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In the Greenwood Again || Hulda
Features Lieutenant Hulda
Spring, Y773NA
Glenmore, Glenwood

Even now the flourishing green trees brought back memories. Flickers of her first few trips into the green wood. The dare that had nearly cost her her life, a fool she had been when first joining the guard. Now she understood the finer points of fawntaking. It had fairly been beaten into her by her betters, and she thanked them every full moon for that. Had they not been so rigorous she doubted her ability to acquire her currently held position. The dappled doe nodded for the scouts to go ahead, the poison master that had requested they go with them disappeared as silently. Hulda sucked in a long breath, relishing the scent of fresh air. It was the one guilty thing she allowed herself to enjoy.
The freedom of the outside world.
With the groups scattered into the wood, silent and dark as the owls they revered. Hulda waited quietly with the guard escort, giving orders as scouts returned
:iconaislein:Aislein 1 0
Sparkly Pons [Dwyn/Banshee MP] by Aislein Sparkly Pons [Dwyn/Banshee MP] :iconaislein:Aislein 2 0 Magic, Yay! [Dwyn/Banshee MP] by Aislein Magic, Yay! [Dwyn/Banshee MP] :iconaislein:Aislein 6 1 When the woman says... || Salun by Aislein When the woman says... || Salun :iconaislein:Aislein 5 3
Festivities || Salun
Features Lord Sacha & Princess Lunalla
Mentions others
Fall, Y766NA
Glenmore, Lord Arnaud’s Glade

The reception was in full swing. Majority of the guests having already wandered in the gate of his father’s glade. Brown eyes cast sideways glances at his towering bride, her eyes half lidded with a transfixed smile on her face. He felt unnerved by the look she cast about. Somehow it did not suit her elegant face. Despite his reputation for being a drunken playboy he was quite good at reading others. He knew a mask when he saw one. Sacha wished he had known her before the ceremony, had a chance to see her real self not this facade she presented. This would make for an interesting marriage finding out what his bride was actually like. Hopefully she shared some of his interests, just so they would have something in common.
The lion’s share of the guests greeted they retreated to the side, the gol
:iconaislein:Aislein 2 0
Dark Angel for Ash by Aislein Dark Angel for Ash :iconaislein:Aislein 7 0 Sion [Quin x Leolin Fawn] by Aislein Sion [Quin x Leolin Fawn] :iconaislein:Aislein 10 2 Queen's Frolic [Liberty Entry] by Aislein Queen's Frolic [Liberty Entry] :iconaislein:Aislein 7 2 Boucle Unicorn Foal M258 [Skittles x Rossi] by Aislein Boucle Unicorn Foal M258 [Skittles x Rossi] :iconaislein:Aislein 3 0 Boucle Unicorn Foal I004 [Fael x Occle] by Aislein Boucle Unicorn Foal I004 [Fael x Occle] :iconaislein:Aislein 5 0 Boucle Unicorn Foal I077 [Nouba x Josse] by Aislein Boucle Unicorn Foal I077 [Nouba x Josse] :iconaislein:Aislein 3 0 Boucle Unicorn Foal G474 [Plushie x Ryssa] by Aislein Boucle Unicorn Foal G474 [Plushie x Ryssa] :iconaislein:Aislein 1 0 Boucle Unicorn Foal K366 [Bleu x Bella Celeste] by Aislein Boucle Unicorn Foal K366 [Bleu x Bella Celeste] :iconaislein:Aislein 3 0 K365 || Lord of Sweaters by Aislein K365 || Lord of Sweaters :iconaislein:Aislein 2 0 K356 || Wisp of Yule by Aislein K356 || Wisp of Yule :iconaislein:Aislein 1 0 K220 || Light the Way by Aislein K220 || Light the Way :iconaislein:Aislein 4 0


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A Father's Rage
Featuring Lord Ruairí and Lord Tybalt
Early Autumn, Year 773 of the New Age
The Great Oak, Glenmore

“Papa! Papa!”
The little colt sprinted through the crowd that had gathered around the Great Oak to chat and watch rutting stags fight. He was as innocent as any fawn; was barely weaned, yet everywhere he went his peers and elders both stepped aside. He was a fast learner for one so young - and he was quickly learning that this world was a beautiful world, but the beings in it could be heartless and cruel. For he was old enough now to notice the way his herdmate’s noses wrinkled as he sprinted past, the way they took every precaution to ensure their paths didn’t cross with his own. The way they looked at him as though he was absolutely disgusting. And not even the fact that he was a barely weaned faw
:icontemplarknight94:templarknight94 3 2
Unfavorable Betrothal (Tuscan x Duncan)
Startled birds fled from the bare winter trees above as a furious voice rang out over the Glenmore forests. Lord Tuscan stood at the entrance of Lord Solomon’s Glade, shock and anger evident from his aggressive posture. The stag before him, Duke Felith who was the glade’s butler, flinched as the word was screamed in his face. “Y-your betrothal, my Lord, scheduled for next fall-”
“I heard you, butler! Tuscan snapped. “Celeste who? It couldn’t possibly be the Celeste I know. I am a proper Lord, sir! I demand some respect!
Patiently, Felith confirmed. He was used to Tuscan’s temper. “By royal decree, Princess Celeste, daughter of Lord Thrice and Princess Ceren, shall be betrothed to Lord Tu-”
“Lord who? The dark Lord snarled, “It can’t possibly be me!”
The Duke had p
:iconwildfire-tama:Wildfire-Tama 7 3


Aislein's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Hi, Aizzy heeeere. suppose I should tell about myself, no?

I'm 26, american, female(though I do refer to myself as a he at times)

I am an aspiring YouTube gamer! (My channel is… if you'd like to subscribe!)

I am christian(though I often will say jesusfreak, when asked about my religion) but this does not mean I will harass you about it, so don't bother me about it, kay?
I don't particularly care what ethnic background, religion or sexuality you consider yourself, I'm just here to post art and make friends.

my page/profile/art & journals are all neutral zones, anyone posting hate or the like for MY PERSONAL choices will be reported and blocked. so let's all just have a good time!


Peace 'n love y'all~

(and have some stamps)
Screw reality stamp by RainingRaven Swearing Stamp by Murasaki-Ayame Anti-Hate by luvgoodstuf Shaming Meat Eaters Does NOT Save Animals - Stamp by xxsunslashxx:thumb157637540: Stamp by Flamula I love my friends by LadyMidnightSolace Bamboo Pen by Ra-Cal It Always Does :'D !! by xAlalax Stamp: Sleeping Dragons REDO by ShoyDragonrider Unoriginal Stamp by Jiraiya-The-Sage Pay for your hugs stamp by syclopskitten Opinions Stamp by Yume-The-Lynx God-Stamp by Tenchiismyname Aim For The Moon Stamp by MidnightTheUmbreon Too Nice Stamp by MykieThomas Sims stamp by AdeleEevee
Fav and Run stamp by F4LL3N-0N3 running horse by FeiTerry

(Yes, I do have a side account The-Winged-Daemon)


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Why I like apple: I choose when my shite updates

Why I hate microsoft/win 10: them and their damn forced updates
After playing with eclipse for a bit I’m honestly fine with it so far. I’ve had increasing issues with the old site for awhile now, deviations not displaying correctly, errors out the butt. Plus I like the dark scheme, dA with its light green is honestly painful to look at for longer than a few minutes at a time.

For a beta version it’s promising and I look forward to the finished product.
Feel like I got hit by a truck and don't have the energy to do anything except play games or watch videos *sigh*
So given time to cool my brain and vent a little to someone I will give a proper explanation of sorts.

I’m not good at expressing myself, partly because I’m a very private person, partly because as the oldest of my sibs I’m expected to be the most mature and reasonable one. 

For several years now I’ve been suffering from what I believe is undiagnosed depression, and because I hate being a bother to anyone, I kept it to myself.

With my computer being down since December, I was getting more and more stressed out not being able to draw digitally, and subsequent loss of three pets over the last few months left my mind in shambles. 

The day I posted the journal was basically the straw that broke the camels back.

I'm mainly updating this because people became concerned, I’m fine for now, my stupid computer is working (if laggy and internetless), I’ll probably still be iffy about being around but I am here and may start posting things soon so!

Please don’t worry too much, k! :3

This journal was honestly a long time coming, but I’m taking a break from dA, the last thing that made me get on everyday is gone. 

I have no reason to do anything on here anymore, so.

All my creatures and stories are frozen, maybe when I have the time or energy I’ll come back, I just don’t know at this point.

This is by no means a dead account and art theft will be reported to me by close friends.

See y’all later...



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