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Back from the cottage! I hast time to work!!!.....After me's nappy's I'm sooooo tired...... :P and yes commissions are still open :D
Commission Form

Type: (Icon 50x50, icon 100x50, head shotetc.)
Digital or traditional or pixel
Animated: (Yes or no)
Motion(s): (Kicking a rock)
description of character or link to ref
max cost for you? (So I Know before designing a motion piece)

Writing piece form is under the fanfiction commissions

Please fill this out it makes things a lot easy for both you and me :)

Pixel Art Commissions

50 x 50 pixels - 1-2 :points:
Moving - plus 2:points: per frame
Examples: Hearts icon by Airy-Styles Heart banner by Airy-Styles Heart sparkle by Airy-Styles Teddy Bear by Airy-Styles Hamster eating cookie Icon by Airy-Styles Espada Six Tattoo by Airy-Styles Moon by Airy-Styles Rose Heart by Airy-Styles Rose Heart Blue by Airy-Styles Boucning Kitty 1 by Airy-Styles boucening pink blob 1 by Airy-Styles Boucning blue blob 1 by Airy-Styles

100 x 100 pixels - 3-4:points:
Moving: plus 3:points: per frame
Example: Gem Sparkle by Airy-Styles Beat Pumping by Airy-Styles Kitty by Airy-Styles

100 x 50 pixels - 3-4:points:
Moving: plus 3:points: per frame
Examples: GrimmjowXDJaggerjack Icon - I'm working on it by Airy-Styles Grimm Xd Icon by Airy-Styles Stamp border 1 by Airy-Styles Apple divider by Airy-Styles Apple banner 4 by Airy-Styles Apples Banner 3 by Airy-Styles

Feel free to ask for other sizes and I'll give you a price.

Icons & Signatures
50 x 50
1 photo Icon - 1:points:
2 phot Icon - 2:points:
3 Photo Icon - 3:points:
add another photo for 1:point: each
Example: Flower Icon by Airy-Styles

200 x 100
1 photo Icon 5:points:
add photo for 1:points: each
Get button coding for free
Examples: Seireitei button by Airy-Styles Important notices buttons by Airy-Styles Vizard Warehouse button by Airy-Styles Main Locations button by Airy-Styles

5-15:points: depending on what you want
Examples: Ulquiorra signature by Airy-Styles crescent moon sig by Airy-Styles Orhime Inoue Signature by Airy-Styles Ryu Rain Kaz Rain signature by Airy-Styles

Note: I type about 1,000 words an hour. I will do multi chapter Fanfics
1,000 words - 20:points:
2,000 words - 40:points:
3,000 words - 60:points:
4,000 words - 80:points:
5,000 words - 100:points:


Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Pairing(If there is one):
Main Characters:
Minor Character:
Main location:
Number of chapters:
Number of words per chapter:

I will write Yaoi, action, romance, adventure and will try pretty much anything :P
Anime I know well: Bleach, Ouran High School Host Club, Dead Man Wonderland, Fairy Tail, One Peice and Darrara

Anime Commissions
One Character
Head Shot - 2:points:
Medium Shot -3:points:
Long Shot - 5:points:
+baclground for 2:points:
+Second = double the price

Digital Inked
Head Shot - 3:points:
Medium Shot - 5:points:
Long Shot - 10:points:
+background for 3:points:
+Second = double the price

Digital Coloured
Head Shot - 4:points:
Medium Shot - 10:points:
Long Shot - 14:points:
+background for 5:points:
+Second = double the price

Examples: Hey Baby by Airy-Styles Kittens Love Him And He Loves Kittens by Airy-Styles Grimmjow Hybrid by Airy-Styles Grimmjow Jaggerjack by Airy-Styles Danca Wizard of Flame by Airy-Styles Kurosogi Shirogane - Bleach OC by Airy-Styles Bleach OC, Shearia Valin Coloured by Airy-Styles

feline - 3:points:
canine - 4:points:
dragon - 6:points:
horse - 6:points:
peguses/unicorn: 10:points:
bird - 4:points:
other - 5-15:points:

linart - 5-10:points:

examples: Mini Cat Demon for wolftales1 by Airy-Styles Mini Wolf Demon for Mary-07 by Airy-Styles Fluffy Pup  for Mary-07 by Airy-Styles Mini Demon Unicorn for Miss-Cupcake1102 by Airy-Styles Three Tailed  ferret Demon sold to lpssparkle123 by Airy-Styles Winged Unicorn sold to Moskaluke by Airy-Styles Fox Egg Hatchling for ReiSanada by Airy-Styles Purple Dragon hachling for riverhart by Airy-Styles Wolf pup Adoptable sold to KuroToraWolf by Airy-Styles

I will Also take 5 Requests at this time
1. AppleLora
2. SeimeiTokoto

Comment below if you would like something or just have something you would like to say :D
© 2012 - 2021 Airy-Styles
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J3DK4's avatar
can i have a long digital coloured picture of my bleach OC please?


Small description so you know the colours

Appearance: Golden Blonde Shaggy Hair And Blue Eyes. Wears A Normal Shinigami Robes, Also Wears A Sleeveless Captains Robe. Also Wears Bandages On His Hands That Sometimes Loosen And Hang Down.
Airy-Styles's avatar
I have new commission info that is my new prices sooo [link]
SuperK123's avatar
can I have a unicorn mini demon?

picture description:
white fadeing into black with yellow/blonde hair
Airy-Styles's avatar
Sure I'll post it up on my other account though
Adopt account: ~Hechura-Islands-don
SuperK123's avatar
Elicia1016's avatar
thanks for the favs
Airy-Styles's avatar
np problem great works :)
the12th-doctor's avatar
Can you do an animated BBC Sherlock and John (together in an icon) pixel icon?
the12th-doctor's avatar
Yup. And I happen to watch it now.
Airy-Styles's avatar
I see I can do my best what motions would you like other wise I can't tell you the final cost of the icon 50x50 :)
the12th-doctor's avatar
Well maybe it's John sitting down and then Sherlock shoos him off and then something else for the cycle to repeat?
Airy-Styles's avatar
So john takes a seat, sherlock shooes him off the chair then john crosses his arms and looks away?

Also how much are you will to pay because each frame is an extra 2:points: on top of the starting 2:points:?
the12th-doctor's avatar
Yeah. Then maybe John leaves and Sherlock sits and the cycle repeats?

Up to you, just make it look great, I don't mind using a lot of points.
Airy-Styles's avatar
okay then I'll do my best

and is this pixel or would like the hamster be okay?
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DigiTamerKodi's avatar
was wondering do you think you could do a bouncing sugar glider? (would be 4 points i think if im looking at the right pricing?) :]
Airy-Styles's avatar
bouncing sugar glider? I'll let you know once I know what that is exactly
Airy-Styles's avatar
okay. So is this an icon 50x50 and you want the glider bouncing?
DigiTamerKodi's avatar
Airy-Styles's avatar
You thinking something like this? [link]
Airy-Styles's avatar
okay for that the cost would be 2:points: + 2(#frames)

#frames = 4

so total cost would be 10:points:
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SeekingNostalgia's avatar
Just curious, do you draw animals like wolves or do you just do adopts?
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