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Star Wars Galaxy 5 - 091-099

By aimo
Sketch cards I worked on for Topps' Star Wars Galaxy 5 Trading Card Set, set to be released in February. You can read more about this set here - [link] and here - [link]


Star Wars Galaxy 5 is © Topps & Lucasfilm
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© 2010 - 2021 aimo
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I humbly request more Force Unleashed. Juno and the Apprentice FTW1
JediSeeker1's avatar
I really like Jaina in this set!
Moyayuki's avatar
Who are the characters in the colored picture? (Well, Vader is obvious!)
Daritha's avatar
These are (L-R): A young Princess Leia, General Rahm Kota, Juno Eclipse and Starkiller, Darth Vader's Scret Apprentice. They're all characters in "The Force Unleashed".

For good ol' Star see my gallery. =)
Moyayuki's avatar
Ah, I wouldn't have known that . . . ^^; Never played that game . . . Though I did see part of it . . .
Daritha's avatar
No sweat. I just played it because it's Star Wars (and I like Galen's story ... and obviously costume ^^).
InsolentWhelp's avatar
Sweet! Starkiller! But he's not holding the saber in his usual style, though. :O
alinaelf's avatar
Ms Portman is just SO beautiful.. And you capture her perfectly...
Xephinetsa's avatar
Ooh, very cool! I love the coloured one up the top!
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