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Flame On W.I.P. 2

By AirBornInk22
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Im so frustrated! These flames are putting me though hell. I may have to hold off on this project till I get my tablet or redo the arms and head completely because this is just not working. This is after like, 50+ layers :headache: Tell me what you think.
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Umm. Perhaps you should change the colour of the flames to lighter yellow/orange/red. Now they're bit... dark for flames. Other than that I think it's really cool.

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Thanks, i'll give that a try =D
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Amazing work, you put such extravagant amounts of detail into this so far. The color of his pants is sort of drowned out by his skin tone I think. But hot dam, every detail is so kickass! The background is really clever too, I love the deep beautiful colors in it. Excellent work.
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50 + layers...shyte o.o

This is tight..cant wait for it to be finished :D
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So awesome ^^ Great use of colors all except for his face and arms...perhaps a little much brownish orange? Ahw ell, still awesome =D
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Haha, thanks, im gonna try and fix it soon, i have not tried in a while tho ^^;
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Yeah man nice job on this one though just thought i should comment its been a while
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Looks pretty good so far~! The detail in his pants are awesome! :D :thumbsup:
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did you draw this with a mouse?
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OMG!!! that's so amazing, especially since the pics are usually dead on. wow...
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whoa puttin alot of work into this i see I like the pants they came out great, and they flames look good so keep workin at it! :w00t:
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awesome... i like the flames, their good
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it burns my eyes it's so good! :D
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ur welcome! :D lol
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looks cool..shading is done well also
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I think it looks bad ass
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