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Blossom - Coming Home

By aiRaGe
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An explorer ship coming home from a long journey to the last habitant planet and civilisation in it's universe. A new beautiful flower of space blossoming far, far away, entiling new life and hope.

Well, (finally) it's done. To be honest, i can't see this piece anymore. I've started that baby months ago and already showed some previews; but i've changed a lot, not to say there isn't anything left from the original. Except for the Render. Uhm, yeah. I need sleep. Really. So i'll try keep that short.

Special thanks are going out to for his help. Thank you so much dude, your advice and tips have been such a great help :#1: :nod:

:bulletred: Terragen & Photoshop CS
:bulletred: Original size 2500x4200, ~35% of the original here. Too much work went into detail...
:bulletred: Working time... oh my god. I've never spent that much time on a single piece. All in all, from first sketch on paper- 100 hours minimum.
:bulletred: Prints coming tomorrow, without Watermarks and Signature of course.

Thanks fo viewing, please drop me a comment if you like and you may crit the hell out of this one :nod:

Now going to sleep, yay...i really need that now :boogie:

-Edited the Frame, thanks for pointing that out guys :)
-Fixed some minor things
-Wallpapers coming soon if you want; it's huge enough to make even three out of it

Edit No2:
-Resized a little, changed Frame again

WALLPAPERS HERE : [link] [link] [link]
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This is gorgeous. The colors are wonderful and the scene is downright beautiful.
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The colors are beautiful !
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An artistic visual treat.
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Very beautifull =)
great colours and realism.
blackbelt777's avatar
Really awesome! My favorite!
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This is the most beautiful space/sci-fi -themed picture I've ever seen! I love the little glowing stars in the background, so vivid colors! =)
kyoko-neko-chan's avatar
wow, that is awesome! the lighting effects are beautiful. the mix of the orange and bright reds makes it stand out in my eyes! =D awesome work! :clap:
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0_o Incredible! :clap: :+fav:
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Amazing colors.
Nicely Done.
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Ahh, I would LOVE to see this in a website layout.. *is drawn*
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InsN's avatar

omg gj man
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I love the sunsetting. It's very beautiful and touching. Makes you wish you were really there.
Wonderful job, Airage! Awesomeness! ;3
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Wow. How the hell has this not been a DD? I'm sorry... I can't advance critique it because I know jack about this style, the programs used for it, etc. But this piece is amazing. Absolutely stunning.
:+ fav:
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i love this :) beautiful.
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Holy cr@p!
Damn, I hope for your sake, that you're selling prints of that...this piece could make ya some serious 'bling'.
(did I just say 'bling'? ... yup ...)

I'd also love to see it as a book slightly, it'd be great for some sci-fi novel, or somesuch...
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WOW, IM SUCH A FAN OF ALL YOUR WORKS, each of them is like a masterpiece for me!!! keep up the good work eh!
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this is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!

AzizrianDaoXrak's avatar
oh gorgeous
love it
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Holy cow, this is so awsome that I'm speechless. Well how about I say that it's 300 % incredible and breathtaking?
GhostintheDarkness's avatar
thats really somethin ....brilliant work
Pim-s's avatar
I like really much this exelent pic! your colours are awesome and the light effects are just so nice done! amazing and wonderful!
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*belly crawls thru the grass*
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those colors :O....
wht dont u ever answer me :>>?
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