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Name/Username: Ainiayo
Rank*: Rank B/Trainee?
Mothcats Owned:

Subspecies Owned: none

Bank Balance:
Copper Flower Token by aquilala 5  Silver Flower Token by aquilala 0  Gold Flower Token by aquilala


Ribbon - Silk Blue by Mothkitten Leather - Raw by Mothkitten
1x Blue Silk Ribbon, 1x Raw Leather
Thread - White by Mothkitten Hamster - Dwarf: White by Mothkitten Pile of Sand by Mothkitten Pinwheel by Mothkitten Flower Crown - Rose: Pink by Mothkitten

1x White Thread
1x White Dwarf Hamster
1x Pile of Sand
1x Pinwheel
1x Pink Rose Flower Crown
Feather - Blue by Mothkitten Feather - Brown by Mothkitten Feather - Dark Iridescent by Mothkitten Feather - Green by Mothkitten Feather - Light Iridescent by Mothkitten

1x Blue Feather
1x Brown Feather
1x Dark Iridescent Feather
1x Green Feather
1x Light Iridescent Feather
Feather - Red by Mothkitten Feather - Blue by Mothkitten Feather - Blue Peacock by Mothkitten Feather - Green Peacock by Mothkitten Feather - White Peacock by Mothkitten

1x Red Feather
1x Blue Feather
1x Blue Peacock Feather
1x Green Peacock Feather
1x White Peacock Feather
1 Clothing Slot by Mothkitten Leaf - Linden by Mothkitten Leash - Grey by Mothkitten Bag of Seeds (S) by Mothkitten Bird - Finch by Mothkitten

1x Clothing Slot
1x Linden Leaf
1x Grey Pet Leash
1x Small Bag of Seeds (15 Seeds)
1x Finch

Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa
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