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The Plague Doctor and the Countess

The Plague Doctor and the Countess, digital  2016/2018

So I can finally post this because the original made its way to its owner. :)  Older art of mine (again), with a tiny bit of redrawing and new coloring.  I had a blast doing this one, and it wanted to be made into one of those old paperback novels.  Voila.  :D

(It’s been over a decade since I had a French class.  If the grammar or whatever is horrible I’m sorry. XD  )
Ami Federation Congress 2018
And here’s Ami for the Federation of Planets congress.  Because Mina takes any opportunity to get Ami out of the house. :D

Here's Mina's outfit design:…
Mina Federation Congress 2018

I really like designing outfits for Mina.  It’s fun. :3

This one is for our RPG: every year the Federation of Planets hosts a congress with all of its members/allies and the New Silver Millennium is a part of that.  So Mina gets to be the social butterfly that she is, and I get to make up outfits for her.

Faction: Legion

Faction: Legion.  Digital, 2007(?)/2018

Well, I think this beast is done.

This is another one that took over a decade to finish.  XD  I drew him back sometime in 2007 I think.  I don’t actually know because I didn’t sign it, and it wasn’t in the two sketchbooks I thought it was so I actually haven’t found the original lineart yet.  But it should be around that era. 

The ships and Vulture I drew recently just before I started coloring it.  References heavily used, and I have to say it was hard to try and make it look like an SC1 Vulture when all the references I could find were for SC2 versions.  But hell, it’s way better than I could have drawn it back then. :D

The Factions series is a series that I’ve been working on since high school, of all of our different groups in space in our massive multiverse AU RPG that we call the Character World.  Back in high school I did a run of them (not all, because I famously get shiny object syndrome and move on), and then I guess in the late 00s I tried another crack at redrawing part of the series.  Now I’m finally coloring those redraws.  And getting the bug to continue the series. XD

So the Legion is a great example of my mushing everything together: I took Raynor’s Raiders (before I knew they had a name), stuck them on the Excalibur (Crusade) and made them the start of the Legion (Of the Damned, from the Dietz novels).  So the Legion currently is a mercenary group in our Character World, with their gifted destroyer serving as both base of operations and home, since they were cut off from the Border Worlds.

The rest of the Version 2 Factions that I’ve completed are here if anyone is curious.  They’re all about a decade old now in both lineart and coloring, but they’re all I’ve had completed so far.…
Holding Hands

Holding Hands.  Digital, 2008/2018.

So this drawing is a decade old now.  It kinda seems like a milestone, which on one hand is amazing and on the other: it took me 10 years to color the damned thing. XD  And actually, I had her and the background done a few years ago and so had to try and match the style I was using back then.  But anyway, 10 years in the making!

This was done for a RPG campaign that ladyaranel and I did with Leon and her OC, Robyn.  The premise was that Robyn was kidnapped by some of her parents’ enemies who now work for Umbrella and Leon was asked to go rescue her.  Because it’s Leon, that’s what he does.  

They then had to survive Silent Hill: Raccoon City. :D  In the RPG, Raccoon City had been hit with the nuke and wiped out a la RE2.  Except that much pain and terror and evil happening all at once opened a rift to the Otherworld, where the Red Queen now reigns.  The semi-sentient Umbrella Hive AI was corrupted and achieved a kind of mad sentience in which she’s still trying to follow through with her original programming and “protect” the Hive. 

This one one of my favorite RPG campaigns I started and I still love basically going “what if I set Silent Hill in Raccoon City?” XD  I love these two and despite how old the lineart is, I still love this picture and am happy I finally got it colored.


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Favourite cartoon character: Kondoru no Joe, Rubedo, Leon Scott Kennedy

Personal Quote: You see things and say 'why?' But I dream things that never were and say 'why not?
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Not quite dead!

Short version of what has happened since I last wrote a journal entry (or really played around DA at all):
- Had a nervous breakdown
- Quit my job as an accountant
- Moved to California
- Trying to make it as an artist now
- Made an etsy for my jewelry
- Another surgery
- Still searching for ways to make a livable income
- Started an online comic

It's been so long since I last played around with DA that everything is new to me again.  And some things are just new.  And weird.  (What the heck is And an activity feed now?)

Anyway, expect an art dump from me here soon.  There's a lot I need to add here, cleanup and whatnot.  Bear with me!

Anyway, here are links if anyone wants them:

My currently running comic which is an alternate universe where in Thor is a merman and Jane Foster is a marine biologist:

Handmade jewelry and knitwear by me:…


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