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DA:I - One Size Fits All

By aimo
I ship Varric Tethras x F!Inquisitors of All Shapes and Sizes (✿◠‿◠)

Oh, you didn't know? We will be able to play as Qunari (✿◠‿◠) -…
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briannaisawsome1's avatar
i love the qunari just going *UP WE GO*
penpaninu's avatar
OMG SO CUTE! I had to play third game as a dwarf inquisitor. And varric is my absolute favorite!
cullyferg2010's avatar
At least the last lady didn't have to bend over and strain her back!
garrus368's avatar
Lol,Varric is a Casanova xD
thetrueCrystalVixen's avatar
;-; Is this true, cause I just started Inquisition, and I would hate for this to not happen.
aimo's avatar
Alas, it is only unrequited wishful thinking on our part ;3; Fanon will have to do, huhuhu
thetrueCrystalVixen's avatar
Awwwww..... why did Bioware do this? There are many a vengeful fans.
FoxyRadStacks's avatar
Bianca is his love. No one can separate them. I ship Varric x Bianca so hard. Pearl Emote 20 
EvilJohgo's avatar
I'm pretty sure even HAWKE ships them.
angelavengerl's avatar
Yes, yes, yes!!!
XxcyberalienxX's avatar
I couldn't stand it, if bioware did this on the games...Tomoya Okazaki (Laughing Hard) [V1] 
Oh god, i wish Varric was a romance option, too bad Bianca met him before the player. Nommy smile 
Titianna's avatar
Dappernation's avatar
Why??? Bioware didn't listen. I wanna cry. I wanted to romance him so much
KotOR-MSTR's avatar
Hey, Aimo; I just thought this video might interest you---…

It might help answer some questions. :shrug:
Varric is just THAT manly... and apparently Bioware didn't make him a romance option again. In fact if WIki is anything to go by the romance options kinda suck (I mean Cassandra? Mr.Dandy-man? Where's the manliness? What happened to feminine charm? whatever caused the cute-factor to vanish!!)
EvilJohgo's avatar
Cullen is pretty manly. And that fur he always wears is just freaking sexy.
Deltarno's avatar
As a male, I won't be able/interested in romancing him myself.  However, I will be channeling the spirit of Hawk and trying to hook up our favorite dwarf with someone during our adventures.  The end of the world makes for the best dating scene!
Jacka-Lei-Lei's avatar
I woke up one day realizing that I'm in love with Varric.. He needs to be a confirmed LI. I AM DETERMINED TO SHIP HIM WITH MY QUNARI INQUISITOR..
Chika1345's avatar
I have a feeling Varric is going to be the main shipping LI this year >:D No race can refuse themselves the dangerous seduction of the chest hair! Lovely art by the way and the diverse body types and positions! It's really sweet. Copics? I'm really excited for this game. I'm hazarding a guess, will you be playing an adorable dwarf your first round?
aimo's avatar
Make mine dwarf first, aw yiss.

Thanks for the kind words :) and yes, copics with photoshop filters over them.
gdpr-12542377's avatar
We need MOAR Rabbit Horns!!!
Harusaki-chan's avatar
He would, too... XD
ThanyaBR's avatar
Gotta love Varric X Inquisitor :3
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