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Favourite characters: Largo • Marten • Mugen • Peanut • Poncho • Jake the Dog

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Fight Club • The Matrix • Eternal Sunshine • Inception • The Machinist
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Grey Pencils, Black Pens, Intuos3, 550D.
Keystrokes in my ear, Tell another tale. To have me by the heartstrings, To weave another veil. For hidden in the nether, I take another lie. Like a bullet to the kneecap, Wail but never die. Here is where I found you, And here I will remain. Willow ever weeping, I carved your sacred name. A place of wintry solace, Breathe to taste the air. Cold and sour and bittersweet, Snowflakes without a care. It's naïveté to fly now, And ignorance to smile. When skies are filled with demigods, Pestilence their child. And then a wistful tune takes hold, To lull me to that place. Of villains vixens and vanguards; The gold
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The Seasons.

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This is where it began, and this is where it will end: with my arms outstretched and you just out of reach. Self-sacrifice wouldn't be self-sacrifice if it didn't come with its own dose of pain from time to time. With years of practice, I guess, I've learned to keep that hurt at bay, even appreciate it at the best of times. But every once in a while a sting comes that lands so close, that penetrates so deep, that even the highest tolerance threshold can't keep the deluge at bay. Tonight the sky is darker; the moon dares not shine on these pastures and even the stars shy behind a veil of grey. There is no silver lining on this night.
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The Ocean.

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Oh, how this ocean of people carries me in their froes, a tide of unrelenting movement. This time I'm not fighting it. This time, I'm riding these waves all the way to the end of the world. This time, I'm sailing the seven seas of ineptitude and inadequacy, that I might learn and grow and find my fate. This time, I intend to die to self that I might live forever. { a brief intermission } I have forced myself into this corner, to draw out the beast within; when it reveals its ugly head, when it bares its hungry teeth, I will beat it and leash it, tame it for tomorrow's reaping.
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Jigglypuff is here, but she changed her name into Originvanality. :icondignitylaughplz:
Where's the portrait you're working on mister?
Hope you're doing ok. :icongwompplz:
Same picture and same screen name,
if you don't know who I am - I'll be shocked :D
Bahaha, of course I know who you are :3
I haven't been very VF-active lately, my apologies D:
(nor dA-active I guess)

I hope you've been well! :)
Haha XD
If you didn't, I would have been very shocked :p

It's okay - I don't come online every day ^.^

I've been well & I hope you have too!
Hello creep!

Haha no, just kidding. You don't sound like a creep at all! Thank you very much for this enormous compliment :). I'm so flattered, because your photographs are amazing.

I usually talk a lot, but now I don't really know what to say! It's strange and a bit amazing to 'meet' (well, I'm from the Netherlands, so Australia is the other side of the world.. but you know what I mean) someone who understands your point of view. so... My real name is Fija btw, very nice to meet you.
THANKS. "Hello creep" is just what I've always wanted to have on the front page of my profile :P

Well thank you! I don't think my photography is all that amazing though, especially compared to yours ;o see I suck (SUCK!) when it comes to capturing people, even though that's probably my favourite kind of photography :/ capturing people, personalities, stories... but yeah despite my love for it, I'm not very good at it D: it's a crappy curse to bear. Any tips for me? :3 ???

Fija! Pretty :) My name is josh, and it's nice to meet you too :] I love your mask, btw, please don't paint it ever. Let Time paint it with her grime and her dust, but don't put a single hair of a brush to it!