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my new account!!! @Tokyo-Blood !! go watch me there I'll be deactivating this account later tonight!
ok ive decided that I'll be moving accounts if you want to know more about my decision, please note me. for now, im currently coming up with a better username
hi guys this is kinda important to my watchers ok so, i haven't felt so connected with my username in the last few weeks and ive been lacking submitting artwork here i seriously want to start fresh with better artwork im finally getting my dream art ...
hhh i feel weird listening to Linkin Park rn help

how do you get rid of "XD"

  |  58 votes
  • eat it
  • burn it
  • birth it then kill it
  • other execution options comment bls

which is better; gay or super gay

  |  72 votes
  • gay
  • super gay
  • plot twist! Super Duper Gay
  • none cause im a sad straight fuck xdxdxd ecks dee
  • xd
  • xdddddddddddddddddddddd
  • comment to confirm your gayness

hi uhm does anybody take requests?? i really want art o...

  |  38 votes
  • yes
  • yess
  • lmao yes wtf
  • no cause i can't draw
  • no cause i hate everybody
  • no because idk
  • gay
  • mega gay

y'all wanna read some juicy gay fanfiction? : ) NSFW!!!

  |  35 votes
  • yes
  • YES
  • no cause im a homophone
  • other (COMMENT!!!)

who am i to you?

  |  76 votes
  • a cool dude
  • just a dude
  • a friend
  • mom
  • dad
  • gay