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Published: January 13, 2010

Ok on Monday my camera shopping first i wanted another Nikon but then i gradually started to fancy im really in the crosshairs on this one witch do you think is worthy enough?? i think my pick would still be a canon but idk iv never has a canon so plz i need you guys help with this.:pray:

simply stunning.

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femketjeProfessional Photographer
i never had a canon before either but i'm a true nikon lover so i'll always stick to nikon XD
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Ya i was at first to before i used my uncles Canon and gosh i fell in love so i decided to go with the Canon thanks though hun :huggle:
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I wish I could help you, but i'm in the same situation!
Goood luck! :)
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lol well thanks anyway :giggle:
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TheJinxedOneHobbyist General Artist
dont be canon. their shit always breaks and then they dont want to fix it. i had a printer, camera, camcorder and countless other shit made by canon before i got wise.
everytime (and this was early days or the actual day i bought it)it broke, id call and they'd basically tell me to go fuck myself. so yeah, canon is dead to me...
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ohh....wel my uncle is a photographer and he has like every canon and only one of his recent ones broke after he dropped it down concrete stairs and he had a 4 yr warranty and they totally took it and fixed it with no prob :) so idk but i decided after doing allot of comparisons and research to go with the Canon and thats for you input :huggle:
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Well, the thing about Nikon is that there not actually made to last as long as Canon. Because they tend to upgrade them than you can no longer use the lens of you're old Nikon to the newer models. But Canon has always had that upper hand. Where if you get say a Canon rebel xs which is a starter or a EOS-1Ds Mark III -- ANY lens you buy you can use on either one!! Also -- every longer-term photographer has gone with this brand. So regardless of which canon camera you get you can play around with the lens. But yah ;P Just my opinion my first baby is a Canon I love it :heart: ... now if I can only make time to get the damn lens filter .. UGH so busy!!

GOOD LUCK PICKING!!! Ooooooooo :la:

[link] VS [link] [canon VS Nikon]
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Ya thanks.. i decided to go with the canon i caint wait lol i love upgrading :dummy:
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C4M30 Photographer
Thanks for the feature! :heart:

And on your camera shopping, I prefer Canons simply because they have more lenses and accessories available. Either way, both brands have excellent quality. :aww:
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Your totally welcome and ya i decided to go with the canon :)
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i have a canon and a nikon, and personally i prefer the canon, but honestly i think it depends on the photographer and which suits them more.
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Ya i decided to go with the canon...
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I just got a Canon Eos 1000D.
I considered buying a Nikon D3000, but the extra money for the Canon is well worth it, the 1000D just seems far superior to be honest.
And Canon are generally a more popular camera company; so Canon accessories are more widely available.

So yeah, hope that helps :)
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Ya i decided to go with the canon...
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