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Star Wars Galaxy 5 - 082-090

By aimo
Sketch cards I worked on for Topps' Star Wars Galaxy 5 Trading Card Set, set to be released in February. You can read more about this set here - [link] and here - [link]


Star Wars Galaxy 5 is © Topps & Lucasfilm
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© 2010 - 2021 aimo
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virusq's avatar
That may be the best looking Lando I've seen in a while. :D
InsolentWhelp's avatar
see what you did there. Nice, with the slightly different art style. ^^
gooneytoons's avatar
Wow you did some killer stuff for this set, great range of styles. I realy love these though, great work!
Feoral's avatar
Awesome renderings (Or whatever the fancy words are for making a likeness of the actors... I ate enough girl scout cookies to drop a bear, so appologies. ^^; ) Anyway, awesome job on all of these. ^^
aimo's avatar
Thank you! And oh god Girl Scout Cookies...the choc mint and caramel ones are the best <3 A friend in the US is getting them for me TwT
Feoral's avatar
I have a weakness for peanut butter. My mom's the one who protects the thin mints like a dragon with her eggs. ^^; But yeah, ate half a box after dinner while watching tv... I feel like proud/ disappointed at the same time. Hehe. ^^;
aimo's avatar
Maybe I'll try the peanut butter next year :) Yes, I know of this mixed feelings post-cookie scarfing as well TwT
Feoral's avatar
Hehe. My dog looked upon with a judging stare as I looked upon the box. ^^ Hehe. "No way, already half gone!?" ^^ But yeah, they're too good... darn you tiny girls and your sugary confections every year! ^^
aimo's avatar
That's how they get you, those evil little girls.
Feoral's avatar
Hehe, exactly. ^^ Worse than boyscouts and their popcorn. ^^ ((I used to do that... popcorn peddling was odd when all I cared about was eating it myself when it shipped here. ^^; )
Xephinetsa's avatar
Wow.. the shading in these cards is amazing! The hair especially! Amazing. <3
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