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Eyeless Jack X Intelligent Reader - Chapter 2
       Without a moment of hesitation, I bolted.
       My attacker was as good as paralyzed on the ground, fallen in obvious pain. His muscles were contracting in the residual effect of the electric pulse. He’d be unable to efficiently run for a while. Therefore, I knew I had a much higher chance of escape.
       Also, I gained some new information about my attacker. It seemed he was, indeed, a serial killer or pastime murderer. He had raised some sharp metal object to injure me before I turned around, showing he was likely more intent on killing me than taking advantage of me. Along with this more likely motive, his appearance supported the serial killer theory.
       In the light of my flashlight, I saw that a mask covered his entire face. It was a startling blue color with black eye-holes and waxy looking paint. It was frightening to say the least.
       I filed all this inf
:iconlil-magpie:Lil-Magpie 130 40
Green X Reader ~ New Job
Requested by :iconsoarjadethehedgehog:
You hated working as a waitress in a restaurant in the Viridian City with a burning passion. Practically all of the customers were rude and blamed you for everything, the other employees talked trash about you, and the overall environment of the restaurant was like the butt end of a Miltank. You had long given up trying to be cheerful, barely managing to restrain yourself from blowing up in front of the customers.
The only reason why you didn't leave was for the miserable amount of money you were paid. It was barely enough to cover the cost for your education (you aspiring to be a Pokémon researcher), so you literally lived in the Viridian Forest. That was the only good thing about your life as of yet.
One day, you stretched, wincing when your back ached from sleeping against a knobby old tree, then walked (as slowly as possible) to your dreaded workplace. The steady stream of insults from the customers just kept on coming. While you were for
:iconkawaiiazumarill:KawaiiAzumarill 71 30
Green X Reader ~ Treehouse
NOTE: In this story, I will be portraying Green with his Pokémon Adventures (Pokémon Special in Japan) manga personality. So, you won't be seeing any Gary/Green Motherf*cking Oak. Enjoy!
You ran away, crying, from your house. Your cousin was roaring drunk, insulting you.  His hurtful words echoed within your head. 'Ugly,' 'worthless,' 'stupid.' These words had haunted you for your entire life, as your parents were never home and left your horrid cousin to look after you.
You ran, not thinking about where you were going. Your legs had unintentionally taken you to your friend Green's house. He was sitting on his porch when you ran over to him, throwing yourself into his arms.
"[Name]? Why are you crying?" He asked evenly. Green was the most calm and poised person you knew, but you hardly payed attention to that now. You choked trying to get the words out of your throat. "It was your cousin, wasn't it." Green said darkly, yet his face remained expressionless. Without any wa
:iconkawaiiazumarill:KawaiiAzumarill 94 35
The Persuasion of Draco Malfoy
"I want you to be mine" Draco whispered so (Y/N) couldn't really understand what he said.
"What?" (Y/N) said turning around to face him.
"Do you want to be my girlfriend?" Draco asked confidently, expecting her to say yes.
(Y/N) didn't know what to say. Draco had only talked to her a few times in class, mostly to get answers for assignments. She didn't mind giving him the answers, seeing as they were both Slytherins. She did wonder why he wasn't mean to her like he was with everyone else. Now she knew why.
"Well?" Draco asked impatiently.
(Y/N) knew that he expected her to say yes without thinking. That is what any other Slytherin girl would have done. She needed more time to think about her answer. After all being Draco's girlfriend would cause a lot of changes for her. She wasn't sure if she was ready to deal with that.
"I can't give you an answer right now."
"Why not?" Draco asked looking surprised and a little hurt. He wasn't use to a girl making him wait.
" I want to be sure I mak
:iconmugglewitch75:mugglewitch75 381 13
Skyrim || Norway x Gamer!Reader
Norway x Gamer!Reader

"Come on, just admit it"
"Shut it, Dane"
"Nope! Not until you admit it~~!"
"Hell no"
"Come on, isn't it obvious he does?" a voice came from the doorframe. It was my little brother's, Emil.
I looked in his direction, and I stared at him, silently telling him to shut up. It's enough for him to have somehow guessed it on his own, but he really needs to shut up about it. He was leaning against the frame, looking over at me and the Danish idiot, and we were sitting in the dining room. Actually, I had been sitting here all along, engulfed in a book and a nice cup of coffee, and he had come to bug me. No surprises there.
I just don't understand why he mentioned [Name], nor the secret feelings I have for her.
"Bro, you should tell her, ja?" Matt told me, poking my cheek.
I ignored him, taking a sip of my coffee and turned my attention back at my opened book in front of me. He quickly placed his outstretched hand on it, preventing me to actually read.
:iconxxviidgamexx:XxViidGamexX 593 242
Black Liquorice | Draco x Reader
Rare are people who truly enjoy black liquorice. Most of the time, simply imaging such inky treat is enough to bring people to gag as an immediate reflex. Maybe they never even got properly acquainted with it; they just assume the quote on quote 'revolting' flavour is not to their sheltered taste buds.
They are often right, after all.
Though, for those who do appreciate its subtlety, they often proclaim it's their favourite kind of liquorice, as is the case to you for the purpose of this story. Its sharp, tongue-numbing bitter-sweetness caresses soft, tender skin with such care that it can practically send shivers down your spine. And what about its smell, intoxicatingly stagnant and blissful when combined with its deep taste.
There you sat, a bag of Dutch salmiakki drops comfortably nestled into your lap, sitting comfortably onto one of Hogwarts' many windowsills. Music was blaring through headsets muggles so affectionately qualify of  'bluetooth' and you stared aimlessly
:iconxxviidgamexx:XxViidGamexX 133 23
Trust {Draco Malfoy x Reader}
It was a Friday night, the moon was shining over the medium size house. Y/n was sitting on at the dinner table with her mother and father. Her father worked at the Ministry of Magic, and was telling his wife about how Lucius Malfoy was acting like a spoiled brat.
Y/n was silent and eating her carrots listening to her father. Y/n knew a little about the Malfoys, she was about 10 going on 11 tonight at midnight. She met Lucius's son, Draco once but it was when her father had brought her to the Ministry of Magic. Y/n remembered it very well. It wasn't a bad memory but it was.....awkward.
Y/n was about 8, she held her father's hand as they walked through the lobby of the Ministry. "Now Y/n please be careful don't wander off"
said her father stoking her soft hair. "Yes Daddy."
"Ah.. there you are." said a cold, bitter voice but stern. Y/n and father turned to see a man and his son, the man was tall and had long platinum blonde hair, he had a walking cane with a snake as the head.
:iconcatisme:CatIsMe 109 3
Her Chamber of Secrets CH 10 DracoxReader
Her Chamber Of Secrets
Chapter X:
The Goblet of Fire
A few days had passed since Professor Dumbledore had officially announced that Hogwarts was hosting this year’s Triwizard Tournament. In an hours’ time, the whole school would be making its way into the Great Hall to watch the ceremony in which Dumbledore would extract three names from the Goblet of Fire to reveal who would be competing.
You walked down the hall towards the Great Hall with Blaise at your side. It felt incredibly good to have things back to normal. Draco wasn’t bothering you, which meant Pansy didn’t feel as threatened, which in turn left you with nothing but peace and quiet.
As the two of you entered the Great Hall, you took seats next to each other in the third row. You were excited to see who would be representing Hogwarts in the tournament. From the other side of the room you saw Harry, Ron, and Hermione.
Quickly, you raised your hand and motioned for them to come over to you. Blaise rolled
:iconmackenziethehuntress:MackenzieTheHuntress 60 20
Draco x Reader 'people suck'
You sat in the Slytherin common room, reading one of your favorite books, while listening to the crackling of the fireplace. 
You were the outcast of the Slytherin house. You loved to read, you hated being rude, and you barely talked to anyone.
So, you kept to yourself most of the time, but there were rare times when Draco would just sit next to you in silence when no one else was around. You two would sit there for hours doing work, occasionally making small talk.
You don't know why he did, you thought he hated you, but you were thankful for the company. 
Then one day, Draco walked in looking defeated. He had bags under his eyes, his hair was a mess, and he had a blank look instead of his traditional smirk.
You watched as he sat down next to you, and stared at the wall. Something was bothering him, but what? 
You looked down at your book, then shyly looked back at him. His hands were trembling. Well thats not like him, you thought. 
Sniff. Oh no, oh no no
:iconemmisue:Emmisue 471 98
Her Chamber Of Secrets DracoXReader
Her Chamber Of Secrets
Chapter I:
Potions N' Stuff
Potions did you love potions class. You enjoyed following recipes, mixing ingredients, and frankly you were really good at it. Then there was Professor Snape, you admired him. It's a shame that he isn't attractive or you'd have a full fledged crush on the guy. You were lost in one of his lectures when a knock on the wall pulled you from your trance.
You turned around only to see a certain fair-haired Slytherin standing in the door way. "Ah, Mister Malfoy, it's nice to see you've finally arrived to class. Why don't you take a seat over there next to Miss (l/n)." He gestured his pale, slender hand in your direction.
"Great." You mumbled under your breath. It's not like you hated Draco, but you weren't head over heels for him either. He was just kinda there, a thorn in your side if you will.
You and Draco were oblivious to each other during your first year at Hogwarts. However you became well acquainted when the Chamber of Sec
:iconmackenziethehuntress:MackenzieTheHuntress 218 9
Draco X Reader- Partners PT 3
The next morning was a nightmare. You accompanied Hermione down to the great hall for breakfast, though you didn’t feel up to it. Draco would be there, sitting at the Slytherin table with his friends. The very thought of seeing him caused your stomach to churn. You shook your head, realizing how ridiculous you were being. You had every right to be down there having breakfast with the rest of the school.
Hermione had sensed your mood immediately. “Cheer up _____, he was the one who was rejected.”
You nodded silently, glancing down at your feet.
She sighed. “He’s not the first one you’ve rejected either, remember Seamus.”
You rolled your eyes, smirking. “How could I forget?”
“I don’t think anyone could.” She replied with a smile.
Your mood began to brighten. It was stupid to be upset, especially on a sunny Saturday morning.
The Gryffindor table was already packed by the time you arrived. You greeted Harry and Ron wit
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 187 14
Draco X Reader- Partners PT 1
“What class do we have now?” You exited the great hall, after devouring a rather large lunch.
Harry looked at you with an expression that could mean only one thing. Potions. You groaned loudly, causing a small group of Ravenclaw boys to glare at you questioningly. Potions was by far the worst class Hogwarts had to offer, Snape was completely bias, favoring Slytherin and forsaking Gryffindor almost entirely.
Hermione spoke up. “Oh come on, sure Snape can be a little bit-”
“Idiotic?” Ron cut in.
“Arrogant.” Harry added.
“Of an ass wipe.” You ventured with a slight smile.
Hermione jolted slightly at your remark. “A little bit pessimistic, but the subject of potions itself is actually quite interesting. Did you know that-“
You interrupted her. “’Mione, I love you and all, but remember when I warned you, that if you tried to give me a lecture I would burn all of your books?”
She nodded slightly.
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 220 25
Getting Even (Draco Malfoy x Reader)
Getting Even
(Draco Malfoy x Reader)
The dungeon was dark and dank as usual.  You could hear the whispering of ghosts who were sharing idle gossip about the students.  The Bloody Baron flew past, giving you an ugly scowl.  You hugged your books close to your chest and pressed on at a more rapid pace.  You could still feel him glaring daggers at you.  It caused your skin to crawl.  ‘No one thinks I should be in Slytherin,’ you thought.  ‘Not even the ghosts…’
            “Psssst!”  You stopped and glanced around.  No one else was around, so the person had to be calling you.  You arched an eyebrow suspiciously as the door to the supply closet creaked open.  You approached it cautiously.
      It was dark inside.  You could barely see the outline of shelves and brooms stuffed into the corners.  You placed your hands on either side of the doorframe and stuck your head inside.  Squinting your eyes, you couldn’t make out anything other than in
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 789 104
*REQUEST* Draco X Reader the List
“Outta my way Potter.” The silver haired Slytherin pushed past the shorter, dark haired Gryffindor.
With a sigh you flashed Harry a very apologetic smile, before trailing after Draco and Pansy. Being in Slytherin was brilliant, you loved it, and there wasn’t any doubt that it was the house for you. However something that you had noticed was that students of Slytherin cared a lot about appearances, and keeping up certain expectations.
Pansy intertwined her hand with Draco’s, big fake smile plastered on her pug like face. Sometimes you questioned your own sanity for wanting to be around a girl like Pansy, she was talent less, bitchy, and cared about no one but herself. Alas, she was family, and as some dead man once said; ‘blood is thicker then water.’ Your group of three rudely pushed through the vast sea of students, heading to the great hall for dinner. Pansy held onto Draco like a vise, muttering uncreative praise in his ear. If ever you felt like
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 637 78
Secrecy (A Draco Malfoy X Reader One-Shot)
As you sat on a seat in the common room, a majority of the house cheered. Gryffindor had just won a Quidditch match against Slytherin, so all the Quidditch-enthusiasts were celebrating. Your best friends, Alyssa Kane and Tricia Walters, were among the celebrating Gryffindors, and were actively trying to encourage you to join in the festivities. You brushed them away, trying to find a point of escape.
It wasn’t that you didn’t want to celebrate with your friends or enjoy the win, you just had someplace to be. Though they had lost, you still planned to congratulate your boyfriend, Draco Malfoy, on how well he played. You two also had plans to meet after the game, only because you hadn’t been considering the possibility of being swept away as you were.
“Come on, (N/N), why are you in such a sour mood?” Tricia asked, brushing her black hair away from her face. “We won, after all!”
“I know, I was watching the game,” you replied g
:iconiziz00:Iziz00 504 35
Frenemies- Draco Malfoy x Reader
   You trudged through the halls of Hogwarts, weighed down by a book-bag full of homework and books. Being a fifth-year in Hogwarts was difficult and there was a massive homework load but you had struggled through it so far. Still, it was early in the year and it was probably only going to get worse.
   “Well hullo [f/n]!”
   You yelped as two arms linked through yours, pulling you in the opposite direction that you had been going. Of course, the Weasley twins. “Guys, please, I’ve got homework!” you protested, attempting to wriggle your way out of their grip. “I don’t have time for-”
   “For a party? For pranks? For shenanigans?” they spoke in unison, grinning at you. “Come on [f/n], we’ve been planning this for ages! You can’t just leave us hanging! At least come for a little while! We promise you’ll have time for homework later.”
   You bit your
:iconsupernova750:Supernova750 214 11


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