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The new Avatar is the only one capable of bringing peace and balance to the world.

Book Metal Chapter 12 by AirMasterParker
Air by AirMasterParker

–“The Air Nation is the best.”– Said Zeick.

Kensi, Bultina, Kosen and Tao’s pupils widened.

–“For a new world peace order.”– They said, unanimously.

Eventually, the four controlled friends charged against Shaila, Nikumi, and the Tetramasters. Iruka blocked Kensi’s water attack, apparently he had his water pouch charged again, and Leo blocked Kosen’s metallic punch with an air punch. Tan blocked head on both Tao and Bultina.

–GUYS!! – Called Shaila worried.

–Don’t worry; you two can face the other ones. – Tan jokingly said as he avoided being touched by Bultina.

–We’ll keep them busy. – Said Iruka, as Kensi and him waterbended water tendrils against each other.

Shaila hesitated as Zeick and Deyek charged with water and fire.

–Don't think you can beat us. –

–Well, time to beat some teenagers. – She prepared plasma spheres on her hands. –HYAAA!!! –

–LET’S GO BROTHER!! – Said Deyek.

Shaila shot a huge plasma ray towards them. Zeick and Deyek weren’t expecting that.

–DOWN!! – Warned Zeick.

They both quickly dropped down to the floor, and the plasma ray passed right next to them, and melted the metal through five walls behind them. Both Zeick and Deyek couldn't believe what they had seen.

–What the…? – Wondered Deyek in amazement.

–Say hello to my new sub-style: plasmabending! – She cheered, with a smirk.

Nikumi growled in agreement.

–Dammit, I’ll show you a rare substyle! – Zeick started to inhale some air.

–Wait! You can’t use your sub-styles here! – Said Deyek.

Zeick realized it.

–Damn, you’re right. –

Shaila prepared to strike again.

–This is going to be an interesting fight. – She said as Nikumi rode with her.

Water by AirMasterParker

Hikar was fully enraged, the syringe went right to the wall and it broke.

–Impossible! – Exclaimed Yurei.

–GRRRRR!!! –

Hikar kept roaring as the metallic bindings started to break, but they were being lifted; the Red Lotus sentries stepped back as they saw their enemy unlocking metalbending.

–THIS WASN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!!! – Screamed one of the sentries.

Yurei heard that and got a shiver. Hikar jumped out of the bed, and metalbended the metallic pieces that had tied him, right to the sentries, knocking them out, except Yurei.

–GAH!! UNH!! – The sentries collapsed.

One of them tried to metalbend the bind away, and another to firebend it, but Hikar’s Avatar-level bending was stronger. Yurei felt intimidated.

–I didn’t want to get to this point. – Said Yurei.

He pulled out a gun, which was filled with small syringes. He clicked the trigger, and it shot one to Hikar. Hikar metalbended a metallic piece of the floor, and stopped it in mid air, blocking the syringe. Yurei was surprised.

–HRRRRGGG!!! – Hikar was in a raging mode.

He got in an earthbending position, and started to pull his fists backwards. Yurei was about to shoot another of the syringes, but a metallic plate hit him in the hand, dropping the syringe gun on the floor, and breaking it.

–NNGG!! – Winced Yurei.

Metallic plates started to rotate around Hikar.

–What is going on? – Yurei wasn’t expecting anything of the sort.

The plates started to hit and stuck on Hikar, crafting slowly a body armor around his bare skin and underwear. One went to the shoulder, another to the tight, one more to the pectoral, and on, and on, until one plate hit him in the face, losing a bit of balance backwards. Yurei still had no idea what he was about to do. Hikar leaned back upwards, showing his terrifying glowing eyes through an eye indent on his own-made armor.

–RAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! – Roared Hikar.

Yurei leaned over and escaped hovering on an air scooter through one of the corridors. Hikar stared at him go, and he started to shoot fire from his feet, propelling himself in a blast.

Metal by AirMasterParker

Shaila and Nikumi were chasing Zeick and Deyek in the corridors around where the confrontation with a drugged Team Avatar was taking place. Until she had them cornered.

–You give up already? I’m not one of those who kill without a reason, even less kids whose mom is worried for. – She said, as she charged a lightning.

Zeick and Deyek were out of possibilities. Zeick tried to firebend at Shaila, but she just repelled it back, shocking the brothers.

–Way to go young lady. – Said Tan as he avoided another chi block from Bultina.

Tan got Tao’s fist, which was about to strike from behind, and twisted it.

–Sorry buddy, I had to. –Said Tan.

Before he knew it, a katana went through his leg.

–ARGH! – Winced Tan.

He avoided more of the punches and attacks with firebending, but he had to retreat with firebending.

–I’m okay, just a scratch. – He said as he took the katana out of his leg. –I had worse. –

Leo was still avoiding many of the metallic shots of Kosen.

–Whoa, easy girl. Thank the spirits you’re not that fast. – Said Leo as he casually avoided more flying metal plates. –Now seriously, you’re a great metalbender, keep it up.

Iruka and Kensi had both water whips around their arms, dragging themselves towards each other, seeing who was going to be the dominant one.

–Kensi! Go back to yourself!! You can’t be this weak to let yourself be controlled! – Said Iruka.

Kensi was unexpressive, wasn’t feeling anything at all while subduing Iruka down. Iruka was loosing the battle against his prodigy student.

–Nnnnnrgh…wait. – Iruka had an idea.

He immediately twisted the water tendrils to go around Kensi, and they turned golden bright, as Iruka spiritbent. Kensi immediately started to get dizzy, and he saw images of a pair of fishes, swimming like the Yin and Yang.

He woke up and realized what was happening.

–Sensei? What are you doing here? What’s going on? – He asked.

–You where kind of in a hypnotic state, and you were about to kill me. – Said Iruka.

–Oh really? – Kensi started to get dizzy, and fell on his knees. –Whoa. I don’t feel really good. –

Iruka got him before he fell down.

–It’s okay. Tell me everything; I’ll keep you covered. – He said.

Shaila and Nikumi were subduing Zeick and Deyek.

–Why did you join the Red Lotus? – She asked.

–Why should I tell you? – Said Deyek.

–We wanted to become strong; we wanted to change this world. You happy? – Said Zeick.

Shaila got startled.

–Why change the world, isn’t it fine as it is right now? –

–Dad is the only one who can change the world. He’s wiser than anybody in the world; he demonstrated he’s better than the original airbenders. – He explained.

–If we trust the knowledge of the Air Nation to everyone, everyone will be like that. Can’t you see? The Air Nomad Philosophy is the true key for peace to the world. If everyone thought the same way, no one would enter in conflict. – Said Deyek.

–In that case, why not join the Air Nation as an Air Acolyte? – She said.

The brothers were startled.

–Everyone can join the Air Nation, and what you’ve stated is VERY true. In fact…– Leo explained as he avoided another metal plate of Kosen. –…We believe there can be equality for all, that people should live without divisions in society…– He avoided another attack. –…That even same-sex relationship can be a normal part of not just Air Nomad culture…– Leo looked at Iruka and Kensi as he avoided another attack. –…But also from the world. –

Deyek didn’t know how to react, and suddenly, he snapped. Nikumi, Shaila, and everybody in the room got in his bloodbending grip, even Zeick. Everyone was in pain, except Bultina, Kosen and Tao, who didn’t seem really bothered. Deyek had both his hands in a grip position.


–GAHHH!!! – Shaila winced, and Nikumi growled in pain.

–Painful huh?! – Said Deyek, crazy.

–AAAGGHHH!! Deyek!! Stop, you’re hurting me! – Winced Zeick, but Deyek didn’t seem to listen.

–NNGGGHH!! – Kensi winced as he forcibly tried to get loose of the grip.

–HA!! You said once that you’re the “World’s Greatest Waterbender”? PATHETIC!! – Said Deyek.

At the sight of those words, Kensi started to get up, slowly getting free of Deyek’s grip by himself, and he was immediately walking by himself.

–You saying? – Said Kensi.

Kensi was taking precise, unforced steps right towards the young bloodbender. No one could believe what was happening. Deyek was desperately trying to stop him with his bloodbending.

–STOP!! YOU-, YOU-, YOU SHOULDN’T…BE ABLE TO-! – Deyek was interrupted.

Kensi had his hand right in front of him, like he was gripping something in front. Everyone suddenly felt free from Deyek’s grip, everyone except Zeick, and, surprisingly, Deyek.

–GAH!! – Deyek winced, both in pain and terror.

–Hurts, huh? – Said Kensi, serious.

–Kensi…– Iruka looked terrified.

–You can…bloodbend? – Said Shaila.

Fire by AirMasterParker

Meanwhile, somewhere through the western forest, in the ancient ruins of Taku, a group of ten United Forces trucks was rushing towards the east, where the Red Lotus had its base. In one of them, Captain Tetsu was driving, as Takeyon Silverfox was sitting in the co-pilot’s spot, and Sterkur Firestone was sitting right behind, anxious.

–How much left? – He said nervous.

–The GPS says its half hour at this rate, but don’t worry, we’ll get there. And once we arrive, we’ll get all the Red Lotus files that are compiled inside the main hardware. –

–Once done that, the Red Lotus will be done once and for all. – Said Captain Tetsu.

–Don’t you mean revive the White Lotus? –

Captain Tetsu kept being focused on the road. And he replied:

–The White Lotus should be no more as well. It will be all over again, the anarchist movement, vs. the Unitarians. Sorry Mr. Firestone, but we can’t risk another civil war. And for that reason, both the Red and White Lotus will be declared officially disbanded, for good. –

Air by AirMasterParker

In a technical room, filled with computers, Zhasha was talking to a black-haired middle-aged man, who apparently was getting a suitcase.

–Does this have what he asked? – She said.

–All the samples he wanted from him. Just as planned. – Said Zhasha.

The mysterious woman opened the cartridge, and saw blood samples, and pen drives.

–All of the information is there? – She said.

–All of what I recollected in the process. –

Zhasha leaned to her ear, with her mischievously arrogant smile and whispered:

–Not a single word to my brother about this. – She said.

–No worries. – She said, showing her threatening yellow eyes.

The woman left a money suitcase as she left the room.

–Sweet. – Said Zhasha, with a smirk.

Immediately, she heard a blast, and turned to the security cameras, and saw Yurei quickly hovering through a corridor, as he threw some air punches to Hikar, who was blazing from behind at great speed.

–Dang it brother. – She said, annoyed, as she clicked a button.

As Yurei hovered through an open door, an alarm sounded, and closed the door behind him, leaving Hikar behind the thick door. Yurei looked at the sealed door with the Red Lotus insignia printed on it. And then he looked at the camera.

–Thank you, keep him busy, he can metalbend. – He said.

Yurei propel himself upwards to the main window above him, and he broke through it with his airbending.

Zhasha clicked a couple more buttons for more doors to retain Hikar, with a worried but surprised expression in her face.

–He unlocks it NOW? That’s ridiculous; it’s like in that bad movie of Avatar Aang!! – She said.

Suddenly, she heard from the same screen a bang, and another…

And another…


The metallic door with the red insignia was starting to show a new deformation in each bang. Each time, the Red Lotus insignia was getting more and more deformed, the same way the Red Lotus was falling at that time.

Eventually, the door fell with a louder bang, and in the dark, Hikar’s white eyes glowed again. And he sent a deadly look to the direction Yurei had just went to.

–What? He’s made it through the eight capes already?? – Said Zhasha amazed.

–RAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! –Roared Hikar from the screen, as all the metal in the room collapsed, and the image went down in buzzes.

–Dang brother, you should run, but like to the Fire Nation. – She said, slightly concerned.

She took a look to the screen and saw how Kensi was bloodbending Zeick and Deyek. Zhasha slammed the desk in misbelief.

–IMPOSSIBLE! HOW DID HE ESCAPE THE CONTROL? – Zhasha was getting ticked off.​​​

Water by AirMasterParker

–Please, have mercy! – Said Zeick, still paralyzed in Kensi’s grip.

–Killing kids is not in my personal rules. But tell me, why did you left your mother? And don’t tell me it’s because you believe in your father’s “Air Nation World”. –

Zeick and Deyek didn’t know how to reply to that question, they weren’t sure what to answer.

–We, were sure of dad’s words, he’s only of the few new airbenders who acquired the master tattoos by his own sweat, which MEANS something. Dad is on the wisest persons in the world, and by far he’s the only one who knows what is best for the world after what his been through. – Said Zeick.

–Really, assaulting people, and making them do what you want by force? Like in Air Temple Island? The Air Nomad’s philosophy doesn’t consist in forcing people to join the Air Nation, as far as I know. – Said Shaila.

–That’s correct. – Said Leo. –We love people following our traditions, even if they’re not Air Acolytes. But if everyone followed them, it would stop being a tradition, but a general custom, and other cultures could disappear. That’s not what we want. –

Iruka leaned to them.

–But you know what’s the saddest thing? You have admired and praised and followed your dad these years, but you didn’t even care about what your mom has done for you at all. – Said Iruka.

Zeick and Deyek had tears in their eyes, just, trying to deny the sad truth.

–I think that’s been enough. – Said Kensi.

He let them free of the grip, and they both suddenly collapsed.

–Whoa! Why did you knock them out? – Asked Iruka.

–I didn’t do that on purpose, must be a bloodbending thing. – He apologized.

Tao, Bultina and Kosen got up, who had been knocked out because of the grip before, and charged back at it again to the Tetramasters, brainwashed. Tan blocked Tao, as Leo dealt with Bultina and Iruka forcibly tried to block Kosen.

–Go help Hikar!! Defeat Zhasha!! We’ll entertain them. – Said Iruka.

Shaila looked concerned. Kensi grabbed her arm, as he waterbent water to his pouch.

–Come on, let’s go! I know where she is! – He said.

Kensi pulled her through a corridor, as they ran towards an unknown destination, followed by Nikumi, who let out a triumphant growl.

Zhasha looked at the screen of the security camera of the corridor, and she sweated in slight worrying.

–I need to get water. – She said.

While Shaila, Kensi and Nikumi were still running.

–But what about Hikar? Where is he? – Said Shaila, worried.

Kensi showed a sarcastic smirk, slightly forced.

–It’s Hikar who we’re talking about. He’ll be fine. – He said with security. –But just to make sure, Nikumi, go to the left, there’s an exit, and I have a feeling he’s outside. –

Nikumi growled in agreement, and went out through the left corridor

–Don’t ask me how I know, because I have no idea. – Said Kensi, as they kept running.

Metal by AirMasterParker

Hikar blasted upwards through the hall’s broken ceiling window, probably done by Yurei. As he rose out of the building, a sudden current of cold air blasted him.

–UHN!! – He winced.

Hikar was thrown to a large metallic storage box in the rooftop, destroying it and leaving a trail. Yurei appeared towards him hovering on a blue Air Spout.

–I told you Hikar, I trained you, I’ve seen your training. I know every single one of your movements. Unless you start basing your fighting style in another method I don’t know. –

Hikar got up from the cluster of metal that was left of the small house, and the pieces of metal started to get back to his body. He rose up his angry, glowing, terrifying eyes back at Yurei, who got intimidated by the sight as Hikar let out a loud groan.

–You’re still injured you shouldn’t conti…– Yurei was interrupted by a blazing red-hot metal.

Hikar was grabbing pieces of metal right to his hand, and a couple more pieces were metalbent around him, as he started to hover over another Air Spout. The pieces in his hand were being heated up by firebending.

–He’s bending three elements at the same time?? – Yurei couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

–RAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! – Hikar roared, again.

He shot more of the heated metal towards his enemy, as he launched more fire from his feet. Yurei desperately tried to keep avoiding, and he managed to avoid most of the heated plates, except for one that slightly touched his moustache. Yurei counterattacked with several air punches and air slices, but he couldn’t stop the killing machine Hikar had turned into.

Fire by AirMasterParker

Aria stepped down from her bed, and looked to her wounded hand. She took off the bandage, and she looked at the skin grafts on her hand, with a sad expression on her face.

–Just why am I doing this? – She asked herself. –Why is the Red Lotus doing this? –

She stepped down the bed, and limped towards the door.

–This madness has to end now. –

Her tattoos glowed for a moment. As she stepped out of the room, still wearing her patient attire.

Air by AirMasterParker

Sterkur and Takeyon jumped out of the truck as they just got to the base. Takeyon reencountered Kimyona and they got ready their metal cables as they launched inside.

–Come on!! Sterkur!! –

–ON IT!! –Sterkur earthbent a pair of rocks towards himself, and he started to make them spin in a lava shuriken.

–Now I’m ready. – He said.

A blast was heard upwards.

–What was that? – Said Captain Tetsu, looking upwards.

The police force saw a couple fire blasts coming from the top of the building, and frequent pieces of hot metal being thrown and retracted. Sterkur suddenly spotted his son Hikar, shooting fire from his feet, covered in bandages and bruises, wearing only a pair of boxers; he couldn’t believe the fact he had entered the Avatar State and he was metalbending heated pieces of metal.

–WE HAVE TO HELP HIKAR!!! – He screamed, desperate.

–We cannot interfere, this is his battle, and your lavabending is no match for Yurei’s cold airbending. – Said Kimyona, holding his shoulder. –But believe me when I say, we have to free Bully, Kosen, and anyone else who might be trapped there. – He had a worried tone on his voice.

–But Hikar…– Sterkur was very concerned.

–Look at him. He’s finally unlocked the Avatar State, and metalbending. Yurei can’t put up to that for too long. – Encouraged Kimyona.

Sterkur looked back up again, and after a short pause contemplating Hikar having the upper hand in that fight, he smiled.

–Keep it up son, I’m very proud of you. – Said Sterkur.

He lavabent his lava shuriken as he entered into the Red Lotus fortress, knocking out every knight he encountered, next to Takeyon and Kimyona.

Water by AirMasterParker

Zhasha looked at the monitors and saw how the police force and the red sentries were having a fight in the entrance, and the Red Lotus didn’t seem to have the upper hand at the moment.

–Those useless sentries. I’m going to have to get there by myself to deal with those. – She said.

–Not so fast. – Said Kensi from her back.

Zhasha immediately felt a grip, which immobilized her body completely.

–UHN!! –She winced.

Kensi helped her turn with his bloodbending.

–That’s right, I unlocked bloodbending, and overpowered your nephew. – He said with a grin. –We win. –

–Now you’re going to release our friends from your mind control. – Said Shaila. –Or else. –

Zhasha let out a grin.

–And what if I don’t? – She said, arrogantly.

–I don’t think you’re in a position to negotiate with us. – Said Kensi, maintaining the grip. –Especially considering that right now I’m in total control of your movements. –

–And I can easily shock you with a lightning right now. – Said Shaila

Zhasha started to laugh.

–Hmm…haha…Hahaha…HAAAHAHAHAHAAA!!!! – Zhasha started to laugh hysterically out loud.

–What’s so funny? – Said Shaila, serious.

–Hahaha. Nothing, but you forgot one important factor. – She said.

Kensi and Shaila were clueless about what she was talking about. Suddenly Zhasha started to move, at her own will. Kensi and Shaila weren’t expecting that, as they were completely astonished.

–I know how to resist bloodbending. – She said with a smirk.

She quickly did a movement, and Kensi’s water from his pouch blurted out and got into Zhasha’s arms, forming tendrils on her.

–YOU’RE ALSO A BLOODBENDER?? – He said, surprised.

–I just know what I need to know to resist the grip. – Said Zhasha.

She charged her water tendril to Kensi and Shaila, as they both tried to avoid them, but they were caught by the feet and thrown to each other.

–GAH!! –Winced both Shaila and Kensi.

Zhasha saw how they were the police force approximating through the hall in the screens.

–Well, time to clear these guys up. – She said.

She cleared the water from her right hand, typed something in the computer.

In the hallway, Sterkur, Takeyon, Kimyona, and several police guards, including Captain Tetsu, were still running and dealing with a couple more sentries. And when they were going through a hall, suddenly glass doors penetrated and started to close, trapping them in between.

–What…what is this? – Asked Captain Tetsu.

Kimyona and a couple more agents tried to break through the glass by metalbending through it, but nothing managed to go through.

–It’s some kind of bulletproof glass. – She said.

–RAAAAAGH!!! – Sterkur roared.

He lavabent his lava shuriken on and on, attempting to break the glass. Sterkur managed to scratch it, and started to slightly melt it.

–NO GLASS SCREEN WILL PUSH ME OFF FROM MY SON!!! – He said as he continued.

–Now I know from where the Avatar has inherited his hotheaded temper. – Said one of the police agents, contemplating an angry Sterkur.

Kensi and Shaila saw that from the screen.

–You witch!! Free them!!! – Roared Shaila.

–Make me. – Said Zhasha, arrogantly.

Zhasha waterbent a tendril towards her, but Shaila managed to block it with her firebending, protecting a knocked out Kensi. Zhasha was about to attack her from behind, but Kensi managed to get in between and get her tendril on his arm, pulling her to him as he froze her arm.

–Whoa!! – Zhasha said as she fell by Kensi’s pull.

–Go Shai, I’ll take her on! – He said.

–Right. – Shaila nodded.

Zhasha tried to stop her, but Kensi just maintained her with his water tendril as they fought for the water’s control.

Metal by AirMasterParker

Hikar threw another pair of heated pieces of metal, and he suddenly felt a pain on his ribs, which made him wince and decay a bit in his flight.

–NRGHH!! – He winced.

Yurei propelled himself back upwards, and he caught of guard Hikar as he threw an air-punch from above, pushing down Hikar.

–You’re still in no condition to fight. I told you, you’ve got six broken ribs. – He said.

Hikar started to fall, still in the Avatar State, and Yurei a sting of terror seeing it was a fatal fall; if Hikar landed in the Avatar State from that height, the Avatar Cycle would be over forever.

–NO! –

Yurei smoothed his air-spout so he could go faster to where Hikar was falling. Hikar opened again his glowing Avatar State eyes, and shocked Yurei with a blast of heated air, pushing Yurei back upwards.

–OH! AAAAH!! – Yurei screamed as he was propelled upwards, where he couldn’t airbend a spout to break his fall.

Hikar sis a gesture with his hands, and his feet automatically magnetized to the metallic wall of the building. Yurei had a hard time, but he managed to stop falling creating a small vortex. Hikar, on the mean time, started to run in the metallic wall towards Yurei, and he grabbed a piece of metal of the wall, and started to pull it off like a big, metallic, strap.


Hikar launched the long metal piece to Yurei, and he managed to run away hovering on his version of the air-scooter. Hikar still went flying with fire from his feet, and heating the metal; Hikar spanned in the air and tried to hit Yurei, but instead, he cut down several trees, and set them a bit on fire.

–This…is…inhuman! – Said Yurei, astonished.

Hikar went after the chase of Yurei, going far away through the valley.

Aria was staring at the scene from an open door in the building, leaning on a side. She trembled, and shook her head in denial.

–This non-sense has to end right now. – She said. –I’ll no longer be a puppet of my father. –

Aria started to levitate in the air.

–What? I’m…I’m flying! I unlocked flight! – She said surprised.

She stared at the Avatar fly away in the distance, with his giant metal plate, swinging it like a giant fiery sword, and having a couple turn offs on the fire of his feet.

–He’s still injured, that’s why he hasn’t defeated him. – She said. –It’s my fault. –

She decided, and flew in the air, directly towards her father and the Avatar, as her red tattoos glowed again.

Fire by AirMasterParker

Leo was starting to get bored avoiding Kosen’s attacks.

–Iruka, how long do we have to do this? – Complained Leo.

–Until the effect fades away. – Said Iruka, who was still dealing with Bultina.

–Man, we’ve been like two hours already. These kids have a ton of resistance. – Said Tan, who was still against Tao.

Bultina’s unexpressive face twitched, showing a small glimpse of enforcement expression. Iruka noticed her nose was starting to bleed.

–Miss…Miss Silverfox. – Asked Iruka

Bultina stared at him, with her nose bleeding as she was forcing herself.

–Siren…activate… – She said.

–What? – Iruka understood she was trying to say something.

Bultina kicked Iruka, but he protected himself with a water shield, and Bultina stand in front of him, trying to point at a certain point. Iruka turned and saw a camera.

–Shaila you mean? – Said Iruka.

Bultina charged again to him unexpressive, slowly coming back to her self. She nodded.

–Tell Shaila to activate some kind of siren? – Asked Iruka, to check if he was right.

Bultina nodded in agreement.

–Thank you miss Silverfox. – Said Iruka.

He swiped Bultina away with a water whip, and ran near the camera.

Shaila was trying to find which program was the one to clear the doors, and she spotted Iruka in one of the screens.

–Iruka! – She saw he was trying to say something. –Si-ren…ac-tivate. Alarm? – She read his lips, as there was no sound in the screen.

Kensi was trying to stop Zhasha in the back, and they were going at it as they fought for the control of the only water available for bending. Shaila looked back at them for a moment, and then she saw a red button with a note saying: “Do not touch”

–Right. – And Shaila pressed the button.


A weird alarm started to sound, loud, in a strange pattern.

–NO!! –Roared Zhasha.

Kensi covered his ears.

–AAAHH, IT’S TOO LOUD!!! – He complained.

The glass doors that had the police officers trapped started to open as the alarm kept sounding.

–What? They must have done it! – Said a young agent.

Sterkur looked at the front.

–Payback time. – He said.

The police charged again as a group faced more Red Lotus sentries.

Bultina, Tao, and Kosen, covered their ears in order to stop hearing, and so were the present tetramasters.

–AAGH!! Iruka, what the hell! – Complained Tan.

–I guess this means Shaila did it. – Said Iruka.

–Yeah, but I like too much my ears to make me stop being able to hear through them!!! – Complained Leo.

Bultina fell down, and so did Kosen and Tao, but Bultina lifted thumbs up.

–Thank…you…– She said, weak, before passing out.

–Yes I did it! – Cheered Shaila, as she turned off the alarm.

Kensi tried to get up, but Zhasha whipped him to the wall.

–You ruined it!! – Zhasha Roared.

She quickly waterbent a small ice flint, and she prepare to throw it.

Shaila was stabbed in the back, catching her off guard…

Kensi saw how she fell down as she passed out.

He waterbent the ice flint to cover the wound so he could stop the bleeding. He was still in shock.

–I told you, you’re no match for me. – She said arrogantly.

–How could you be so EMPTY INSIDE!! – Roared Kensi.

Kensi’s dark skin started to show a couple of dark blue lightings, he turned his head to Zhasha, and showed a furious face, with tears coming down of his tearful eyes.

–Wha…what is that? – Zhasha was more surprised than ever.

–RRRRGH!! – Kensi clenched his fist right in front of him.

Zhasha felt a grip again.

–I told this is not, going…to…HNN!! – Winced Zhasha.

She started to get levitated above the floor of the room, as Kensi got his two hands in front.

–RH!! AAAHH!! AAAGH!!! THIS…IS…TOO…MUCH!!!! – She screamed.

Far away in the hole, her screams could still be heard.


Then, silence.

Air by AirMasterParker

Nikumi was rushing over the forest as he saw Hikar flying in the air, but he still couldn’t catch up to him. He growled in desperation.

He saw eventually Aria blazing above him, and got shocked.

Hikar was having troubles to maintain himself in the air, as he was exhaustingly bending the metal until it was useless. Hikar spanned around in the air and grabbed enormous rocks from the ground with his earthbending, with an inhuman strength as he threw them to Yurei.

Eventually, he coughed blood. The fire in his feet extinguished, and he fell down in loud, hard landing, leaving a large and widened trail behind him, even through the river. His eyes started to flicker, and they eventually turned off.

–Uhnn! – Whimpered Hikar.

Yurei lowed down his hovering from the air-scooter he airbent, and walked to the front of Hikar.

–I told you, I know all of your bending abilities. I can predict any attack you throw at me. Not even your newly unlocked metalbending can take advantage. – Yurei explained.

Hikar tried to get back up, but he felt a sting, or two in his lower right chest.

–GHNAH! – He winced.

Yurei stopped in his front.

–Even now, as an Avatar, you look PATHETIC! –

Yurei airbent an air-punch, and hit Hikar to make him fly ten meters away.

–OW! OOF!! – He winced in aching.

–You shouldn’t have attacked my daughter in the first place. –

Hikar smoothly incorporated.

–It was her fault for messing someone she shouldn’t have…OOF! –

He was stroked by another air-swipe.

–I created what I call the “Red Lotus’ Predictable Bending Style”, a particular way of bending, applied to any element, in which I modified the original martial bending art, in a more rough way, so every movement could become more predictable. – Explained Yurei.

Yurei threw another air-punch, but Hikar managed to block it earthbending a small wall to block the air, and bent it back to Yurei.

–Agh!! – Hikar kneeled back in pain, holding his left chest.

–Too typical. – Said Yurei.

Yurei quickly jumped, easily avoiding the moving earth wall, and airbent another air-swipe, which caught Hikar of guard.

–D’OH!! – Hikar was hit again by the swipe.

Hikar was trembling as he tried to get up, but he felt the ambience unusually cold.

–It’s time to end this. – Yurei walked to his front slowly. –You’ll come back, to me, to the order. –

Yurei waved up his arm in order to make a final blow, and prepared a large air-wave to hit him.

Suddenly, an air-blade came from the side, and hit Yurei’s arm, making him stop from airbending.

–YAAAGH!! – He winced.

Yurei stared at his daughter at his side. Seeing she was partially covered in branched red arrows.

–Aria!! You…insolent…CHILD!! – Said Yurei, in pain.

Aria shot another air blade to his feet, as she engaged in battle with her father.

–Why? WHY DID YOU MAKE ME DO THIS?? – Aria was enraged at her father. –WHY DID YOU LET ME BECOME SUCH A MONSTER?? SO I COULD FACE THE AVATAR??? – Air was blurting out non-sense questions.

–Aria, this wasn’t my fault…– Yurei started to avoid more of her attacks, like he could predict her movements as well.

Hikar looked at the father and daughter duo finally going at it. He roughly got up, and saw the river beside him. And he eventually saw Nikumi.

–Nikumi? – Muttered Hikar. –What are you doing here? –

Nikumi pointed to the water besides him, and Hikar understood.

–Okay, got it. –

Aria was almost down when Yurei winced again about his hand.

–I can predict your movements Aria, I also taught you your bending skills. –


Yurei skipped another swipe from his daughter, but immediately was attacked by a water whip from behind.

–Argh! – Yurei looked at Hikar riding Nikumi, and waterbending.

–You might know my earth, fire, and especially my airbending. But you have NO idea of my waterbending. – Said Hikar, proud.

Hikar launched again and again water-punches, using the water of the river behind him; Yurei tried to avoid them, but he was caught many times, as well as he had to deal with his daughter’s air-slices. Eventually, Nikumi jumped over him, and as Yurei kneeled to avoid the armadillo-lion, Hikar did a movement upwards with his hands, and the water around Yurei collapsed around to imprison him in an ice shell, covering all his body around his neck.

–AH! Nnnngh…gah! – Yurei struggled to scape his prison.

–Don’t bother. – Said Hikar. –It’s over. –

Yurei turned to Aria, who had cleared her tattoos from her skin.

–Aria, please, if you abandon the Red Lotus now…–

–It’s over dad… –She cut her father. –The Red Lotus… is over. I uploaded all files related to it on the Internet. Everyone knows which people are Red Lotus. The authorities of the Earth Confederacy, the Fire Nation, and the Water Tribes are trapping them. – She explained.

Yurei was astonished at how, in the blink of an eye, all his organization, all his hopes, had been vanished in the blink of a second, by no one else than his own daughter.

–You…why?? – Yurei roared.

Hikar looked at her, looking for answers. Aria eventually started to float in the air, without an air-spout.

–Flight? – Said Yurei.

Aria, looked at her father, dead in the eye, crying, with her cyan eyes. She placed her hand on the red arrow on her forehead.

–You made me do this, even though you never asked me to do so, and you didn’t bother stopping me. – She rose up more feet above the ground. –I’m no longer someone of your use or your dirty actions. I’m no longer, your daughter. – And she stared to Hikar. –If you see my mother, tell her I’m sorry, I need time for myself. –

Hikar nodded, on top of Nikumi.

–You still owe me a fight. – He said, mischieviously.

–OH no!! YOU young man, are NOT ALLOWED to touch my daughter!! You almost killed her last time, I’m not going to let you HMMM!!! – Yurei was shut with a gad from Hikar’s bandages.

–Just…shut…up…– He said, realizing taking a bandage away gave him more pain.

–Fair enough. – She replied.

And with tears, Aria left flying the forest, directly to the rising sun.

Hikar waterbent Yurei’s ice prison on a floating water-bubble.

–HMMMM!! – Complained Yurei.

–Come on buddy, let’s get back to the base, let’s see if the authorities. –

After a while waterbending a hostage Yurei on top of him, he was starting to feel more and more pain on his right arm.

–Buddy…a bit faster…–

Hikar eventually passed out, and fell a side of Nikumi to the ground.

The water bubble with Yurei almost fell to the ground, but Takeyon and Kimyona, and Kosen, got Yurei with their cables and their metalbending, retrieved it.

–Hikar!! My son, oh my spirits – Said Sterkur.

–A doctor, hurry!! – Said Kosen.

–On it. – Said an agent.

–You fools, you can’t understand what I was trying to do!! The Red Lotus is the only right philosophy left in this wo-…– Yurei was knocked out by Tao’s punch.

–Will you shut up for a damn time?? – Complained Tao.

Water by AirMasterParker

Tan, Bultina, Leo, Iruka, and a couple more agents were still rushing over the halls of the base.

–Over there!! That’s the room! – Said Bultina.

–Thank you lady, I don’t know what we could do without you. – Said Tan.

They eventually got to the tech-room, and they all had a very displeasing surprise.

There was blood, everywhere, splatted on the wall, the floor, and on Kensi. And behind Kensi, there looked to be a body behind.

Kensi was looking frightened at his own hands covered in blood, as Shaila was trying to calm him down, crying.

–Ken-…si? – Asked Bultina, frightened.

Kensi turned to the Tetramasters and Bultina, with one of the most frightened, and shocked expressions Bultina had ever seen on him.

–I…I…killed her…I killed her…with just…just…– Kensi was very frightened.

–It’s all right. You saved me. It’s all over. – Said Shaila, trembling.

–Kensi, everything is going to be okay. – Said Iruka, trying to calm him down.

Shaila hugged him tight.

–Kensi, please. You’re not a monster; you’re a hero. –

Kensi got his hands on his ears, and screamed in terror.


Earth by AirMasterParker

Hikar had been taken into a van, and was lying down on some kind of bed. He was hearing voices all over the place. He partially opened his eyes; he saw dozens of Red Lotus sentries being taken to the police vans, as the sun was rising. His arm had a small tube where there was serum being injected, and lots of bandages over his chest. On his left, there was Nikumi, sleeping, and on his right, his father, who he hadn’t seen in a month, and looked more worried than ever.

–D…dad? – He muttered.

Sterkur turned to him with an expression of relief.

–Hikar! Rocky badgermoles, you’re okay. – He said.

Hikar turned to look at the place.

–Really? There should be a screen sounding like “BEEEEEEEEP”. Cause there’s no way I can still be alive after this. – He joked.

Sterkur chuckled.

–You definitely have my sense of humor. – He placed his fingers on his eyes. –Now sleep my boy. –

Hikar slept like he had never before.

Fire by AirMasterParker


Shaila was at the Akahime Central Hospital, at the shore of the Jang Hui River, where there was a medium sized fluvial metropolis, and she was doing leg excersices to try to walk.

–Easy young lady. – Said a doctor, helping her out.

–I’m trying. – She said, as she walked between bars. –UH! –

Shaila almost fell doen, if it hadn’t been by Bultina, who was there helping.

–Thank you. I’m really sorry that you have to go through this because of me. – Apologized Shaila.

–You’re my best friend; I will never leave you even in this type of situations. – Said Bultina, not until you recover your legs. –

–Bully, it’s going to take a year for me to get back my legs to move, and I don’t want you to lose a year of your college career to stay here for me. My family is already here; don’t worry. – Said Shaila.

Bultina got relieved, and she turned to see Kensi outside, looking at the seashore.

–Have you two…talked again? – Asked Bultina.

Shaila looked sad at Kensi.

–He doesn't want to talk about it, he says his decision is final. – She said.

Bultina helped Shaila get back up.

–So, he’s leaving to the Southern Water Tribe. – Said Bultina.

–He says that thanks to the portals he can get to be at any tribe whenever he wants, so, he basically said “both”. – She implied.

Kosen and Tao were looking at the two friends help each other, and the doctor as well, to get Shaila back in the walking bars.

–I hope Kensi gets past that trauma. – Said Kosen.

–What trauma? Because he killed someone you mean? – Said Tao.

Kosen stared at him dead in the eye.

–He only used bloodbending, his own waterbending. Do you have any idea of what does having that kind of power mean to him? – Implied Kosen.

–Whoa, okay, sorry. I didn’t know. –

Tao turned to see Kensi in the shore looking at the seaside, suddenly being accompanied by Iruka.

–Hey Kenny. – Said Iruka.

Kensi turned his lowed expression to him.

–Hey sensei. – Replied Kensi, in a low mood.

–PTSD: Post-Traumatic Syndrome of Depression. – Said Iruka. –I know what you have, my friend Leo and his siblings went sort of in the same trauma. Even I did. To be honest, the first time I directly saw death in front of my face, was at non other than the age of twelve. –

Kensi turned to him surprised.

–You want to hear an epic story of how Avatar Korra, my mother, faced the Red Lotus, and how Yurei was a better man even I got to admire in the past? – Said Iruka.

Kensi tried to smile, but he couldn’t.

–Go on. –

–Well, it was a bright afternoon in Ba Sing Se, thirty-three years ago…– Iruka started to tell the story to his student.

Air by AirMasterParker

Hikar just woke up from his hospital bed; he had managed to heal his wounds and his ribcage seemed to be back in conditions, after several healing sessions of Iruka and many healers of the world. He only had three bandages left on his torso, plus an ice eye-patch for his black eye. He just got out of his room to face the river, filled with fishing boats, and modernized wooden skiffs as residential houses of Akahime covering the entirety of the river.

Hikar looked at the other side of the river, and he saw Korra.

–Huh? –

Korra seemed to disappear, as she walked down into the clean river.


Hikar, without thinking it twice, jumped into the abyss, to the water.

–WHOOOOAAAAHH!! – And Hikar splashed into the water.

Underwater, Hikar felt himself as a purple spirit, and in front of him saw a blue reflection of himself. That reflection, turned into a smiling Korra.
Blue Korra Purple Hikar, Fake Screenshot #003 by AirMasterParker
–Korra, finally. – He said, relieved. –Wait, am I dead? –

–Your body is fine; you’re pretty strong to be killed by a simple fall. – She replied, giggling.

Hikar stared at her.

–Is there anything you want to tell me? – He asked.

Korra got her hand to her front, and placed it on Hikar’s forehead.

–Why probably Yurei became who he is right now. –

Korra’s eyes glowed, and Hikar was transported to the past.


Korra, Asami and Yurei, who seemed to have been finally given his tattoos, were going down an elevator with a couple of White Lotus sentries as bodyguards.

–Are you sure? He couldn’t have been him; there haven’t been Red Lotus sentries here, never. – Said Yurei.

–I know, but that’s not what we’re going o talk to him about. – Replied Asami.

Yurei was wondering.

They immediately arrived to the large jail of an almost hundred-year-old Zaheer, who was still floating in the air, meditating into the Spirit World.

–Well, if it’s not the Avatar again. – Said Zaheer.

–Hello again. – Said Korra. –You might know pretty well why I’m here, right? – She said.

Zaheer opened his olive green eyes to her, covered by his fifty-year-old beard.

–I know, it was a tragedy what happened in Ba Sing Se, but I had nothing to do with it. – He said. –I respect Wu as a leader of his people, and not being a tyrannical leader like his predecessor. The Red Lotus can’t have been, it was probably a rogue branch. –

–What does the Red Lotus want? – Said Yurei. –Why kill people for freedom? –

Korra and Asami tried to hush him. Zaheer started to talk to him.

–We want to restore freedom to this world. – Zaheer coughed a bit. –And yes, we should have been more peaceful and provoked less harm to people. Maybe, the Air Nation is the right path to peace, being it the most peaceful country. –

Yurei looked like a light had been illuminated to him.

–That’s enough. Zaheer, we’re here to know if you know anything the Red Lotus might do in the future. You’re not going to live for many years from now on. SO you better spit it. – Said Korra.

–Ah, Korra, I think I should leave. – Said Yurei.

–Okay. – Asami Said. –Be careful. –

Zaheer and Korra got engaged in a deep conversation, as Yurei left, thoughtful.

–What if he’s right? – He muttered.


Hikar was still underwater, with an air bubble around his head, as his eyes started to glow.

–Hey! Ken, do you have any idea of where Firestone might be? – Asked Tao.

Iruka and Kensi denied as Team Avatar was next to them.

–I have no idea. – Said Iruka.

Suddenly, a large waterspout came out of the water in the river, everyone in the city started to stare, as the tip of the spout was glowing.

Hikar emerged of the tip, he airbent a wave around, firebent a large blast, and quaked the earth right at his back.

Team Avatar and the city were impressed, as they witnessed the Avatar State at its highest peak.

–He did it! – Cheered Shaila.

–YEE-HAH! – Cheered Kosen.

–Now that’s something. – Said Tao.

Sterkur and Vona had been in the hospital for a while, and when they heard the commotion, they came out with a bag of lunch. And they were both amazed at what they saw.

–Is that…Hikar? – Said Vona, who just witnessed her son in the Avatar State for the first time.

Kensi couldn’t but just let out a smooth smile.

Hikar landed in front of them, earthbending a couple of earth stairs, leaving his eyes glowing, as he took each step carefully, until he stood in front of them with the glowing eyes, serious.

–You know? I’m just going to stay like this because it makes me look pretty badass. – Joked Hikar, with his doubled voice.

He turned on and off his eyes, playfully. And everyone started to laugh.

–Never change Hik. Never change. – Said Kensi.

The view was great, and the world could celebrate, that their new Avatar, was ready for them.

Water by AirMasterParker


In the jail, there were Yurei, and Amala, accompanied by their two sons. Yurei was holding a telephone at the other side of the cabin, as Amala, Zeick and Deyek, who had new, cleaner, and colorful looks, were at the other side.

–Any sign of her? – Asked Yurei, worried.

Amala nodded.

–No, I’m sorry Yurei. – She said.

Yurei looked down, and tried to hide his tears.

–Zeick, Deyek, Amala…I’m very, very, sorry. – He said. –Nothing is going to change what it is…–

–Yurei, you don’t need to stay here forever. – Said Amala.

–Yes I do, nothing is going to get away my guilt. – He replied. –And until Aria comes back, my decision is final. – He said.

–Times up sir. – Said the agent behind.

Yurei was about to hang when Zeick got the phone from his mother.

–We’ll find her. – He said.

Yurei smiled sweetly, as he saw he still had his tattoo in his forehead.

–Thank you, but you’ve sacrificed enough. –

And Yurei left.

–She’ll come back. – Said Amala.


Thank you so much for reading, if you have enjoyed it, please make sure to check out my future works regarding this series, as well as the upcoming book two.
Thanks for anything, this chapter was the longest to write, for obvious reasons of being the finale.

FIRST: New Cycle, Part 1
End of the Past
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