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The Search || Faolan
Features Faolan
Mentions Celt[npc], Aileen[npc] & Aideen
Late Summer, Y758NA
Glenmore, The Beach

Glenmore so far was strange, He made sure to keep a proper distance from the ocean, predominately out of fear, he didn’t want another trip in the blue world. While he felt better then he initially had, he still was tired from the swim.
Standing on trembling thin legs, the colt swept his nose from side to side, snuffling over the sand slowly. He mostly smelled salt, and the noisy birds over the water, but he was looking for something specific. The scent of his little sister, she was just little and wouldn’t last long without their mama, and so Faolan was searching as hard as he could.
Careful to listen for sounds, like crying or the sound of bigger fawnlings like his parents, papa said their were probably guards around.
Just like back home.
He wondered if they were at war here too. He certainly hoped n
:iconaislein:Aislein 1 0
Leo Elder || Male || OC by Aislein Leo Elder || Male || OC :iconaislein:Aislein 7 11 Duke Regulus || Stag || Butler by Aislein Duke Regulus || Stag || Butler :iconaislein:Aislein 10 5 AS Risen Moonlight || Stag || Saddle by Aislein AS Risen Moonlight || Stag || Saddle :iconaislein:Aislein 7 0
Sore hooves and Odd pelts
Features Scathach, Dalor & Baeric
Late Spring, Y765 NA
Blackwood, Near Scath’s Hollow

How good it felt to be back among familiar trees, paths she could walk with her eyes closed, and not lose her way even once.
In all honesty the doe was glad to be heading home, she had been away so long, Scathach missed her little hollow. Worse yet she feared what Guinevere might have done in her absence, the bundle of fur could certainly take care of herself, yet the pearl feared for her stores of herbs.
Lest the russet colored creature make a den of them again.
The horror that her herbs and skull bowls were possibly being made into a nest… The pearl shivered and flicked her tail.
She had other reasons for wanting to be home as well, in all the excitement she had forgotten about the little one she carried, and not just the little fawn now known as Dalor straddli
:iconaislein:Aislein 3 2
Warmer Together [Nuamu] by Aislein Warmer Together [Nuamu] :iconaislein:Aislein 17 13 Deviantart 18 B-Day by Aislein Deviantart 18 B-Day :iconaislein:Aislein 6 0
Empty || Aleksis
Features Duke Aleksis
Mentions Lord Eun[rpc], Lord Dumont[npc] & King Ragnar[npc]
Late Spring, Y757NA
Glenmore, Near Oldegrove

His life was over.
His title gone.
Everything promised to him as a Lord, stripped.
He had been led before the King and informed of Dumont’s request to remove him from his honored line on the tree. Aleksis had given the speech he’d prepared, begged not to be thrown away when he knew, he was a lord by birth. He hadn’t imagined Dumont would force his guard to claim the hart as his own, to say that Vala had indeed lain with him, beget his only offspring in the world.
What had made it worse?
The guard coming beside him, calling him his son and saying he’d make a fine guard, just like he and his brothers.
Aleksis had snarled, baring his teeth at the stag, rebuking his claim.
“I am no FILTHY guard’s son.” He had hissed at the stag, seething despite the company of which he prese
:iconaislein:Aislein 3 2
Princess Lunalla || Doe || Royal by Aislein Princess Lunalla || Doe || Royal :iconaislein:Aislein 6 4 Risen Moonlight [Rize x King Fawn] by Aislein Risen Moonlight [Rize x King Fawn] :iconaislein:Aislein 12 5 Pearlescent Hearts [Rize x King] by Aislein Pearlescent Hearts [Rize x King] :iconaislein:Aislein 6 1 The Healer's Curse || Raph by Aislein The Healer's Curse || Raph :iconaislein:Aislein 13 4 AS Little Lion Man || Stag || Saddle by Aislein AS Little Lion Man || Stag || Saddle :iconaislein:Aislein 12 0 Duke Regulus Design by Aislein Duke Regulus Design :iconaislein:Aislein 9 7 Princess Lunalla Design by Aislein Princess Lunalla Design :iconaislein:Aislein 11 8
Honey and Tea || Skadi
Features Skadi
Mentions Azima[as npc] & Gabriel[as npc]
Fall, Y769NA
Silverthorne, Silver Vale

The doe stretched, wincing noticeably, how painful old age was becoming.
Not that she thought herself old, her line tended to live a long time, violent circumstances permitting.
Azima and Gabriel soon called her attention, the pair lurking just outside the door of her den.
Still, bouncing fawns were becoming hard to keep up with.
Following them outside she found what they were so interested in, a funny shaped knot on the tree, it seemed to resemble a fawnling in shape. The pair of course thought the tree fawnling should have a name, to which they decided the old doe herself should figure a name for them, how the pink doe protested but gave in eventually.
“Donna-mae, it shall be called, since I must name it,” Skadi quirked a brow, they only giggled and agreed wholeheartedly, it was a name they wouldn’t know the source of, it w
:iconaislein:Aislein 2 2


Didn't We Have Fun? by lichenfeather Didn't We Have Fun? :iconlichenfeather:lichenfeather 7 1
Clashing Contrasts

Spring, Year 771 of the New Age
Glenmore, The Royal Glades; Jareth’s Glade
Featuring Lord Jareth and Princess Lilla

Another party, another time for her to be free. At least that was what Lilla had thought when they had gone to the party, but it had, much to her dismay, turned out completely different. She had been stuck by Jareth’s side for the whole time and even as the night drew near there was no chance for her to sneak off or excuse herself to talk to someone else.
She had no escape from the side of the one being she hated the most.
And yet, she attempted to find some happiness and laughter. Though she could not escape him, she could at least talk to whoever he talked to and he could not simply hide in a corner when she was with him. So despite b
:iconettid:Ettid 3 0
Moonlit Prance [Comm] by Whitefoxfire Moonlit Prance [Comm] :iconwhitefoxfire:Whitefoxfire 28 0
Mature content
Facing This :iconbrokenfawnhill:BrokenFawnHill 2 0
Picking Fights by Haloclimb Picking Fights :iconhaloclimb:Haloclimb 7 3 Until we meet again, should we ever do by MishfitMish Until we meet again, should we ever do :iconmishfitmish:MishfitMish 10 4 Just a Touch by Killer-Kame Just a Touch :iconkiller-kame:Killer-Kame 11 1
Water Rat
Featuring General Reichenbach and an unusual doe
Autumn, Year 771
Blackwood, Near the Shadowgrove

Reichenbach had not expected to meet a stranger on this particular day. Granted, as the General, he met scores of strangers on a daily basis, soon filing them all away for later use when he happened upon them again in the wood. But today was not one of those days he planned on meeting an unfamiliar face. In fact, tucked away in the quiet surroundings of the Shadow Grove, he had been expecting silence.
No such luck.
He’d been talking with the spirits, listening to their gossip and woes, when a crashing noise sounded from behind him further in the forest. Letting his magic fall away and free his ears of unnecessary chatter, Reichenbach turned to see who was coming upon him.
Whomever it was was by no means trying to be stealthy. Newborn fawns had more grace than whatever was bumbling around in the dark. The General had to fight to urge to smirk
:iconsmexyhajisan:SmexyHajiSan 1 0
Princess Iminye by Mink-Cloverhill Princess Iminye :iconmink-cloverhill:Mink-Cloverhill 9 1 Human Fawnlings Vol.2 by Mink-Cloverhill Human Fawnlings Vol.2 :iconmink-cloverhill:Mink-Cloverhill 10 2 Me! No, Me! by HayleyRPG Me! No, Me! :iconhayleyrpg:HayleyRPG 14 5 Into The Wild Wood by MonochromeFox Into The Wild Wood :iconmonochromefox:MonochromeFox 10 7 Winter Beginning by SilverEnvy09 Winter Beginning :iconsilverenvy09:SilverEnvy09 6 1 the mother by sandara the mother :iconsandara:sandara 2,427 86
Boucle Babies Galore!
“Oh dang and blast, not again!” Jim cried.
Duck surreptitiously hid the packet of digestive biscuits in her pocket with a crackle. The latest arrival George and his new best friend Thetime looked dejected with their heads over the fence, nickering pleadingly for more. “No shhh,” she told the stallions, pointing to their horse-sized ‘mugs’ of tea - two feed buckets hung on the side of the fence with a few inches of (decaffeinated) tea in the bottom. “That’s all you get, I’m in trouble if dad sees me sneaking you teatime biscuits again!”
She turned with an innocent smile on her face, leaning casually back against the fence. “What’s up dad?”
She’d been expecting him to be bearing down on her to confiscate the biscuits, but instead he was staring into the covered mares’ field. “Phew, I think we got away with it, chaps,” she whispered over her shoulder.
Most of the mares in the next paddock
:icontigressdesign:TigressDesign 18 9
The Family of Aishwarya by SunsetRevelation The Family of Aishwarya :iconsunsetrevelation:SunsetRevelation 6 0


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Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Hi, Aizzy heeeere. suppose I should tell about myself, no?

I'm 26, american, female(though I do refer to myself as a he at times)

I am an aspiring YouTube gamer! (My channel is… if you'd like to subscribe!)

I am christian(though I often will say jesusfreak, when asked about my religion) but this does not mean I will harass you about it, so don't bother me about it, kay?
I don't particularly care what ethnic background, religion or sexuality you consider yourself, I'm just here to post art and make friends.

my page/profile/art & journals are all neutral zones, anyone posting hate or the like for MY PERSONAL choices will be reported and blocked. so let's all just have a good time!


Peace 'n love y'all~

(and have some stamps)
Screw reality stamp by RainingRaven Swearing Stamp by Murasaki-Ayame Anti-Hate by luvgoodstuf Shaming Meat Eaters Does NOT Save Animals - Stamp by xxsunslashxx:thumb157637540: Stamp by Flamula I love my friends by LadyMidnightSolace Bamboo Pen by Ra-Cal It Always Does :'D !! by xAlalax Stamp: Sleeping Dragons REDO by ShoyDragonrider Unoriginal Stamp by Jiraiya-The-Sage Pay for your hugs stamp by syclopskitten Opinions Stamp by Yume-The-Lynx God-Stamp by Tenchiismyname Aim For The Moon Stamp by MidnightTheUmbreon Too Nice Stamp by MykieThomas Sims stamp by AdeleEevee
Fav and Run stamp by F4LL3N-0N3 running horse by FeiTerry

(Yes, I do have a side account The-Winged-Daemon)


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Anyone have unfinished Fawnling RPs with me they want to finish?

Noticed I've got quite a few and don't wanna start more until they're finished and posted xD
Farewell core, I will miss the beauty of my fav journal skins :saddummy:
Desktop’s power supply is apparently dying, probably no Christmas art from me :saddummy:
So given time to cool my brain and vent a little to someone I will give a proper explanation of sorts.

I’m not good at expressing myself, partly because I’m a very private person, partly because as the oldest of my sibs I’m expected to be the most mature and reasonable one. 

For several years now I’ve been suffering from what I believe is undiagnosed depression, and because I hate being a bother to anyone, I kept it to myself.

With my computer being down since December, I was getting more and more stressed out not being able to draw digitally, and subsequent loss of three pets over the last few months left my mind in shambles. 

The day I posted the journal was basically the straw that broke the camels back.

I'm mainly updating this because people became concerned, I’m fine for now, my stupid computer is working (if laggy and internetless), I’ll probably still be iffy about being around but I am here and may start posting things soon so!

Please don’t worry too much, k! :3

This journal was honestly a long time coming, but I’m taking a break from dA, the last thing that made me get on everyday is gone. 

I have no reason to do anything on here anymore, so.

All my creatures and stories are frozen, maybe when I have the time or energy I’ll come back, I just don’t know at this point.

This is by no means a dead account and art theft will be reported to me by close friends.

See y’all later...



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