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Threadless is having a $10 shirt sale until August 21st. Get them while you can. Just click on this link and get some really cool shirts at a really cheap price. They're only 10 bucks!. They just released 6 new shirts today. Urban Camouflage is a killer shirt that I just picked up. They'll be releasing 6 new shirts tomorrow and 6 new shirts on wednesday. All for just 10 bucks.

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Wow, I don't even know where to begin. Batman Begins finally brings the batman series back to where it was before Batman and Robin. Christopher Nolans vision is simply amazing. Christian Bale is the best Batman to date. David Goyer writes a solid solid screen play. Definately a 5/5
Submitted my buttons i've done today. I never knew you could submit buttons and avatars. I work on that stuff alot because i use it for my site and forums and such.  I'm going to start trying to design some pages in photoshop and see how that goes. so hopefully there are more to come. so be on the lookout.

I know this may sound a little shady but check out Its a thing to get paid to search the net. I know you may think its lame or stupid but just give it a shot and use this link so you can help me out.
Seems like only yesterday I posted the last journal. I bought the other day, well actually today I did for 4 bucks. Looking for hosting for it now. and then thats where I'm going to put my website. I want 4twozero or to be my production/web/graphic company name and shit. I've only designed one website for a company but I thought it looked cool. check it out.
My  theory is that when you think you're caught up, The next logical step is to fall flat on your fucking face.

I just got really tired of the journal I had up. So I figured I'd write something. You can check out my blog on my webpage or…

I think everyone should go check out CrapVille. I am trendwhore on the forums there. I'm going to get a sony handycam soon and I will be making some random antic videos to put up there. Hopefully that'll start soon. So check out and Keep going back.
DefCon Innovations
i just got home from colorado two days ago, i'm goign to be going there for school.  i'm from the piece of shit town of Waynesboro, PA.  I'm going to be attending ITT Technical Institute majoring in Information Technology with an emphasis in Computer Networking Systems.  I took around 100 pictures of the rockies and things around me out there that i will upload sometime soon.  i'm also working on "blue eyes" a sequel to the love of my life poem.  i'm trying to really put alot of emotion and feelings into this one so its been taking awhile. i hope you all will like it and i'll upload it as soon as its done.
NOMAK - DefCon Innovations
I uploaded some more poems today so please commment on them and tell me what you think.  I've been working on my site which you can find here . i saw pirates of the caribbean the other day and it was awesome.  johnny depp is the man. he's one of my most favoritiest actors.  the girl in it is gorgeous too, and orlando blo, (legolas from lotr) is really good in it to. so i recommend you all go see it.  its getting late now and i have a long day of partying and fuckin around tomorrow.  ohh and check this deviant out.  i've been reading her stuff and she's really really awesome :iconlitlcheckeddie:
AERIAL - DefCon InnovationsI've been trying to upload some stuff here lately.  I mostly do pictures and poetry.  I try anyway.  I just graduated and went to the beach and all that shit. Which was great.  Non stop drinking and getting fucked up fest for about a week.  It was fun while i was there. well i don't really know what else to say but maybe i'll write one of these again sometime.  i'm headed out to see terminator 3. visit my page and tell me what you think. :weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed: