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Blossom - Coming Home WP3 Wide

Here's another Wallpaper in Widescreen Format, requested by ~Hapax-Legomenon . I hope the crop is ok, drop me a comment if you want another one, this won't be a problem. I originally wanted to post this into scraps, but i' ve seen that there aren't many Wallpapers for Laptop Format etc. so here you go :nod:

:bulletred: Original Piece here [link]
:bulletred: Wallpaper drom Landscape Render [link]
:bulletred: Wallpaper from upper Space part [link]
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Amazing. I think it could use more foreground to help convey the feeling you are looking out onto the vista from your own planet
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I'd like to see a 1920x1200 version of this, thx.
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Love the sky in this wallpaper :D :D
Could you please release a big widescreen version too? 1680x1050, 1920x1200, or 2560x1600 resolution? And the same for your other wallpaper Blossom - Coming Home WP 2 ?
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I can't promise anything but i'll see what i can do :)
simply beautiful!... keep up the great work.
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Beautiful work but the shadow of the little planet it's wrong try to modify!
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Great one, also the wallpaper from landscape render is outstanding, the details on this one are amazing.
Nice colors!
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i dont even know what to say, .. i think your artwork is amazingly beautiful ..these are my favorite things to look at too,:floating: ..wonderful job.
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The colours are great.
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PLEASE do this and other works in higher resolution!!! like 1920 x 1200... it looks SO much better, and the details you use in these pieces will really show! not to mention all of your users with the same aspect ratios will still be able to use it, ie 1680 x 1050 and 1200 x 800
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Thank you very much.
It looks great on my laptop as it makes my taskbar look like the horizon :XD:
I've put a screenshot of it up in my gallery for you to see it!
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looks like painting. :clap:
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ooooooooooooh : )

are there going to be more of the "coming home"
pic series?

how many are there?

the colors are GORGOUS :D
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cool deviation :clap:...ur so good at this...
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loved the original big picture, glad u split it up into different wallpapers, makes a nice cycle, and theyre all really relaxing and cool to look at. gj. (oh, and i dont need to go on about how good u i?
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