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Geralt's and Yennefer's Death

By Ainaven
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Illustration from the book "Lady of the Lake '
"The Witcher" series
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Stabbed by a racist. Much like being in a English town centre at night. Also plenty of unicorns in England at the moment

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They aren't dead.It's open for interpretation but I think they wil live happily forever on that island where Ciri teleported them.
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I like to think they live happily ever after too, but I guess it's still really beautiful that after all the time over the course of the books that they have their ons and offs and Yennefer being somewhat cold that she gives her life in a selfless act to save the one she loves and they go together in pure love. But them getting married and living on their own island is pretty sick too.
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Have you not played the games? They wind up in a villa in Toussaint.
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there's an argument to say that all the games are non-canon, since they are inherently personal to the player choices (plus the author seems to think that games can't be "sequels" to books so there's that)
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Still it's a likely ending for them.
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No, I disagree! Makes feel all the sadness and senselessness of this event :(
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It's so sad but I love it.
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This is amazing, nice textures!
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Great artwork...sad part Waaaah! 
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