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Harem Celine by Airrider1
Mature content
Harem Celine :iconairrider1:Airrider1 11 5
Mature content
Mastery :iconairrider1:Airrider1 14 3
With Zero Incentive Or Reward...
Game: Victory: The Age of Racing
Developer: Vae Victis
Release Date: February 10, 2014
Platform: PC
I am a racer. Perhaps, I will always be a racer. Not in fact, maybe, but in fantasy, at least. I'll always be a racer. That's probably why racing games are always important to me. It's one thing to watch people race, but getting to despite being hours away from a racetrack and having none of the money or infrastructure to actually go racing makes it all better. I've got a connection to all those people who race on any given weekend in any given class. Someone, somewhere, is racing, and so am I.
Note the really important word there, though: "people." Not one person ripping around on a track; where's the fun in that if there's nobody to stick your mad skills to?
Yeah, at the end of the day, a racing game, I think, lives or dies on the experience of racing against others. It's why I'm not a big fan of all those infinite tunnel racers. I want the feeling of getting on the track with others a
:iconairrider1:Airrider1 4 0
Serstine Biology At A Glance
Basic Overview:
The Serstine people are largely cyborgs, radical conversions that seem to discard and alter everything save for most of the head, neck and spine. Their design choices are to allow extreme flight, enhanced strength and the ability to project and use plasma, which they are powered by. Becoming one of these cyborgs is considered the Serstine passage into adulthood.
Extra abilities:
All Serstine are capable of flight, with extreme behavior involving the ability to equip themselves to dive from orbit due to plasma-powered thrusters installed on every Serstine's body. They are also capable of taking extreme G-forces to allow them to fly, float, accelerate, turn and stop extremely suddenly.
Extreme Biological adaptations:
Un-augmented Serstine are subtly hardened for a life wandering the stars, and the cyborgs are the most extreme adaptation to this sort of lifestyle. They are immune to the effects of long-term microgr
:iconairrider1:Airrider1 5 0
Serstine Force Declaration
8 x Barzakh-class supercarrier
4 x Irkalla-class battlecarrier
Lightcaster Ships:
8 x Mag Mell-class lightcaster ship
10 x Tartarus-class dreadnought
20 x Hel-class battleship
10 x Niflhel-class fire support battleship
Battle Cruisers:
30 x Nibiru-class battlecruiser
10 x Yetzirah-class carrier
Heavy Cruisers:
15 x Musphelheim-class heavy cruiser
10 x Niflheim-class missile cruiser
30 x Meropis-class cruiser
Assault Carriers:
10 x Elysian-class assault carrier
30 x Kvenland-class destroyer
20 x Nysa-class heavy destroyer
Escort Carriers:
35 x Lemuria-class escort carrier
:iconairrider1:Airrider1 3 0
The Wanderers of Serstine
The Wanderers of Serstine
Date of Founding: UEC (Uplift Era Calendar) 0
Majority Species: Humans, cyborgs
Culture: The Wanderers are broken up into a clan structure which favors individual merit and intellectualism: those who show the ability and knowledge will thrive in the clans, and will be trusted to lead. Personal responsibility is a priority in Wanderer culture: the ability of those who follow is only as good as the ability of those who lead.
Their culture is also extremely pragmatic, abhorring anything seen as non-functional or extraneous, despite a cultural aesthetic full of bright, loud colors, obsessively-polished cybernetics with thrusters attached and long, sharp wings. These are seen as essential to their lives and the performance of their frames.
Flag: A midnight blue/near-black flag with tiny flecks of reflective material meant to emulate stars. In the center is a sun with a pattern made up of eight interlocking rings inside it.
:iconairrider1:Airrider1 5 0
Ancerious: Rain Elduranda by Airrider1 Ancerious: Rain Elduranda :iconairrider1:Airrider1 31 9 Maion And Celine by Airrider1 Maion And Celine :iconairrider1:Airrider1 6 1 KISSU KIS-F88 by Airrider1 KISSU KIS-F88 :iconairrider1:Airrider1 3 3 More Sketchdumping: Ariadne by Airrider1 More Sketchdumping: Ariadne :iconairrider1:Airrider1 6 0 Sketchdump: Aura Surfers, Part II by Airrider1 Sketchdump: Aura Surfers, Part II :iconairrider1:Airrider1 3 0 Sketchdump: Aura Surfers, Part I by Airrider1 Sketchdump: Aura Surfers, Part I :iconairrider1:Airrider1 4 0 Sketchdump: Michele Asselin by Airrider1 Sketchdump: Michele Asselin :iconairrider1:Airrider1 1 1 Sketchdump: Gabriela Ceara by Airrider1 Sketchdump: Gabriela Ceara :iconairrider1:Airrider1 2 0 Sketchdump: Henrietta Von Himmel by Airrider1 Sketchdump: Henrietta Von Himmel :iconairrider1:Airrider1 1 1 Sketchdump: Zoraida Pacheco by Airrider1 Sketchdump: Zoraida Pacheco :iconairrider1:Airrider1 1 1


Max Bond by jam-orbital
Mature content
Max Bond :iconjam-orbital:jam-orbital 1,403 54
Pink Sapphire by Raver1357 Pink Sapphire :iconraver1357:Raver1357 99 1 PT : Bound Freya by kachima
Mature content
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So, I've been giving serious thought to creating another dA page for Formula Magica, and moving stuff related to just that there.

I've realized that what I'm making with that isn't going to be, y'know, all fetishy and stuff, so I think it's best if I give it a page to stand alone with.

What's everybody think? I mean, I know there's going to be the odd moments with the really ecchi-cheesecake-y-looking characters, but I'd rather distance it from the more blatantly risque stuff I serve up here myself. And believe me, that stuff will stay here, I'm not going anywhere with that, it's just that these days I'm expanding my horizons a bit and some fresh shores are in order.

That's my thought on the matter, anyway.
  • Watching: Scott Manley


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