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"So, this is what you spend all of your time on..."

This was put together in no particle order... well, just what I thought looked nice.

Sunhine/Hidamari Sketch: This would have to be my favorite 4-paneler, and possibly my favorite series of all time. This series is about a girl named Yuno who starts going to Yamabuki Art High School, and she becomes friends with the other girls who live in the Hidamari Apartment Complex.

Ouran High school Host Club: I remember when I finally got the 1st book at ACEN after watching some of the anime. I really like all of the characters and I like how even in deep, serious parts there's still some good humor. I'm sure most people are already familiar with this, but basically it's about a common girl named Haruhi who gets to go to a fancy rich kid high school (Ouran) on a scholarship. After breaking a $80,000 vase she is forced to join the school's Host Club" to pay off her debt.

Azumanga Daioh: This was the first 4-panel manga I ever read, and I gave it a chance because the mangaka also made Yotsuba&!. The main character is a child prodigy, named Chiyo. She goes to high school, and the series follows her and her friends through their 3 years of high school.

Yotsuba&!: This was actually the first manga I ever read, 6 years ago. the main character is Yotsuba, a 5 year old girl who just moved to a new neighborhood. A lot of the story is about her adventures, especially with her next door neighbors. This is a very relaxed, slice of life manga.

Foxtrot: I wanted to show that I'm not just manga, I like American comic strips as well, so I decided to put this in. Although Foxtrot is now Sunday papers only, I enjoy reading it every week. Hard to summarize, but it's about the lives of the Fox family.

D.N.Angel: This is different from the type of manga I normally read, but I still really enjoy this series. It's hard for me to summarize the plot, but basically the story revolves around the character Daisuke, who has a curse.

Ultra Maniac: This story begins with an 8th grade girl named Ayu, who meets a girl studying magic, named Nina. In the beginning, the series is more about the situations that magic got them into. Towards the end it's more about relationships, and situations that they got out of through magic.

Lucky☆Star: This series is so popular, I don't feel much of a need to talk about it. This is a 4-paneler that concentrates on an otaku named Konata and her friends etc. etc. This book has a lot of real life references.

As I read more series, I may end up changing this. Or maybe not. But I will scrap this eventually.

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You have good taste in comics XD
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butterflychild-ren|Student Digital Artist
Ahhh~ D.N.Angel!! That's awesome~~
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Yeah. 8D Thank you for introducing me to it! and lending me the books...
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