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gir and pintsize swap

gir belongs to an evil tv statiotion who-must-not be named (ya i'm a nerd lol)
pintsize belongs to the genious of questionable content ( ) cuurently doing guest strips so i highly suggest starting from the beginning....
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ThatKidwholikesPunk's avatar
YESSSS!! haha when i found QC i read pintsize's words in GIRs voice i Love this crossover PERFECTION
tactlessromantic's avatar
i need this in my life.
Johman3's avatar
An Invader Zim/Questionable Content crossover?! It's the wicked cool artistry I never knew I needed until just now!
airbournevirus's avatar
hah, QC has gotten so much more complex since then, now I got the roombas, winslow and hanners to work with O.o
NekozawaLover's avatar
this is amazing!!!!
i love gir and pintsize and to see them switch places is great!!
nice job on the details and everything!
BlackLuminaire's avatar
Good lord, if those two ever met....

The resultant disaster would be immeasurable by any human standards.
It would be as if a supercharged Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick had collided with a supercharged Mr. T Foo-Pitying.

Okay, perhaps not quite that level of destruction, but still. UTTER CHAOS.
airbournevirus's avatar
man- back when they were still at the old blue room XD but yeah, pintsize actaully causes more chaos than gir...
Crystaldeath's avatar
I love how Marten looks happy with Gir, and Zim... doesnt. I love his expression! ^^
airbournevirus's avatar
was tring to make marten suprised... but failed... honestly though, pintsize makes gir look like a saint. gir is just inept, pintsize just has a short attention span ;)
blueberrysun18's avatar
The two ultimate robots. :XD:
nursethalia's avatar
lol...when I first saw Invader Zim I noticed that Gir and Pintsize were alot alike!
airbournevirus's avatar
lol though i get the feeling pintsize and zim would get along fine; pinsize would smother dip to death a balnket; and then zim would proceed to still... continue to fail....... missrably.....
Kakumei-Tifa's avatar
This is great!! :clap: Just awesome!!!!
ashleigha's avatar
i like the little green guy good job and all that fun stuff
uxoricidal's avatar
damn you did a great job on gir and zim. :D
SigurdHosenfeld's avatar
Excellent work, gotta love the details and concept :D
TheCoconutGuy's avatar
hehe :D nice lineart!
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