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Vintage Pilots Notebook

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So every notebook needs a back cover, right?

One of the original Pilots' Notebooks had an insert cover that I had done of the first group I started playing with in the Wing Commander Universe, way back when I was a kid.  I've been obsessed with Wing Commander off and on my entire life, and I was indoctrinated watching my dad play the first two games on the Amiga, and playing myself when I was old enough.

Anyway, the original insert cover was the crew that I used to role play by myself with when I was a kid and later dumped into the game with my friends. I decided to recreate that drawing for the back cover of the Christmas gift.

Pilot roster, left to right:

Ian "Hunter" St. John (WC1)
Tanaka "Spirit" Mariko (WC1/WC2)
Christopher "Condor" Blair (OC)*
Jeanette "Angel" Deveraux (WC1/WC2.  I went with in game Angel though I like the movie girl)
Todd "Maniac" Marshall (WC1/WC2/WC3)
Elizabeth "Shadow" Norwood (WC2.  You might not remember her.  She died in the first mission of the game.)
Courtney "Jazz" Colson (WC2.  And yes I changed his name. By this point he's half OC, but still the crazy traitor)
Etienne "Doomsday" Montclaire (seated, WC1)
James "Paladin" Taggart (WC1/WC2/WC3)
Ralgha nar Hhallas "Hobbes" (WC2/WC3)

* So, Goe.  Mark Hamill didn't come on board as Blair until WC3, so the protagonist in the early games was supposed to be "you."  As in you name yourself and pick a callsign and all that jazz.  But this was also 80s Amiga gaming, and so whoever "you" were, in game you were represented by a blue haired (supposed to be black but again, 80s) white dude.  "Bluehair" eventually became Blair, but when I was role playing back in the day I stuck my OC Goe into the role.  Thus, that is why Goe is called Blair and is sitting there flipping off Maniac (they do not get along.  Still).
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Looks amazing! love the movement in there. You captured the wing commander feel!

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I would absolutely love a WC series that followed the first three games to near the letter, I would also love a remastering of the original series games as well. A remastered WC 1 and 2 would be the best
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Hm, not bad. Actually, this looks pretty good.
Though, i must admit, with color Hobbes looks a little strange here. Did you try to combine his WC2 look with the one from WC3?
The idea is sure interessting, but a "tiger" with a lions mane does looks rather.. unique.
Well, granted, he can't be compared to an earth animal, even if there are similarities.
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I did combine the WC2 and WC3 looks! :D  I always really loved the original cartoon style of the games and wanted to try and bring that across.  I also kinda like making Hobbes look like how my fluffy dog looks when I put a t-shirt on her; kinda like his fur is all squeezed into a uniform that was made for a different species than him.
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In this context, it's really sweet ^^
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