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INKTOBER 2018 - 06 - Drooling

“You came all the way from Ostagar to save me?? My hero!”


Print available here -…

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That's so cute...

Barkspawn is licking Sorsha.

TheElfsCauldron's avatar

"Does this mean we're going to have this mangy beast following us about now? Wonderful..."

ywr627's avatar
 they are so cute~ I love your art so much!
SassiestLass's avatar
That is one big precious boi! And then the other big precious boy is just watching like 'Dang, I wish that was me!'
cuillere-chan's avatar
I love Alistair and Morrigan in this! 'cause Morrigan is disgusted, but Alistair would love to be any of the two participants! :)
bbb35's avatar
Awww! Big Adorable Dog! :D

Alistair is jelly, he wants to kiss her :D
jactinglim's avatar
Mabariiiiii!!! I miss mai warrior dog omg
Karebear-4ever's avatar
I've missed seeing your Lady Aeducan! <3 She and Alistair are a cute couple ;w;
Hexash's avatar
Aw! So cute!
Shy-Guyome's avatar
"He's not mangy~"
RelwarcTheMighty's avatar
Love those big, tiny-tailed dogs!
Mettept's avatar
You are so good to draw Dragon Age figures. I love it! Hug 
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