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Tamaki Suoh by aisemicr Tamaki Suoh by aisemicr
"Wherever I am, I'm still me. And I'm positive that this great big family that nothing can break will someday..."

I've been wanting to do fanart for a while now but haven't really done so. One of my main problems was making sure the person is recognizable as the person they're suppose to be while keeping my style in it. Looking back, there are some spots were I should've put a bit more of Bisco's style into (I have a habit of making the shoulders to narrow, even for girls, and also not trying enough to make it look like Tamaki made it look awkward at some parts) but overall I like it.

This originally started as a sketch, which is why I went into my generic 3/4 angle pose. orz Sorry guys, I'll work on that next time!

In case you do not already know, Tamaki is from Ouran High School Host Club.
butterflychild-ren Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011  Student Digital Artist
This is AWESOME! How do you like the tablet? I really like how you do eyes! 0o0 Teach me! >.<
aisemicr Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2011
Hey, thanks! 8D And I'm liking my tablet pretty much, although I'm still doing all of my sketches on paper. I need to get a little more control on the tablet before I'm doing actual sketches on it.

Lol, if you want we should go on iScribble some time! We can show each other our techniques. XD
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