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PSC - Morrigan, Kitten Whisperer


Shall we next begin rescuing little kittens from trees?”

Ooooh Morri, you of all should know there’s power in words, hohoho


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Morrigan: Love we need to talk about this.

Hero: About what?

Morrigan: The cats!

Hero: Oh come on Honey, they are just kittens, beautiful, cuddly little Kittens

Morrigan: Well its ether cuddly kittens or me.


(3 hours later)

Hero: (Knocks on Anders door)

Anders: Yeah what is it.

Hero: (While holding kittens) Can I crash with you for a few days.

Anders:.....Only if the kittens gets to stay as well.

Hero: (Sniff).....My man.
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Maybe Anders comes so save her ;)
metalshadowinsanity's avatar
Morrigan: No keiran, you can't keep them. 

Keiran: Sorry mom.
crazyfangirls61801's avatar
Morrigan: So much cuteness! Its disgusting!

X3 Morrigan is such an awesome bitch
x19a's avatar
She loves cats, but she's just run into Grumpy Cat...
Flameshadow117's avatar
eeheeehee! Adorable! 
Caimsen's avatar
Great Idea. I bet she cuddles with them, when nobody is watching her :D
Naranekiel's avatar
Of course she does, ^^
Rosier-Sama's avatar
qpt32's avatar
@.@ what i wouldnt give to be her there
auroranoyume17's avatar
hay que linda me recurada mucho a i hermana
EmperorKarino's avatar
lol, awesome, and cute :)
I wonder if Morrigan was the one that Anders gave Sir Pounce-a-Lot to?
GhostShell5's avatar
She looks so cute, I'm she hasn't incinerated them all yet. Amusing.
Nefla's avatar
Love it XD you know she secretly does too but has to put on a face for anyone watching haha!
Karebear-4ever's avatar
So many kittens!~ :love:
And in the background Alistair is grinning like The Grinch.
MoonDancer89's avatar
A cat person she is not~!!  :love:
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Brilliantly drawn, namely the facial expression, well done!
Otsdarva12's avatar
As always, your Moris are adorable
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