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Male!Reader x Aleister ~ Dancing
You walked over to the blonde viscount, wondering if this was such a good idea. He was snuggling into a girl's neck, and she was blushing and giggling. He looked to you and you raised an eyebrow.
“Hello ____! What may I do for you?” He asked without moving.
“I was going to ask you to dance but, you're busy so I'll just-”
“No!” Aleister took you in his arms, completely forgetting about the girl he had been so infatuated with moments ago, “I would be honored for a dance, my dear rose!” He all but dragged you out onto the floor. He pulled you close and slid an arm around your waist tightly, and took your other hand, opening your fingers so that that would intertwine with his. You were a slight bit shorter than him, maybe a little taller than his shoulder.
As the music began, he began to waltz smoothly. You remarked to yourself of how wonderful of a dancer he was. He smiled, leaning forward so you had no choice but to stare into his lavender
:iconagnesdahellofawriter:AgnesDaHellOfAWriter 109 12
French skies Vincent Phantomhive x male reader
My Dearest Vincent,
It's been two summers since I last saw you. Was it the viscount's ball? Even though your letters bring me great happiness, they leave me a twinge of nostalgia for our carefree days as Weston. Congratulations on your wedding, your fiancé, Rachel, she is a very lively woman. I've had the pleasure of meeting her at the social season a few years ago in London. I am truly happy for you. We both always knew it would come to this, and to be honest, sometimes I do miss you, your blue hair, that beauty spot under your left eye and your carefree yet manipulative tongue. If it were a different time I would have taken up your offer and run off to a far away country with you, but we being of noble-birth, our family names and responsibilities hang heavily on our shoulders. Her majesty's orders keep me busy for most of the year. She does keep us all in a tight leash, doesn't she?
I had visited the coast of Marseille last spring, only last time you were with me, for some od
:iconlevia6:LeviA6 68 16
amour sans retour (Oikawa Tooru x male reader)
This story is from a girl's POV
Oikawa Tooru, the one guy who single handedly managed to get the entire female population of Aoba Johsai's panties soaking wet with just his smiles was in the same class as me. I can totally see why most women found him appealing, He did have that face that made you wonder if God had actually spent the unaccounted 7th day of creation carving his face. But if you'd ask me if I were one of those several females that cornered and badgered him at every free minute of the day, my answer is No. Did I have a crush on him? again No, From a long time ago, heart had already been set on the (h/c)ed guy who sat a in front of me in the class .(L/n)(F/n). If you were ask anyone else at school about him, They'd probably tell you not to mess with him in general or that he was a nobody, But to me, he was everything... and he was someone else's too.
I am just another girl at Aoba Johsai in my final year of High School, and this story isn't about me. I'm probably a mi
:iconlevia6:LeviA6 118 50
The Obvious {Prussia X Male!Reader}
Oh, the joys of being gay. Your female friends were quick to ask you about guy advice, and you would happily oblige. Being a man yourself, you obviously knew your own kind. That is until you had met Gilbert Beilschmidt.
The day you met the Prussian was forever engraved in your mind. Francis had been telling you about his latest fling, while you had listened. You honestly could not care less about his latest girlfriend, but you were friends with the Frenchman. He had to listen to you gush on about guys, so it was only right for you to listen to him gush about girls.
"Oh {M/n}, she is the most beautiful woman I've ever laid my eyes on!" Francis swooned, laying his head on one of his hands, sighing. You glanced at him, taking a sip of your {hot drink}.
"Oh Francis, I bet she was. She must have the voice of an angel, and a laugh that sounds like chiming bells?" You said, earning a sharp gasp from him. "I still think you and Arthur should get together. You two would make a great couple." Yo
:iconellemajere13:ellemajere13 12 1
Male!Reader || Various FFXV
"Mother, everyone calls you an oracle but what is an oracle? "
The gentle and loving queen of Tenebrae turns to her youngest child with a soft smile and sets her tea down on the intricate coaster provided for her and her son "My dear boy, do you not listen when you have your lesson? " she asks with a teasing smile.
[M/n] Nox Fleuret blushes beet red and with a sheepish smile, he shakes his head "I'm sorry, the lessons are just so repetitive and the professor doesn't like making it interesting. "
Sylva gives her child a chuckle and looks back to the window before reciting a passage from a book [M/n] was supposed to know by heart at his age considering it was an important piece of history that made Tenebrae what it is today "In the distant past, Bahamut, the Draconian, descended to the mortal realm and graced the people of Tenebrae. From among them, he handpicked a pious maiden and bestowed upon her the power of the Stars and his trident. Using these
:iconashe-senpai:Ashe-senpai 21 2
Noctis X Prompto .yaoi tag. by sakimichan
Mature content
Noctis X Prompto .yaoi tag. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 2,894 0
Cupid X reaper . YAOI tag. by sakimichan
Mature content
Cupid X reaper . YAOI tag. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 3,991 94
Love me like there's no tomorrow by ToryoNoDoroppu Love me like there's no tomorrow :icontoryonodoroppu:ToryoNoDoroppu 83 5
William T. Spears X Male!Reader- more.
William T. Spears X Male!Reaper!Reader
warnings: sexual themes, smut ish
he/him pronouns used for reader
*not set during anything or any time specific 
**just so u know u have green eyes b/c all reapers have green eyes + glasses
A strangled moan flew past your lips even as you fought to keep quiet. 
William tightened his grip on your wrists as he had them pinned above your head. He stopped his movements and stared down at your through narrowed eyes, "I thought we agreed to on no noises tonight, [Name]? Didn't you say you didn't want overtime?"
You whined and shook you head, "No sir, I'll do better sir." 
The reaper who current had you displayed on his desk with his dick up your ass let his stoic facade crack to grin at your submission, "Good boy, now be quiet or I'll stop." 
You wished to sing the moment he started moving his hips again, in and out of your tight hot heat. He was hitting your prostate on every thrust, and you desperately wished you didn't have to
:icondiamond-operation:Diamond-Operation 76 12
JP Undertale by moa810 JP Undertale :iconmoa810:moa810 298 20
Cilan x Model!Male!Reader [Oneshot]
Infatuation Can Get You Places
Anime/Fandom: Pokémon Black/White 
Cilan x Model!Male!Reader

Pokémon and it's characters © Whoever created it- I'm too lazy to google- Sorry-
This story © RecklessAlbinoChibi 
You © Yourself, or whoever you want

Ash Ketchum, a black haired male continued to prance around like a complete and utter idiot. His Pikachu hopped in front of every step that he took, his trainer's hat hanging out of it's mouth. It wasn't hard to see why Ash was chasing his best Pokémon at all. Even so, nothing could change the fact that he still looked like a complete fool. A purple haired female by the name of Iris stood of to the side, muttering under her breath about Ash being such a 'kid'. The last of the trio was stood beside the only female of the group, a nervous smile on his lips. They were supposed to be moving in ord
:iconmuffledscreaming:MuffledScreaming 405 58
Family | Zero/Male!Reader |
“Zero…” The thought came to you, and immediately you had to ask your husband. The white-haired man turned to peer over at you. The two of you were in your room, just relaxing for the time being. “Should we… have a kid?” 
Your question caused Zero to raise his eyebrows, and give you an intrigued stare. A teasing grin finally curled onto his lips after he absorbed your question.
“Are you eager to start a family with me?” He reclined on your bed. You got up from where you had been crouching next to a bookshelf, where you had been searching for an old scripture. A blush dusted your face, but the thought of starting a family with your husband was appealing.
“Maybe… I mean, we don’t have to, if you don’t–” Your fumbling sentence was cut off by him.
“I do want to.” He hummed, admittedly interested in the idea. “You’re cute… Make sure you don’t show that face t
:iconpastelyosuke:PastelYosuke 66 7
Hetalia Relationship Headcanons
Kiss: Light pecks at first, but warmer and longer once he feels more comfortable around you. He's a skilled kisser. And he tastes like tea.
In bed: Intense. Gentleman in the streets, pirate in the sheets.
Date: He has quite a romantic side and would love a long walk at night in the rain (maybe after a game of ultimate frisbee).
Ideal match: Someone who can joke with him despite his tsundre side. He finds intelligence and humor to be the best attributes to a person and doesn't mind it if his other is clingy (though he pretends to be annoyed). He loves cheesiness, though he doesn't really realize it.
Weakness: Touch the eyebrows, get the beast.
Kiss: Sloppy, but sweet. He tastes like fast food:3 In bed: Usually dominating, but he loves it when his partner takes control and surprises him.
Date: He's a kind of stay-at-home-date kind of person. Rent a bunch of movies, throw together a pile of junk food, and build a blanket fort.
Ideal match: He needs a serious, tsundre, an
:iconmesoclumsy:MeSoClumsy 256 175
For Kuja's Lovers
For Kuja’s Lovers
Short story
Kuja x Reader
   You walked with quick steps from the kitchen, passing through the humongous and long hallways, until reaching the ebony door of your master’s office chamber. You tap your knuckles against the wooden surface of the door, knocking it quietly. “Sir? You asked for my presence, sir?”
   “You may come in.” It has been quite a while since you began working for your master Kuja, but his voice never ceased setting the chill down your spine. You never knew why, but he always succeeded in getting you to obey his orders, no matter how crazy and unreasonable they were. However, you didn’t really care, for he was too good to be disobeyed: any woman would be struck dead by the distinctive features of this man; he is remarkably handsome, no – too handsome, to the point of making you believe that it’s sinful to even glimpse his forbidden charm. Everything about him is just too fantas
:icontd-yukiryuu:TD-Yukiryuu 79 39
Mother!Reader x Morgan Flowers
Humming as he walked, Morgan carried a handful of flowers with him, giving one to every shepherd he came by. After saving a village from Risen, some children there rewarded him with flowers. Since he wasn't the only one that helped save the village, he didn't want to be the only one to have the flowers.
Morgan currently searched for his family, to share the flowers with them. He had already given most of the flowers away, so he saved the last ones he had for his family.
Once he seen his sister, his smile got brighter and he walked over to her, grabbing the last purple one he had and he reached over, putting it in her hair.
Lucina looked up from her sword, Falchion that she was cleaning and smiled to him, "Morgan, what are you doing?"
"Giving you a flower of course!" He made sure the flower would stay in her hair, and backed up a little, looking at the pretty little flower in her hair.
"Morgan, I envy you. Always so bright and joyful even in the dark time of war." Lucina sat her sword d
:iconalliekat1008:alliekat1008 159 33
Chrom x Reader x Baby!Morgan
Chrom sat in the yard with little Morgan, trying to help his son walk. Lucina and Owain were playing together, in their own little world. You and Lissa were just sitting and talking, mostly about how adorable your children were. And hey, they were pretty adorable!
Lucina and Owain seemed to notice Chrom trying to help Morgan walk, and they walked over.
"Dad, what are you doing?" Lucina asked, giving him a strange look.
"I'm trying to help Morgan walk, sweetie." He replied, helping Morgan take steps. It didn't count since Chrom was holding him the whole time, but he figured this would help him walk in some way.
"Why do you have to help him?" Owain asked, looking up to his uncle.
"He doesn't know how to walk on his own just yet." Chrom replied once again. The questions were strange, yes, but they were children. Children ask strange questions, sometimes downright stupid ones.
Lucina and Owain looked to each other.
"Why can't he walk on his own..?" Lucina whispered to Owain, though it wasn
:iconalliekat1008:alliekat1008 272 36





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