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Star Wars Galaxy 5 - 037-045

By aimo
Sketch cards I worked on for Topps' Star Wars Galaxy 5 Trading Card Set, set to be released in February. You can read more about this set here - [link] and here - [link]


Star Wars Galaxy 5 is © Topps & Lucasfilm
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© 2010 - 2021 aimo
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Padawanmage's avatar
Gotta love Revan! She looks sooo awesome...
Hubby-N-Dad's avatar
ok, who went and called Mission a kid... haven't they learned yet. Sore subject, people. Again, these are all excellent.
drbonescomics's avatar
Yes! It's so good to see KOTOR art from you again!
Gia-Chan's avatar
Mission's expression is WIN
ThePurpleConundrum's avatar
Mission's expression is awesome! :XD:
Tryaki-chan's avatar
absolutely love your Mission^.^
Storm-Torrent's avatar
Z and Mission are my faaaavorite in this set here! *hehe*
robokop's avatar
Nice Juhani! Yay for Mission and Big Z! :dance: :D
KianaTavers-Mereel's avatar

OMG, Mission is so darn cute in this one! :)
chibi-houkou's avatar
I love kotor! It's nice to see some new art of it. Love Zalbaar's face.
virusq's avatar
Oh, man. I keep buying these card sets and have yet to find a Revan. I swear I'm going to frame it when I finally do. :X
Moyayuki's avatar
Jolee Bindo was AWESOME! I loved his bitter attitude, using his age as an excuse to be a jerk! :XD:
MalaksMistress's avatar
Mmm Malak :drool: Oh, er, the other sketches are awesome too aheh heh...heh :laughing:

Nice work aimo!
krokoflaf's avatar
And of course Darth Revan is a lady, because she was, I refuse to accept any other answer. >:O
Xephinetsa's avatar
Haha! Big Z and Mission's expressions in the bottom-left are so funny!!! XD
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