PMD-Unity Task 1 (Team Gooey Slime)

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"There he is!" whispered Gene. "He's counting his supplies in that alley."
"What are the supplies?" asked Mia quietly, and Gene replied reluctantly, "Berries." 
"WHAT?!" shouted Mia. "Shhhh" whispered Gene who had seen the sceptile jump and look around.
"Who's there?" asked the sceptie cautiosly.
"PSYCHIC!" yelled Gene, causing the sceptile to be enveloped in an electric blue aura. 
"Dragon pulse" yawned Mia, opening her mouth wide and hitting the sceptile squarely in the face with a strong beam of light.
"" murmured the sceptile.
"What's that?" asked Mia teasingly.
"I said... YOU WIN!" screamed the sceptile, and Mia responded with a 'Heh, serves him right.' look on her face.
"It's not nice to be mean, Mia." said Gene, who was allready taking the berries of the sceptile,and continued "You'll get these" he held up the berries. "when you're nice to others.
Mia replied indignantly "But it was so EASY!"
"Please don't insult me." whispered the sceptile.

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