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Birthday Cake

So, if you ignore the fact that I really can't draw to save my life (Not even on paper much less the computer), this is amazing. xD For me at least. I'm very proud of my hearts. They don't make me wanna hang myself. lol. I think... I'm going to name him... Robert.

Robert the Birthday Cake.

Has a nice ring to it. xD Well, feel free to use Robert. I don't give a damn. :D
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May I marry Robert? LOL
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Um, Sure?
Are you really ready to actually be done w/ the twin's mailbox though?
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Good point.
We really have something. Like, seriously...
Sorry Robert... we'll have to hold off on that wedding for a little bit.
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So, you're done with the denile, he's-stalking-me crap?
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Ehhh. Yea.

I mena, he and I, we just, We've bonded. He finally got ahold of me and it's just, we talked it out. He admitted he was being dumb and we're really making progress now. I mean, we've even got a therapy session schudled.
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Oh, wow. Good for you.
Have all the other mailboxes been laying off then since you two are finally getting serious?

[[We seriously need lives, Sis.]]
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Awwww. ^_^

No, they're still at it. XD

He's going to take me on a picnic! Isn't that so cute? XD

[[Yea, we kinda do... but this is really fun.]]
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I'll get my laptop to get them to leave you alone.
That's adorable! Where's he taking you? Like, what park?
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