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I absolutely love this series wishing they did more with it.
How come nobody speaks out against Jupiter? There should be a resistance or something!
Here goes nothing. My 2019 Iason has appeared. Will be better, but not bad now either :)
Well, I contributed with my cosplay trial version of Iason for a convention I went to. Not bad for something I just threw on, I'm preparing a more detailed one to come in the future!
Oh NO!!!I'm the 250th menber here.250...actually it's not a good number in China...[crying---]
hmmm... Hi ! I've got a question : I recently added a RaoulxKatze comic, but in 5 different parts. Is it possible to remove these 5 parts in order to replace them with one long webcomic strip ? I would be most thankful ! (you can find the long webcomic in my gallery. Very easy to find)

Thanx !