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My girlfriends Heathers art by AirJuans My girlfriends Heathers art :iconairjuans:AirJuans 7 6 Just letting you all know by AirJuans Just letting you all know :iconairjuans:AirJuans 3 1
Update (Preview)
    Seven years ago, it almost feels like a decade, everyone was united. We all fought against evil. But now? Now we're all broken. We're fighting against each other for some dumb rules. The darkness has the upper hand now, just because no one can understand the fact that we need to come together. Like old times. Autumn's off with Aspen, they made their own kingdom, their own army. She even acts like she doesn't know us when they take over our homes. Ember and Forest are forced to fight for themselves after Ember almost got stabbed through the heart, but Blaze took the blow. They're just waiting for him to come back. The season siblings have completely gone missing, wiped off the maps. Theo's completely broken after watching Terry kill Jackson and May. But at least he can't see any of the pain anymore after Terry blinded his other eye. Mercury and Abby are trying their best, but he's completely emotionless now. Isabella's locked herself in a temple. Only Cinder can go in
:iconairjuans:AirJuans 2 3
Les Carpenter by AirJuans Les Carpenter :iconairjuans:AirJuans 3 0 Samael Ren by AirJuans Samael Ren :iconairjuans:AirJuans 3 0 Enjoy my dogs. by AirJuans Enjoy my dogs. :iconairjuans:AirJuans 4 2 Kodo Emerald Aesthetic by AirJuans Kodo Emerald Aesthetic :iconairjuans:AirJuans 4 0 Theo Eversoul Aesthetic by AirJuans Theo Eversoul Aesthetic :iconairjuans:AirJuans 3 0
A Night at Theo's House
    Theo kept running, the weight of himself on his legs gave him more pain then he could manage with. Everything inside him was covered up by fear, and the fact that it was probably his fault. The pouring rain made his jacket sag on him, and his breathing was steamy and warm. The middle of winter made everything covered in a thick glaze of water. People looked at him like he was insane as he kept up his speed, never willing to slow down or stop the tears streaming down his face. The thoughts in his head were drawing on, telling him he needed to get home and make sure his siblings were safe. Who even was that guy? Why would he randomly jump on two helpless kids and stab one of them over and over until they died?
    Amelie died because of me. 
That's all he heard in his head. The fact that if he didn't forget his stupid phone at that stupid place they wouldn't have had to go back. The way the rain seemed to follow him as he reached the dark
:iconairjuans:AirJuans 3 1
Quality Content (i guess) by AirJuans Quality Content (i guess) :iconairjuans:AirJuans 5 2
fINAllY mAKinG a sERiEs i lIKe tHE sOunD oF
Chapter 1
The Name's Jackson
  I watched them all huddled around Jackson, hugging him with tears in their eyes as I finished reading off the letter. "The Association will be there to pick up Jackson Eversoul at seven AM, we recommend you give your final goodbyes..." I managed to say it without a stutter. Tears started staining the paper as I dropped it on the table. Our house was old, molding and never going to be repaired. I watched Jackson as he stared back at me with his light blue eyes and my dark brown ones giving him a desperate plead that this was all just some big joke. May looked up at me, her black hair all kept in a messy ponytail. "Y-you're not going to let them t-take him, r-right Theo?" I looked at her. I didn't want them to take my brother, I didn't want them to make my sisters lose another person they cared way too much about. "I w-will, May," I stuttered. Terry looked at me with her
:iconairjuans:AirJuans 4 2
On the road by AirJuans On the road :iconairjuans:AirJuans 2 1 Im Sorry What? by AirJuans Im Sorry What? :iconairjuans:AirJuans 5 1 Hi People Watching Me! by AirJuans Hi People Watching Me! :iconairjuans:AirJuans 5 2 Chicago Maci Aesthetic by AirJuans Chicago Maci Aesthetic :iconairjuans:AirJuans 2 0 Quality Content (i guess): Split Personality Pt 1 by AirJuans Quality Content (i guess): Split Personality Pt 1 :iconairjuans:AirJuans 3 1




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This is for DeamonArtz RunTheSinkIsShipping crankynewt THEtreh
We should all get Discord so we can talk to each other like texting! 🙂
I’m really sorry for not being on very often! Rehearsal and school has been killing me.
Hey y’all.
I’m gonna be changing some of my characters up a bit, the first one I’m gonna change is Tray. First of all, I was never in love with his appearance, so that’ll be worked on first. Then his story is kind of bland, I’m going to be trying to spark it up a bit more. But yeah, that’s it.

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