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How do you guys make the Halo 5 stuff? Do you use 3D Models?
First off, I love what you guys are doing. Truly phenominal work. If you don't mind me asking, how does an outsource studio operate?
man i didn't even know you could comment here, sorry for the SUPER late reply :D

Well, clients contact us if we have time for a project, we usually say (as we are) we are quite busy but we can take a look and negotiate. We sign NDAs and get a glimpse of what they would like us to do. We either take the work in or say we can't handle it at the current point.

If we can do it we negotiate budgets, assemble a team accordingly and get going.
Hahaha no worries man,
thanks for getting back anyway! It was helpful. 

Do you have a link to a current project you guys have in the works?
Since over a year now we have these 2 projects running


this looks interesting I will suport this ;D