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DA2 - Pressure

NSFW due to sensuality and implied nudity.

Fanon pairing Varric/F!Hawke comic!

Done for the Dragon Age Kink Meme, where anonymous posted the prompt:

"Varric is under massive pressure by his family to get married and have tiny hairy dorf bebies, of course theres only one noble lady he would ever get with. ;) but will she have him? Can he carry through this 'business arrangement' Points for a shy Hawke behind a strong exterior."


Medium: Paint Tool SAI, a little photoshop
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DwarfyGirl's avatar
When I play FemHawke I don´t romance anyone.
First: I´m netither into possessed Mages with MPD. Nor slutty pirates, from whom I can catch STD´s. Naive elves that cut themselves and think demons are great. Or moody mage haters, that bitch like a girl on her period.
Second: For me Varric and Hawke are soulmates, if either in a friendship sense or the romantic kind. I imagine they have a secret affair. I will always ship them.
I love dwarves ever since "the Hobbit" and Varric is just the (fictional) love of my life.
DragonSapphire's avatar
I don't even know how many times I've come back to stare at this. This is my favorite Varric/Hawke thing ever, ever, ever!!!
Altainia's avatar
Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
KtObermanns's avatar
All these years, reams and reams of drawn porn under my belt, and this is STILL one of the hottest things I've ever seen. Endless applause for you, darling. :heart:
porcalein's avatar
I LOVE IT AND YOU!!! XD Thanks for making it

p.s i love your varric
Alizee918's avatar
The ship I didn't know I needed, but boy am I glad it's here!
Varrics-Love's avatar
Welcome to the Dwarf side. Come and get you some vitamin D!
vampdemon13's avatar
We need to campaign for another dragon age game where varric is a romance option!!
Trineris's avatar
This is so f*cking sweet! I love it *.* Heart 
Great job!
Owleye90's avatar
Woowza! That really filled the need for my Hawke/Varric romance need. Had a huge crush on him in DA2 only to get full blown fangirling when I saw him in the DAI trailer!
DragonSapphire's avatar
This is my favorite DA2 pairing EVER (will a helluva lot of close runner-ups). You draw the best Varric!!!!!!!!!
OroItaFanGirl's avatar
I'm sorry for the language but FUCK I love your work!
bexielea93's avatar
...even though Fenhawke, is my main ship THIS IS CUTE MORE PLS!
crystalinewaters's avatar
<3 Aww! I love Varric and Hawke paring! <3 I kinda hoped Varric would be a romance companion in DA: Inquisition <3
Golden-Harpy's avatar
So very happy. I always come back to looking at these small comics that re-light my inspiration for AU's. :)
bexielea93's avatar
This makes me happy 😍
ReignitedN7's avatar
OH YES!!! THAK YOU!! I wanted to see this!! And done by such a talented artist!!! Hope we see more Varric/Hawke in the future <3 
PyriHead's avatar
Pure awesomeness.
BlackHeathland's avatar
I'm confusedOops!  ... but I really likeLove  X)))
GO Finally! They did this ХЗ
SimpleMindedVampire's avatar
Excuse me while I favorite literally every damn Alistair and Varric drawing you've ever done. Like ever.
Wickedsmack's avatar
You always kind of feel like its under all that smirk the whole entire time. 
GamerGalKat's avatar
I love Varric, and seeing this makes me wish even more than ever that he's romanceable in Inquisition! (And I know the game's been out for a month now, but nobody spoil it for me!!) xD

*sighs* I'm so glad I found you and your beautiful work, Aimo. I love this comic! :heart:
KittyKross's avatar
LOVE THIS!! SO MUCH!! Words fail me at how lovely this is!

And Varric's smile at the very end... Oh my heart!! The feels!
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