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Another Mass Effect fanart, I just love the game. :D Kaidan Alenko, again. This is part of a (planned) series of ME portraits, I already started one of Garrus in a very similar style. However, there's no telling when it will be finished ...

I actually finished this one a couple of weeks ago, but due to computer trouble I wasn't able to prepare it for upload.
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Probably the best Kaidan I've seen!
Very awesome!!
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Garrus better watch out, Kaidan suspects something.
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Lol, he's like: What are you up to with those handcuffs, Ma'am? -suspicious eyes-
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wow!!! this is great!!!
Aisling88's avatar
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Excellent! He's face is molded perfectly! I love the details!
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Thank you! I spent a lot of time painting this, so I'm glad people like it.
DesiredPryditor108's avatar
I don't see why they shouldn't! :D
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LOVE THIS. the brushwork is very soft and skilled
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ok, ok, I'm cool now *takes breath*

you're awesome!
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When I got Mass Effect I was like, "Wait-- I hear Carth! WHere's that coming from?" And then I saw this Kaidan dude and I was like, "oh, hey! What are you doing with Carth's voice mister!? :<" and it took me a while to take him seriously but now I think I'm used to it and now I like him a lot. XDDD
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He's so cute! :worship:Nicely done!
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He's so cute :worship: nicely done!
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As a new Fan of Mass Effect (I am actualy playing the number 2), I thank you as well for this beautiful and amazing portrait of Kaidan Alenko, one of my faves chars of the game. Can't wait to see if he'll be reunited with my female Shephard in ME3 ;-)

Wonderful work !
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Wonderful portrait! the likeness is great, and he looks amazingly realistic ^^
Souchu's avatar
WHOA! Amazering! He looks just as sexy as he does in the game! Great job!!! Your talent astounds me.
Aisling88's avatar
Thank you! :)

It was very important to me to have him look as closely as possible to the ingame-version, so I was using tons of screenshots for reference. And I'm very glad to hear that, apparently, I was successful. :nod:
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what a drreeaammmyyyy portrait. I LOVE Kaidan!! <3
artastrophe's avatar
wow!! this is just gorgeous. I was googling some Kaidan images for reference material myself, and I also mistook it for a screenshot. ^__^

very excellent work, spot-on. :heart: :heart:

you captured him perfectly! I love the detail on the hairline and the lips especially. :glomp:
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So far this is the best portrait of Kaidan I've seen on DA - you caught the true essence of kaidaness. Amazing job. I purely love him.

I've recently turned into a Kaidan fangirl ^_^
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Wow, thank you! That is a big complimet you paid there. :bow:

And welcome to the ranks of Kaidan fangirls! I hope he will be there for ME II! :excited:
GreatMarta's avatar
He will, so says the Mass Effect Wikipedia ^_^ All of the old crew (apart from those left on Virmir) shall be back. There are also said to be sex scenes ^_^
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