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Let's GO

By airana
"Let's go for an adventure!!"

Using SAI and tablet, done in a day
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© 2011 - 2021 airana
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Wondererofwonders's avatar
Cute Flonne 😍
She looks like a little Doll.

Apart from that. Every single element of this drawing is awesome.
I have no words to describe this...
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Thank you so much! :D
Wondererofwonders's avatar
Youuuuuuu're welcome, dood!
Lightning-in-my-Hand's avatar
I love all he little details like Pram riding on Zetta all Aladdin style and Mid-boss just chilling under the unbrella.
singuporlogin's avatar
this reminds me of skyrim,always thought laharl was a dragonborn when i see him with a dragon
Azurdragon's avatar
Its so cool, and looking at the new disgaea game screenshots, so accurate O.O
Chlorophylltheleaf's avatar
Holy Donuts!8D''s too....awesome..TTwTT
I love it so much!!:love::heart:
DiceAura273's avatar
That's... It's so.... *in pure awe*
airana's avatar
DiceAura273's avatar
You're welcome!
FMADBZFans's avatar
The colour is good
I think it is Awesome!
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gamma102's avatar
It's hard to find someone who draws "good" Disgaea art... and I found someone better.
airana's avatar
Nico--Neko's avatar
This piece and the Disgaea 4 group shot are so well done they could be actual promo artwork. I raise my hat to you!

I never actually had one of these dragons on my team... wonder if they're any good. ;P
airana's avatar
Thanks so much! ^w^

I don't use dragons too XD
CyclopsHime's avatar
This is just... wow. I can't believe you did all of this in one day. The shading is fantastic and all of the character's expressions are just so cute. <3
How long have you practiced this style?
airana's avatar
Thank you so much :)
I practice this style since last year
CyclopsHime's avatar
Well you're very good at it. The art you did of Petta could have been a screenshot from the game. :3
chrisishizu's avatar
Awesome, It makes me want to play this game again and again.. again...
airana's avatar
Thank you. ^ ^
MegaCometX's avatar
This just makes me think of a Disgaea version of Charlie the Unicorn. Mid-Boss was the Leopleurodon. XD
chapatiz333's avatar
I Have just come apon your page and i love your style!!
Your art is Beautiful adn im glad i found your page!! :D
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