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my female Bilbo Baggins cosplay

this is my female Bilbo cosplay, It took me about 2-3 months to finish it (I searched for the fx sting sword for 5 months >_<)
if you want to reblog it on tumblr here's a link to the post:…

SO YEAH, this picture was taken on castlefest 2013 by Chris Van de Weerd, I'm also going to the elf fantasy fair this year :)
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Great Cosplay! Love it!
BEST cosplay costume ever! "Drop the dishes, break the plates, that's what Bilbo Baggins hates, so carefully, carefully with the plates!"
I love you, I love you, I love you! Please marry me and have my babies, with hairy toes. We can live underground forever at Bag End and drink tea and read books. Love, Robert
This is a perfect portrait of my character "Elsina Tagsworth" who I use in an RPG event for kids where we follow basically the same adventure as The Hobbit but it is Elsina Tagsworth recruiting dwarves to follow Bilbo's path to Smaug's mountain. They get in and out with some of the treasure without Bilbo even noticing they passed by!
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Your cosplay is SOOOOO adorable! It actually makes me really want to see a version of The Hobbit where Bilbo is a woman, now… :happybounce: 

In all seriousness, though. I think it's great how you were able to embrace such a cool concept and run with it! I can totally tell it's Bilbo, but you've added some spunk and personality that he didn't have (not in a bad way, I still LOVE the book to pieces) previously.

I like the feet, too. That's a nice detail. Wink/Razz 
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do you have problem if I draw this picture?
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Yo so I'm going as female Bilbo for Halloween and I was interested in how you did the feet for this cosplay? I see you're wearing ballerina flats, but how did you do the toes on the front? Is it just rubber Hobbit feet over flats? Thanks in advance if you reply!
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Bianca Baggins sounds nice...
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Hah! Awesome! I wish Mr.Baggins had looked like this in the movie.
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...Delightfully adorable take on the Hobbit! :)
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Great make a nice Bilbo..or would it be Bilbette ;)...cheers.
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You are an awesome Bilbo!

I don't know if you're already aware, but I found your picture because A Mighty Girl featured it on their Facebook page. (:…
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aww thank you so much that just made my day 100 times better! <3
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I just found you through the same post and shared it along on facebook.  Very cool concept to go with an awesome story.  As I said in my post, I wish I'd thought to gender swap some of the parade of white boys in required reading in school.  I don't have anything against male protagonists, but we never read any books about minorities, whether gender minorities or colour/ethnic minorities.  I almost started hating reading until I found my way into the adult sections, starting with "scary" books like RL Stine pre-Goosebumps, but not really taking off until I found out there was an entire section devoted to stories like my favourite picture books as a little kid (fantasy).  Tarma and Kethry from the Oathbreakers trilogy definitely turned me into a permanent bookworm.

Anywho, paired with that story, you kind of embody something important to me now because they're right.  A female Bilbo would be an awesome role-model and is women in fiction done right (ie painted as human first).
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it took me a while to come up with a good response to this, and I thought about it for and here it goes, this comment means alot to me and after seeing my cosplay on the "mighty girl" page I started to think deeply about my genderbend cosplay and what it actually embodies, I recently went to a fair in the netherlands dressed as female thor and I noticed my female cosplay started discussions and I found that very interesting and kind of honoring even though some discussions were negative, alot of people ebrased the idea of a female thor, little kids also did and some grown ups hated the idea, what I'm trying to say is.. thank you, for taking your time to write that, I thank you for sharing this with me and taking your time to do so

I hope you have a lovely day and really, thank you.
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I'm touched you took my comment so seriously :D  Every comment I leave is 100% earnest and I kinda try to counter-troll the internet, leaving authentic compliments anywhere and everywhere.  Occasionally friends look at me strange for leaving long and open comments like I did here, but every time someone responds with equally honest and open appreciation makes my day right back.  I usually end up having to look back at the comment thread after awhile though to remember exactly what I said, because while it is completely honest, I also have a bad memory lol.  As such, I wasn't impatiently waiting a response.  If I get one, it's nice, if I get one like this, it's awesome, if I don't, I feel good enough that I'm counter-trolling...which should have its own've just been rainbowed?  Sounds LGBT specific...butterflyed?  Snuzzled?  Sunlit (sunlight turns trolls to stone in middle earth, right?)?  I don't know!  I'm being pretty random right now hehe.

Either way, I'm very glad my comment meant something to you and I'm touched that it meant that much to you.  Responses like this just encourage me to sprinkle more honest compliments around the web, even when I have to battle toe-to-toe with a troll. :D
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this is AWESOME!!! Super badass-looking, fem!Bilbo rocks :)
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I admire any woman who dresses up as a fem!Bilbo (rule 63 people!!) and this costume is amazing!!
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Thank you so much dear!
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How do you not FALL? I mean your pose looks... unstable!
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With a lot of hobbit courage ;)
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Everytime I look at this it just amazes me what hobbit courage can do.
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You did a fantastic job!
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