staring at the now black screen in which I can faintly see two tired eyes. Why am I making such a huge deal out of this?...
Throwing the device aside, I get up from the bed and lightly stretch my numb body.
You see, I don’t really have time for anything related to love, school occupying pretty much all of my time… so I decided to try dating sims.
At first, I thought that they would be stupid, but as time passed I kept playing more and more of them and became addicted. The feeling you get when a guy tells you nice things, compliments you, calls himself your boyfriend… it feels nice even though you know they’re just some words programmed for every player.
One month ago, I discovered a new app: Mystic Messenger. The description seemed pretty interesting, since the ga
:iconattackonbeatrice:AttackOnBeatrice 9 3
707 X MC
“I need you to keep a secret for me Jaehee.” You said, you had just been let into Jaehee’s apartment. Having left Rika’s apartment a little over three weeks ago, you had been staying in one of the rooms at Jumins penthouse.  “A secret?” Jaehee raised her eyebrow at this but didn’t say anything else, urging you to continue, “I’m pregnant.” You said quickly, she barely caught what you had said.
When your words registered her eyes went wide, at first she thought the child you were carrying was Jumin’s, only to shake the idea of that ever happening out of her mind. Then her thoughts travelled to Seven, and well, he was the only other person she could see you doing anything with. “Is it….?” She started, but couldn’t find the right words to finish.
“It’s Sevens...But you can’t tell him, or anyone, Seven doesn’t want anything to do with me…” You mumbled, looking a
:iconwinibie:Winibie 22 5
Enter Defender of Justice Seven-Zero-Seven
    707 watched as the door closed. It was closed with a very complex security system and he couldn’t help but smile. Didn’t they know that the more high tech a security system was, the easier it would be for him to break into it? Clearly they thought that if they simply buffed it up more, he wouldn’t be able to crack it fast enough.
    They seriously never learn.
    His target was the personal home of a multimillionaire who’s company was running illegal sweatshops, but the information was hidden so every time someone tried to turn them in, the case would never stick for lack of evidence. He tried to find the information by hacking into the system of the scumbag, but there was nothing there, so that meant that the files had to be on paper. Smarter than having them digitized, but also not as smart as not having them at all.
    He still remembered when he first cased the place a wee
:iconashrevans:AshREvans 37 1
Marry Me (707 x Reader)
A girl sat quietly on her bed in a short light pink dress as she waited for the knock at her door to sound. He was late by twenty minutes this time but it was easy for her to understand. Vanderwood had either been yelling at him or Saeran had. At this point she was never sure quite which. And then came a loud rushed knock at the apartment door. Quickly (y/n) sprang up and ran to the door then threw it open. "Oh my god I'm sorry I'm so late! I uhh I got these for you and I ran all the way here!"
It was easy to tell that the last part was true as Seven was slightly hunched over and was panting. The flowers he held in his hand were pink roses that looked almost dead but the (h/c) haired girl took them and put them in a vase of water anyways then pulled the boy into the room and to the couch. "Sit down. We can be a bit late to dinner. I'm sure that the others won't mind all that much. I'll text Jumin or Zen and tell them we'll be there soon. In the meantime just rest a bit okay?"
Hearts se
:iconpretzelsnitzel:PretzelSnitzel 7 1
707 (Saeyoung Choi) x Reader: Cat Abuser
"Cat abuser~"
You sang as you and 707 walked, he only groaned and tried to ignore your little chants, soon you were right next to him, chanting and poking him.
"You aren't going to stop are you?"
707 whined and adjusted his glasses, you were now holding his arm and chanting in a whisper voice to bother him.
"Please stop..."
He blushed as you held his arm, not used to you being so touchy.
"Never! Cat abuser, cat abuser~"
You giggled, before stopping, only to start all over again, except yapping now.
"Poor Elizabeth 3rd, she just wanted love but abusive 707 had to come and use his talent, abusing on her..."
You made ticking sounds as you shook your head, 707 groaned loudly as you held in a laugh.
"You know what, if you won't shut up, I will have to shut you up myself."
You turned to him with a questionable look.
"What do you me-"
You are cut off by 707 crashing his lips into yours, his eyes closed as if he was enjoying the moment. Right when you began to kiss back, he pulled away wiping
:iconunknownwriterhasrose:UnknownWriterHasRose 76 9
707! by TsunKuu 707! :icontsunkuu:TsunKuu 273 5
Tamaki x Chubby!Reader
Tamaki was looking for Haruhi, who was suppose to be at Host Club. But she wasn’t in the back or sitting with guests. Once all the girls left the Host Club for the day.
“Kyoya, do you know where Haruhi is?” Tamaki asked as walking up to him.
“She is studying in the library with a friend so they can get scholarships for college.”
“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”
“You didn’t ask.” He calmly replied while filling out some paperwork
“I am going to get her then!” Tamaki stormed out of the Host Club and headed to the library.
Tamaki looked around the library for a few before seeing the back of Haruhi, who was sitting with a girl.
“Haruhi, why didn’t you tell me you have such a pretty friend?” He asked as he sat next to Haruhi.
“I guess it's because I didn't think you'd ever run into each other. But this is my friend, I met her the first day I came to Ouran, she doing scholarships with me. _
:iconlalahbug:LalahBug 166 43
Jumin Han x Reader: Pink Carnation {Pt.3}
:bulletpink: Jumin Han x Reader: Pink Carnation :bulletpink: 
~ Part 3 ~

Jumin Han forced his gray eyes shut, momentarily blocking out the brightly lit hospital corridor. The muted sounds and sterile scents that surrounded him were off putting, but his apprehension put all other thoughts and feelings to rest. In his hand, he held a bouquet of pink carnations, as had become his custom in the past two months. And despite how often he gifted them to (F/n), she never seemed to grow tired of them.
(F/n). . . his lovely seamstress. His ill princess. . .
Jumin forced himself to take deep breaths, as several minutes passed, and he heard other visitors and medical personnel pass him. His world was on a sliding axis, and it was all he could do to stay standing and calm. There had been many times in his life where he had felt lonesome. Many times when his lack of connection and emotion with others had weighed heavily on his shoulders. But nothing could compare to the pain he
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 18 4
Jumin Han x Reader: Pink Carnation {Pt. 2}
:bulletpink: Jumin Han X Reader: Pink Carnation :bulletpink:
~ Part 2 ~

(F/n) could feel nervous butterflies rising in her stomach and chest, as she checked her phone for the fifth time in three minutes. It had been two days since Jumin had come to pick up his suit. And like she had promised, his newest order (a pink necktie) was ready. But if the seamstress was being honest, her anxiety stemmed from something else entirely. . .
This was the last order she'd be able to accept from Jumin Han, before her final round of chemotherapy began. The doctors weren't optimistic, but they had signed her up in the hopes that perhaps a miracle might occur, or in the very least help her final year of life to be a pleasant one. She would be too weak after chemo to make any more orders, and she lamented the loss it would cost her. She wouldn't be able to see Jumin every week like clockwork. . . Her final happy indulgence would disappear from her life, like so many things since she'd be
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 27 3
Reader x Zen x Jaehee: Phone Call
:bulletwhite: Reader x Zen x Jaehee: Phone Call :bulletwhite: 
(F/n) flipped her phone over in her hands, lost in thought. The young woman sat unmoving for an unknown amount of time, her (e/c) eyes focused on a dot on the wall of Rika's apartment. Finally, she stopped flipping her phone and turned it on. Opening her contact list, the young woman skimmed through the names housed there, heading straight for the 'J' section. Within seconds she had pressed the call button and put her phone to her ear.
After much deliberation, (F/n) had made up her mind and now she waited patiently. It had been a long day, filled with emails, texts and countless group chats. Zen had hurt his ankle and was depressed, and the RFA members had all been concerned. (F/n) had admittedly felt her heart twist for the handsome actor many times since he'd told her about his injury, but she had kept the worst of her fear hidden. She had been supportive and kind for his sake, and it had worked. . .
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 23 3
707 x Reader: Remember Me

:bulletred: Seven x Reader: Remember Me :bulletred: 

It was almost midnight and Luciel was wide awake. Resting beside him in the passenger seat of the car was his beautiful savior: Echo Estelle. He'd taken to calling her his savior in his mind whenever he got the chance. Because she had done more then save him. She had loved him and tried to understand and help him, despite everything he was, and everything he would never be.
When she'd stumbled into the RFA messenger, he'd been drawn to her immediately. And that bond had only grown, day after day, until he couldn't imagine a life without her. She loved him with all she was, and he responded with love of his own. It was all new to him, but somehow he knew she'd be patient with his amateur attempts.
For quite sometime he watched Echo sleep, her soft breath resounding gently in the closed space. With golden eye
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 22 5
Mystic Messenger by kata-009 Mystic Messenger :iconkata-009:kata-009 1,227 27 Early morning at the cabin by paeng Early morning at the cabin :iconpaeng:paeng 42 0 Mystic Messenger - Pokemon go by paeng Mystic Messenger - Pokemon go :iconpaeng:paeng 423 10 Mystic Messenger by Aranren Mystic Messenger :iconaranren:Aranren 523 29




10 deviations
So maybe I have forgotten to post the pics for the final party decorations..oops...I might post them in the future if I remember to do so. Tomorrow school starts so that means less time on tumblr and deviant art. I might get on here one or twice a week so I don't have so many deviations from groups and people that I am watching. The last thing I want to get spammed by deviations because I don't clean them up weekly. So if you don't hear back from me anytime soon- messaging, note, or comment wise this is because school is starting. 

I'm on LOA (leave of absence) from work, thus making school work a priority. I am hoping to get a 3.0 GPA this semester. I got a 2.9 last spring. I have to be careful though since I didn't stash as much money away as before for school semester so I will be on a very tight budget aka $10 a week with $10 to use as an emergency only. Emergency money not used will rollover to the previous week. Hopefully this will work so I won't run out of money so quickly. And this budget also helps limit my spending money for food and shopping.

Good luck to everyone going back to school. I don't know how many people follow this journal, but if you don't have school tomorrow, I still wish you luck to have a great day!!!!

lots of love

-Aisling Jo Smith


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