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Hello everyone!

  I am one of your Co-Founders. I am just writing this journal to see who all would be interested in participating in a contest.

We are working on a theme at the moment but we wanted to get a show of hands to make sure we would have enough. It would be a large amount of time so that even the cosplayers can participate.

So! How many of you would love to have a contest?

Do you have any theme ideas you would like to contribute?

And would any of you like to donate prizes to make the contest cooler?

Please leave a comment below, we can't wait to hear your ideas, and get your input. We are all fans here so let's pull together!
Dear All,

On September 24 in Moscow will be Ai no kusabi festival! Hope to see you there. Information is here:
Cleared :)

Hello dear members,

I'm taking a break from deviantART and I need some help to keep the group standing. The tasks of a co-founder aren't that hard. These are the qualities you need you to have:

:bulletyellow: An active member of deviantart
:bulletyellow: The ability to handle things in a mature and professional way
:bulletyellow: A sharp eye to filter outstanding art out to put them into the Featured folder

Send me, not the group, a note if you are interested :)

Have a good day,
:rose: :rose: :rose:

This club is for all lovers from the yaoi serie Ai no Kusabi by Reiko Yoshihara. Be it lovers from the anime or novels, cosplayer or artists, writers, art appreciater or just AnK spammer, you are all welcome!

Joining is easy, just click the 'join group' button and you'll be automatically accepted.

To contribute art, photo's or fanfiction you'll have to be a member first, so you should join. Then just press the 'contribute art' button in the header and submit to the right folder.

Suggesting faves
If you have found AnK fanart that you find absolutely gorgeous then you can 'suggest fave' it and it'll automatically appear in the faves category. This way we'll be able to share lovely AnK art with each other.

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:bulletyellow: (Unofficial AnK homepage)
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