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DA2 - Kiss Meme
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Published: April 19, 2011
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Brush pen practice + theme = Kiss Meme! Multi-purpose art, huzzah!

Forehead Kiss - Sebastian/Rogue!Ramona Hawke
Nose Kiss - Fenris/Mage!Akiva Hawke
Cheek Kiss - Merrill/Rogue!Archer Hawke
Lips Kiss - Anders/Warrior!Rashida Hawke


Ehehehehehe >:3

(I haven't started my character who'll romance Isabela yet, so don't ask about that ;3; )

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Anders: why did you make me do this?
Hake: *flirt*
???: sad
Veric: ....I, ok?
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ShadowcatPrimeHobbyist General Artist
best kiss meme ever!! :iconloveloveplz:
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Nose kiss is the absolute best, the new elf noses are perfect for it.
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ApricotKnightProfessional Digital Artist
Bawww Fenris. I gotta say though... the cut scene when Anders kisses Hawke is pretty wonderful.... you know beside the two models not really touching hahaha.
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Dr-ParasiteStudent Digital Artist
Why do people make Fenris have a gay relationship -_-
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aimo Traditional Artist
Because...the game lets players choose to pursue said relationship?

Also, based on a fan's one-on-one discussion with David Gaider (DA2's lead writer AND Fenris' writer) recently - [link] - allow me to lead your attention to a particular Fenris-related detail:

"What effects the lyrium would have on Fenris is completely up in the air. Fenris was a test case by Danarius, the first of his kind, so anything can happen (lots of jokes about how fanfiction could go crazy on this, haha). It may make him crazy, may give him added powers, we don’t know. Also, since Danarius isn’t around anymore to “maintain” the lyrium (Gaider’s word), it could become unstable. Gaider imagines lyrium like mercury. Favorite part: Gaider wrote the Fenris romance with a male Hawke in mind! I am a F!Hawke/Anders, M!Hawke/Fenris girl so this was neat to me. The rivalry romance was the one he wrote first, and the one he prefers. He absolutely insisted on the whole slamming against the wall bit. Which, oh god, great judgment call. mmmf, hawt.

Have a nice day :D
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ChristaDoodlesProfessional General Artist
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lol my bf said you cheated on the last square. it's not a lips kiss it's a lips hover! lol XD
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Anders is being very sweet.Fenris looks annoyed.Archer hawke looks sad and is being conforted by Merril,awww.Varric is getting some action damn dwarf I don't care he has chest hair.
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DeedoSwiftleafHobbyist General Artist
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D'aww, the look on Fenris' face is so cute!
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Very nice.

"Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." -Mahatma Gandhi
"If you are falling off a cliff and someone offers you a hand, do you care how many fingers that hand has?"
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DarthLeeHobbyist General Artist
thats sooooo sweeet! forehead and cheek kisses are the cutest.
cannot wait to see the one with Isabel, hope you will give us at least one picture :D
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You know I was gonna comment and tell you which one I like the most. But honestly I like them all, awesome work.
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Oh my god, that nose kiss killed me. That is so adorable!!!
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MiaKiTianHobbyist Photographer
Love Merril and Hawke
Merril is soooo sweet
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DragonDarkFire Traditional Artist
i like the scrunchy face fenris is going to make. though i don't know if its just my disc but both of my romances with fenris when she kissed him they like completely missed each others mouths. haha it ended up being a nose kiss!
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SkelepStudent Filmographer
Nice! But ....but... f!Hawke/Merrill? O.O [puppy dog eyes]
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SapphireAionHobbyist General Artist
O////////o Cutest face on Fenris I have ever seen! Gawd, that is adorable!!! -runs off to play a male Hawke-
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i love me some sulkyface Fenris :3
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Why does Archer look so sad?
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kathteamonroeProfessional Photographer
Do another one. With Izzy and Varric in two panels. Or put Izzy?fenris and etc XD

Love this btw, so kyoot.
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Aww the nose kiss is really cute XD.
Your Anders is looking alot like how you draw Varric though :confused: (I guess it must be the hair)
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