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Creepypasta||Eyeless Jack x Fem!Blind!Reader {3/3} :iconairbornewomble:AirborneWomble 3 1
Mature content
MCU||Bruce Banner/Hulk x Reader- The Right Person :iconairbornewomble:AirborneWomble 7 2
Supernatural||Dean xFem!Demon!Reader {1/2}
Dean x Fem!Demon!Reader
You couldn’t help the grin that spread across your lips as Sam read the ancient tongue of Latin, the words coming together to form an exorcism spell to try and rid you from the body. “I already told you, it’s not gonna work! You’re just tiring yourself.” You shrugged as best as you could, the rope that tied you to the chair restricting your movements. With a snap of your fingers, you could make the rope vanish and the devil’s trap break, but you wanted the Winchesters to feel better about themselves before you did anything. So, with your smirk fading, you began coughing, forcing yourself out of your vessel. Sam happened to notice the black smoke leaking out of your mouth, and he chanted faster.
“Ergo, draco maledicte. Ut ecclesiam tuam secura..” Here’s the plan, you’d dispel yourself from the body, and pretend to burn away, really only going to sink into the floorboards
:iconairbornewomble:AirborneWomble 5 2
Creepypasta||Eyeless Jack x Fem!Blind!Reader {2/3}
Eyeless Jack x Fem!Blind!Reader
It’s been four months since that man had tried to kill you, and in those four months you had a special trainer help you learn how to fight hand to hand in case it came down to it. Your brother, Michael, stopped by often to make sure you were okay. A little too often for your liking, but hey, at least he was worried. You had made sure to lock your doors every time you went out somewhere and even when you stayed at home. Currently, you were wrapped up in a blanket on your couch, a fire blazing in the fireplace as Christmas music floated through the speakers. You sipped at your hot chocolate with a warm smile, Auden gnawing on a fresh bone at your feet.
“O holy night. The stars are brightly shining. It is the night of our dear Saviour’s birth.”
You reached out from your blanket, feeling around for Auden. He lifted his head and sniffed your fingers. You smiled, gently scratching the spot between hi
:iconairbornewomble:AirborneWomble 9 1
MCU||Spider-Man x M!Criminal!Reader {4/6}
Spider-Man x Male!Criminal!Reader {Chapter 4}
“I am highly disappointed in you. Highly.” Tony said as he paced in front of Peter. “What you did was beyond irrational and stupid. You helped the criminal. That’s an offense on your part.” Tony shook his finger at Peter as if he were trying to scold him like he was a child. Peter glared at Tony. “You abused your kid. No wonder he’s so twisted. That’s an offense on your part.” Peter spat back. The billionaire’s jaw worked as he stared hard at Peter.
“Gimme the suit.” Peter’s face crumbled. “W-what?” Tony held out his hand, fingers twitching to kiss his palm. “The suit, give it. Maybe it’ll teach you how to be grateful and tell you which side to choose next time.” Peter’s mouth dropped open, and he immediately started to spew apologies. “Mr. Stark, please, you can’
:iconairbornewomble:AirborneWomble 30 2
Creepypasta||Eyeless Jack x Fem!Blind!Reader {1/3}
Eyeless Jack x Fem!Blind!Reader
You liked to sit outside when the nights were cool and crisp, the smell of Autumn evident in the air as you wrapped your fingers tighter around your warm mug, sipping at the contents while Auden lay at your feet. The windchimes you had hung up with the help of your brother clinked softly as a cool wind swept through the trees, making their branches rub together to form a native song. Pulling your blanket tighter around your shoulders, you set your cup back down on the side table and stood up, Auden lifting his head at the sudden movement. Seeing you were trying to get somewhere, he stood up and stretched, coming over to your side so you could lay your hand on his head.
It’s how he would guide you around places.
You smiled and scratched the spot between his ears, grabbing your cup again before heading inside. Shutting the door behind you, you made sure it was locked before you took two steps to the right
:iconairbornewomble:AirborneWomble 12 5
MCU||Spider-Man x M!Criminal!Reader {3/6}
Spider-Man x Male!Criminal!Reader- Chapter 3
[M/N] didn’t have any trouble in finding his father’s work space, since the gravely voice of the lead singer of AC/DC lead him straight to it. He pushed open the glass door and stepped inside, spotting his father across the room with his back towards him. Anger flooded the teen’s veins as he saw his dad adding the finishing touches to what you guessed was a new suit for Peter. The convict quietly approached his father, drawing his kitanas from where they rested on his back. The metallic shik went unnoticed as the billionaire sang along to Hell's Bells, tweaking a bit with the suit’s settings. “Y’know, if you’d been better as a father, I could’ve been helping you right about now.” You said, loud enough for him to hear you over his music. He stopped it and turned around, only to be met with a pair of blades crossed against his neck.
:iconairbornewomble:AirborneWomble 23 7
MCU||Spider-Man x M!Criminal!Reader {2/6}
Spiderman x Male!Criminal!Reader- Chapter 2
A long, low groan sounded from Peter’s room, said person sitting with his head on his desk. All he could think about was [M/N], and it was driving him as nuts as the man himself. With an exasperated sigh, Peter banged his head on his desk once before standing up. He decided he needed a breather, so he went ahead and changed into his Spider-Man suit. He opened his window, the very same one you hoisted yourself out of a week ago, and quietly took off to the city.
~mini time skip~
Peter sat on top of the Empire State building, overlooking the whole of New York. Well, as far as he could see anyways. From up there, he could just forget about everything. The view of the sunset was breathtaking, the oranges and pinks blending together to form a beautiful color scape. Peter smiled, pulling out his phone to take a picture. He let it focus on the sunset before snapping the pic. He stuffed his ph
:iconairbornewomble:AirborneWomble 36 6
MCU||Spider-Man x M!Criminal!Reader {1/6}
Spider-Man x Male!Criminal!Reader
Your glower nearly made the guard cringe as he removed your handcuffs and quickly closed the cell door, making sure it was locked before he scampered away. Not a minute later, and another guard opened your cell door. “Someone here to see you. Think you might know him.” She pulled a pair of cuffs from her back pouch and grabbed your wrists, snapping the metal bracelets tightly over your flesh before pulling you to your feet. “Can’t a man be comfortable around here?” You grumbled, having no choice but to follow her out. The walk was silent as she lead you by cell after cell. “[M/N].” You heard one of the prisoners grunt. “Hey, Tiny. How’s your sister?” You asked casually. “She’s good.” He called after you as the officer lead you to a back room of sorts.
You half expected your father to be sitting behind the 12 inch thick bull
:iconairbornewomble:AirborneWomble 45 28


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My name is Airborne, I'm a socially awkward person who loves photography, acting, singing (to myself in the shower), writing and gaming! Basically, I'm your typical teenager :D

A few favorite things I like to do is listen to music, right now my main genre is metal, and Avenged Sevenfold is my main focus. :heart:

Avenged Sevenfold, as you've probably noticed, is my favorite band. My boyfriend got me hooked on them and I really can't stop listening to them. I seek them out specifically whenever I want to listen to my music. I think M Shadows has an amazing voice, despite it being a little rough from all the screaming he used to do. <3 I show some love to them on my pinterest, which you can follow if you're interested! And if you observe it, you might notice that i have a slight Shadows fetish. ; )

Here's the link to my favorite song by A7x!:
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I enjoy spending time with my beloved boyfriend, he means the absolute world to me. He makes me smile like no one else can, and when he laughs; it's like angels harmonizing. I've been gifted a god, and I'm severely grateful for him and to him. He's the most amazing thing in my life. And nothing can change it. :heart:

I'm slowly opening up to people, so if you note me saying hello, that'd be wonderful and I'd enjoy it so much! If not, that's equally alright, so don't sweat <3

I hope you enjoy your stay! If there's any constructive criticism you'd like to give, I'd love if you noted me so that I may know what to do for future fictions!

Stay great! <3



If I moved stories here, would you like _ or _? 

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So sorry for lack of updates, guys. Still haven't found that spark though I've been forcing myself to fool around with pieces.

Haven't pulled anything out yet :/

I apologize for the wait, I'm sure you all are upset. I hope I can produce something for you soon.

Please don't give up hope on me!

Hello everyone. Sorry for the lack of appearance and uploads, I just haven't found that something that makes me want to write.

If you want to, you can check out my main account 4V3NG3D-S3V3NF0LD for fiction or for photography.

Again, I'm so sorry for the lack of updates.

Love you all, though. c:

Ah, hello.

I've been fiddling around with some ideas, chipping and shaping them into what turns out as a complete waste of time. Hopefully I can get something done.


Sorry for the lack of updates, I haven't found a single spark of inspiration and probably won't for a long while.

However, please do check my main profile ( 4V3NG3D-S3V3NF0LD ) to see all the pictures I've uploaded. Please do leave a comment on them, I'd love to know your opinions.
Check out this good(ish) series on my main account. :3

It's called Forsaken, and I'm having a huge blast writing it. It's actually kinda fun to create separate "stories" for the chapters. :D
Creepypasta||Hoodie x M!Reader- Forsaken {5/7}
Chapter five!!

Hope you like, if not please let me know so I can fix it :3

And the "mature content" is just for the fighting. It's not that mature, I just want you guys to know that there's violence in it so yeah.

Story (c) :iconspade-of-waffles:
I don't own Creepypasta or any of the characters used, I do own the plot.

Part One: Hoodie x Male!Reader- Forsaken One

Part Two: Hoodie x Male!Reader- Forsaken Two

Part Three: Hoodie x Male!Reader- Forsaken Three

Part Four: Hoodie x M!Reader- Forsaken Four

Part Five: You are here
Alright so it turns out there's a lot more to be modded than I thought, so it may take a bit longer for my Spider-Man series. I'm so sorry you guys! I'm gonna be backed up a bit, but I will post chapter 4.5 sometime this month <3

Chapter 4.5 is being modded!

It will be posted on February 14th, so keep your eyes peeled! (Not literally, that'd be very, very painful. And I don't want to be held liable <3)
Sorry about the delayed 4.5 chapter of the Spider-Man series. I had gone back and read the chapters, and I realize I have messed up with grammar and the story plot. So I will go back and fix those chapters and hopefully they'll make sense when I'm done. :)

December 13th on the dot :)

Chapter 4.5 for my Spider-Man series will be uploaded (hopefully) Thursday, December 14th. 

That is if net neutrality does not die. We shall see. I'm anxious.



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