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Matte experiment

By aiRaGe
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I've had that sketch lie around quite a long time now... then got inspired by =I-NetGraFX's latest work to try myself at matte painting. I'm ok with the result, but took way too long... about 80% color and a few stock Photos, original width >4000px. Foreground trees are from I-netGraFX.
Not too Sci-Fi this time,i wanted to integrate more landscape parts. Anyways, i hope you like :)

Sketch [link]
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Are you going to put in some live action somewhere?
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Perfect!is beautiful!
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Inspiring me, good job :)
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Spectacular. I love the colors.
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Your work is fairly amazing!!!
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The city and the landscape look absolutely magnificient.
The scenery is really beautiful. The sunset looks so real!

Nice work!!
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This is so awesome.
Im so gona fav it.
What program did you use?
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Thanks. I work with Photoshop :)
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I *adore* it. You have no idea how hard it is to find pictures of futuristic cities with the buildings scattered in a natural setting. 90% of the time they're either Hong-Kong-on-crack dense, post-apocalyptic, or generally hideously ugly.

I implore you, *please* explore this sort of concept more.
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Thank you very much for your comment! Actually, i've never considered that... interesting thoght. :)
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wonderful crazy ..everything sure :+fav:
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Amazingly detailed! Fan of Star Wars? =) You are a real talent! ^^
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wow that's stunning
Sparky-Lurkdragon's avatar
I like how the reflective buildings look almost transluscent. Very neat effect!
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Im happy you can express your imagination so well.. We appreciate the imagery you plant in our minds.
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WOW O_o'''
Your pictures are so goddamnit awesome x.x''
This is how i am
this is how i think
You draw what I am o.ô'
They're very good!
I can't look away from these beatuiful picZ! >_>'

Yeah well,.. keep on drawing more of this *_*',
chiipyo ^-^
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geez how do you do all of those back rounds so well
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you are really taleted !
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Yeah, I like it! :D
Very good job, maybe my favourite of yours.
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Now that's uber amazing!! Great job!!:D
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Amanzigly amazing.
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Great job!

I love the tree on the left.

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