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Star Wars Galaxy 5 - 001-009

By aimo
Sketch cards I worked on for Topps' Star Wars Galaxy 5 Trading Card Set, set to be released in February. You can read more about this set here - [link] and here - [link]


Star Wars Galaxy 5 is © Topps & Lucasfilm
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© 2010 - 2021 aimo
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Anime + Star Wars = EPIC WIN!!!!

I Love it!!!! :love:
I wish they'd done more manga besides just the movies, and hurry up and just make an anime already!! :shakefish:

lol, sorry ^^; anyway , good job! Keep up the good work!
X-I-L2048's avatar
I really like how you show the progression of the characters throughout the movies. =D
LammiRand99's avatar
Words cant describe this!
Haruka16's avatar
I'm a major Luke fan, and I love how you drew him <3, you can see him maturing and getting steadily more epic.
DarthJudicare's avatar
Very beautiful!!!
haleyskywalker2's avatar
I like how Leia is like all happy then a little mad at the end.
Love Han's different outfits.
Luke is still sexy as every :P
MrMrMrMrM's avatar
I like it. There's one mistake though. In episode four Leia didn't have breast. Lucas had Carrie Fisher's chest taped down with electrical tape.
MrMrMrMrM's avatar
Oops, forgot to put lol. :P
ShadowinEX's avatar
So pretty! Me loves!
uberCassie's avatar
Awesome! Like others have mentioned, I especially like how you illustrated Luke's transition from ANH to ROTJ. That's so cool.
Kenouki's avatar
Están geniales!
JK-Antwon's avatar
Nice to see some OT love!
Ghilemear's avatar
Damn! You even make the danishes look good!
yesn0maybe's avatar
AVasquezArt's avatar
I love how you not just show the costume change form each film, but the character arch of each of the leads.
Especially Luke, form wide eyed youth to wise and noble Jedi
this is bad asss..
TsurukiMaehara's avatar
pretty cool caracter concepts
BloodyMoonLady's avatar
All three of them are really great work, but I have to say, I've always adored Han. I especially love the third card for him.
Lady-Susan's avatar
All three of them are very well portrayed but I have to say, Luke's got my preference :D We can really see his evolution here: from farm boy to jedi knight!:)
frankiki's avatar
awesome, I love their expressions!
Lionessa93's avatar
I used to have a massive crush on Luke!
Sir-Wellington's avatar
aimo's avatar
'Tis an all-time favourite ^o^
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