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Dancing In The Dark

Model: me
Photo: idaniphotography :heart:

january 2015.

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I have seen many photos of this ilk, but I love the emotion captured and the amount of body and contrast in this piece. Gorgeous model and beautiful work :thumbsup:
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i am sorry but i have to say, i think you're (Daniel) editing the photos too much. i imagine they would be already good enough with less editing.
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Wow. Absolutely perfect pale skin. :)
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This image is amazing!  
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Absolutely lovely!!!! :iconinloveplz:
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Beautiful as always
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I feel like an ass for saying so given all that the photo features...but you appear to have some seriously long fingers.  Just saying.  Great photo.  You are always beautiful.  Kudos to you & the photographers you choose to work with. 
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yes, I do have long fingers.But it is also from the lens distortion.Thank you!
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Was just a bit of a shock since you have such a small frame.  A big fan of your work for quite some time.  You are a beautiful model.  You're welcome.  :)
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As always simply Gorgeous. Beautiful shot and the lovely model Aisii
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love it, insta fav
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Love the emotions you bring to your work. Thank You
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