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Indiana Jones Masterpieces 4

By aimo
Batch 4 of Topps-approved sketch cards I've drawn for Indiana Jones Masterpieces - [link]

Indiana Jones is © Lucasfilm
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lupus-stellam's avatar
Beautiful work done on these three, you captured their personalities and significant moments perfectly!!
Eqg-AlmondB's avatar
My favorite will always be Marion! Nice artwork! 💜
MayaLeia's avatar
Elsa is a sick person. Who would sleep with an old man and then sleep with his son?
Scorching-Whirlwind's avatar
You forgot Sophia Hapgood :P
ClaireChellat88mph's avatar
I love your style of artwork!
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LizzyChrome's avatar
Really adore this marker style, and the boarders you gave them!
Rammsteinfan1994's avatar
Marion's the best out of the three of them
DANGERcomics's avatar
SupahKidRobot's avatar
Elsa, I hate.

Willie, she annoys me.

Marion, she's simply amazing!
gibbs615's avatar
Yeah Willie was just too annoying throughout the whole temple of doom adventure. but Marion...she was a lot tougher than her and that's why I always knew she was his one true love.
Centauri-Works's avatar
Argh , Elsa !!
Kill her with fire D:

All very well done , especially Marion :D
It's impressive how you manage to make everyone look exactly like in the movies , but with a comic style :P
gibbs615's avatar
I always thought marion was the one for him and i was right,and they finally did it at the end.
Coopergirl's avatar
I LOVE Indiana Jones! I like the way how you draw Marion. Great Job!
WinxFloraClub's avatar
Willie is best ever!
GokuMartin's avatar
Bullshit! Willie is an annoying bimbo!

Marion is the best! That's why Indy married her in the last movie!
S-K-Khan's avatar
Marion was the best. She wasn't a damsel in distress or a traitor.
GokuMartin's avatar
That's why she came back in the fourth movie
S-K-Khan's avatar
Yeah. Also don't know if you ever watched Pokemon, that's kind of how I felt about Misty. If the show allowed more topics, I'm sure she'd get into drinking competitions, smoke, wield twin machineguns on a German transport and cuss like a sailor as well. xD
AndytheB-Artist's avatar
That Willie Scott one is not going to be very sought after, that's for sure.
Love the Mucha influences here.
miki-fanizzy's avatar

:bulletgreen: is realy perfect!
ok, lo se ingles jajaja
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