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"Varric enlightens Lady Hawke about the dirty little secrets of certain prominent characters in the tavern crowd..."

I wanted to come up with a short banter to accompany this, but inking this bloody thing has sapped pretty much anything coherent from mah brain. Please feel free to come up with your own ToT

Medium: Paint Tool SAI, and a little Photoshop

*Stretches muscles as warm-up for long working weekend* T_T
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I love it when you color your pictures. They are so pretty.
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Varric: And that man there is the noble visiting from Val Chevin, but really he's the Vicount's secret tryst.

Hawke: You must be joking! -Scandalous face here-

Varric: Where do you think Seamus got it from?

Bwahaha! >:3
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great job on the inking- wow :)
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Very nice. My favorite so far, but I'm only on page 16.
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:heart: Hawke's feather-trimmed armor!
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Amazing job! I love it :)
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'No shit! There I was...'
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This is pretty awesome! I wonder what they are talking about :]
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This is still one of my favorite DA pieces- utterly lovely, and captures the Friendship path beautifully.
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Wow, the coloring for FemHawke's hair is incredible. And the fur on the armor is extremely well done!
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Whatever he's telling her I'm sure it started "And there I was thinking "Well shit...". :P
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Very nice. I like.
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This picture just makes me giggle on the inside for so many reasons. But I have to applaud you for such gorgeous work!

Inspired me to make a little story modeled after I saw this. If you want to read it let me know.

But once again, stunning work Aimo!
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"Are you respect me?")))))
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This! Is absolute genius in inks. :D
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hahaha this is awesome :XD: Varric FTW :w00t:
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Varric"See that man over there?well i heard that he was caught cheating on his wife.And let me tell you it wasn't with a fair maiden"
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Ahh Varric, such a bro!
And Hawke, such a fem bro!
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coloring fits perfect to the situation, love it :D
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