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DA - Wonderland, Pg 2

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© 2010 - 2020 aimo
NSFW comic - Ok, I know I gave a PG-rated comic earlier, so apologies for me indulging the older audience with another NSFW story. Last one for a long while, promise!


Oh, sexy Dragon Age make fans happy by making other fans draw naughty things for them. And this happens to be the sexiest one of theory anyway ^o^

Dragon Age: Origins Comic - Alistair/Fem!Aeducan - Wonderland, Page 2
Anonymous prompter asked think the comic speaks for itself :P

Alistair, your mind could be a family theme park...if not for the naughty bits they represent.

Previous page - [link]
Next page - [link]

EDIT: Guys, there's this word called "Metaphor"? Check it out - [link]

Nothing like a comic to bring in the TMI chest-thumping.


Dragon Age: Origins is © Bioware & EA
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2324CRYSTAL's avatar
lol nice imagery
evakaname's avatar
S00SHEE's avatar
S00SHEEHobbyist Digital Artist
Dead. I'm dead.

So much love
KittyKross's avatar
KittyKrossHobbyist General Artist
Oh dear Maker...

Switching to this page immediately after the one right before... The sudden visuals had me laughing so hard I went into a coughing fit.

And now I am reminded of one of the convos with Alistair-
"Have you ever llllllicked a lllllampost in winter?"
indv11's avatar
indv11Hobbyist Writer
Ah, my imagination is going into overdrive!!!!

Someone help me!!!
Nerdy-Viking's avatar
Nerdy-VikingHobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay so random silly thought: Even though this is in his mind, was anyone else expecting Sten in the background diving into a mountain of cookies???
Foxspirit18's avatar
Late comment, sorry. I kinda was XD Could just imagine Sten giving a slight smile while eating on a mountain of cookies lol
PistachioInfernal's avatar
Wow! That's some pretty hot metaphors there! Also, so lovely Alistair really...relishes the moment. ^_^
Master-Metallix's avatar
You know, since this pic doesn't actually show anything explicit, it shouldn't need the "Mature Content" fiter.
Bdrocks12's avatar
what ever helps you do the job XD
darkkyotrace's avatar
darkkyotraceStudent Filmographer
bahahahahahaha :rofl:
wow just wow Alistair whatever works I guess xD
Padawanmage's avatar
I'll never look at a candy store the same way
Odyn3k's avatar
you and your dirty mind.
I mean it's obvious that he hides candy under his bed and he is eating it right now.
ApolloNight's avatar
hmmm....candy. :3
Colanutelocin's avatar
OMG PEACHES! I wonder now if you haven't read Black Dagger Brotherhood - J.R. Ward
DrazziElder's avatar
DrazziElderHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh God. Dragon Age ans BDB related awesomeness on my computer screen at the same time? I approve of this reference!
BoomersGirl98's avatar
BoomersGirl98Student Writer
Oh, lord… :iconblushingplz: I burst out laughing so loud, I woke up my girlfriend, whom was sleeping two rooms away… yeah, she was pissed… until I showed her this comic.
Maya-Yungsito's avatar
Maya-YungsitoHobbyist Digital Artist
Panel 3 <3
YyanaOni's avatar
O/////O Interesting imagery.
laLouveH's avatar
laLouveHHobbyist Traditional Artist
I could not watch the candy in the same way now * blush * ^ ^ '
StuffAndThingss's avatar
Well i just burst out laughing in the middle of the night! Woke up my roommates... oops!
meghannibrooks's avatar
And yet the funniest thing about this will always be the people who didn't get the metaphors. Of course it's not going to taste like candy (imagine the thrust it would cause if it did *shudder*).
Xhydralisk's avatar
XhydraliskHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is an abstraction of though.
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